Posted Nov 9, 2022

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12 Best iPhone Mockups For Designing Your Products (Free & Paid)

12 Best iPhone Mockups For Designing Your Products (Free & Paid)

1. Glorify iPhone Mockup

Glorify mockup offers a great playground for professional designers and newbies alike. Once you choose the template you like, you can change the background, add smart objects, and layers. What also comes in handy is that you have features like Drop and Ground Shadow, as well as a mirror effect. This iPhone mockup is free.


2. iPhone 13 Mockups

 This set provides high-quality and ultra-realistic iPhone 13 mockups. It offers a variety of view angles (12) and colors and 12 hand-crafted ready-to-use scenes for Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma. It also has  5 original device finishes (Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Sierra Blue, and Alpine Green), and in addition, a clay version in 4K resolution. 

The price is 32$.


3. iPhone 12 Pro Mockup

Unlike the previous mockup, this one is free. You can also customize your designs in Sketch, Photoshop, or online from your browser. It retained the original color of the iPhone 12. You can use it for both your personal use or for commercial projects such as mobile apps, ads, responsive website themes, etc. It will definitely make your design more attractive and yet present it in a neat and clean way. 


4. Clay iPhone 12 Mockup

This template comes with four scene variations. Editing is made easy with customizable backgrounds and smart layers.  Thanks to the Smart Object feature you can edit and place your design quickly. You already know that the use of mockups is broad,  but we would recommend this one for promoting a new app or website. You get a 7-day free trial when you subscribe.


5.  All-device iPhone mockups

This type of mockup is great if you are designing a landing page for example. With it, you can show your clients the way their landing page will look across all devices.  You can choose from different backgrounds, shadowing effects,  you can add layers, etc. It is free to download.


6. Isometric iPhone X Mockup

Isometric design has exploded since 2021. It is super popular. This mockup offers 6 different styles of isometric/orthographic mockups that are perfect to showcase the web design, or UI of your app, which gives them a realistic appearance.  It also has a Smart Object feature and layers.


7. Textured iPhone 11 Mockup

This mockup has a high-resolution front view. It can be used with Sketch and Photoshop. The textured look adds to the appeal of your showcase. You can add any texture or pattern to suit your business needs. If you want to check it out, you can download it.


8. iPhone 12 Pro – 20 Mockups Scenes

This mockup offers 20 mockup scenes. It offers 4 default colors: Silver, Graphite, Pacific Blue and Gold, as well as Floor Shadow and Floating Shadow.  Just as with most mockups, you can customize the background or start from scratch. The price is $14.


9. 72 iPhone Device Mockup Bundle

It has 15 options and RGB colors accompanied by fully customizable layers. You can also fully customize colors, shadows, and smart objects.  This mockup comes with 18 background textures, 16 shadow overlays, and 3 professional light setups.

If you feel extra creative, you can fully separate all objects and shadows and create your own custom scene. It is a nice mockup to showcase your web and mobile designs, and apps. 

When it comes to pricing, you can get it for $20.


10. Flying Triple iPhone 13 Pro Graphite

Why one when you can have it tripled? Highly customizable and editable. You can change colors, the background, and scenes according to your taste. Great for web and mobile-related designs. Simple, yet effective and eye-catching.

You can use it for free when you create an account here.


11. Simple iPhone X Mockups

Despite its minimalistic design, this mockup offers plenty of customization features and huge resolution. It also has smart layers technology. It is user-friendly making customization very easy. 

You can download it for free.


12. Free Long Scroll iPhone X Mockup

This one definitely sticks out from the rest in terms of its very interesting appearance. It’s like Shakespeare meets hi-tech.  It is super for long scroll interfaces and mobile landing pages. Depending on your taste, or business needs you can give it a glossy or matte touch. It also has smart layers functions and fine-tunes shading. It is free both for personal and commercial use.



iPhone mockup templates are there to save your time, money, and effort. Each of these mockups provides a mid-to-high fidelity representation of the final product regardless of what that product might be. It is much easier to present and sell your digital product if your clients can “taste” it. 

Glorify can help you create mockups seamlessly and effortlessly. Our mockups are super user-friendly and in no time you can create the mockup you need.

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here