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Top 17 Best Free Video Editing Software in 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Top 17 Best Free Video Editing Software in 2023


Glorify has a curated list with its famous design elements and website links for the best video editing tools. The list includes both retail (paid) and open source applications.

17 Best Free Video Editing Software in 2023

01. Adobe Premiere Pro – Best Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere is a program for video editing that allows you to simplify the video adjustments. You can upload videos in size like the MXF Material Exchange Format (AVI), Audio-Video Interleaved, MXF, and more.


  • Format your videos instantly

  • Helps you customize the curve

  • Enhance your editing framework

  • Boost audio mixing

  • Immerse yourself in all the techniques you need to create an online story

Adobe Premiere Pro

2. Filmora – Best Video Editing Software

Filmora is a video making apps having a user – friendly interface and lots of video formats. This software offers advanced editing methods and much more, control over your footage, including keyframing.


  • This tool offers fast processing, customizable proxy files, and a more efficient previewing quality.

  • Camera issues such as shaking and wide angles can be fixed.

  • You can change your video aesthetics with one click.

  • Your stories can be shared online.

  • Arrange 100 video tracks to build your internet.

  • It’s compatible with PC / Mac.


3. Final Cut Pro X – Best Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro x allows you to speed up graphical activities such as rendering and exporting in real-time. It also permits the use of Apple’s digital content and packages with gift cards.


  • Sync up to 64 video angles for different formats instantly.

  • Final Cut Pro provides an interactive, intuitive collection of closed-format captions.

  • It speeds up graphics tasks significantly, including rendering and exporting in real-time.

  • Final Cut Pro lets you speed up post-production activities.

  • Attach your 360 ° video 2D and 3D titles, and apply blurs, lighting, or other effects of 360 °.

  • The all-new Mac Pro is streamlined!

  • Speeds up post-production work.

Final Cut Pro X

4. Icecream Apps Video Editor – Best Video Editing Software

Icecream Apps Video-editor is convenient to use video editing software that could be used for Windows. You can make adjustments to the video easily with this program. You can cuts clips, add transactions, rotate, etc.


  • Any video scene can be named

  • It offers a single timeframe for video editing.

  • Informational GUI offers.

  • Video effects may be applied.

  • You can make a video.

Icecream Apps Video Editor

5. Camtasia – Best Video Editing Software

Camtasia Studio is a video editor that makes it easy, using Windows, Mac, and Linux to create professional-looking videos.


  • Log in and upload your videos easily

  • You can speed up the process of your video analysis

  • The collection of videos, music, and personalized properties delivers over 900,000 aristocracy-fret.

  • It includes beautiful tiles, notes, and callouts for your eyes.

  • You can add a zoom in, zoom in, and rotate animation with this app.

  • To assess learning footage, you can add test questions and interactivity.

  • You can record and import demonstrations from Camtasia Studio.

  • Create feedback pictures and videos.


6. Blender – Best Video Editing Software

Blender is a development suite for open-source 3D that facilitates animation, motion tracking, and video editing. This option enables the software to be customized using the Python script blender API.


  • Animation Editor can be modified by the user.

  • The tool can be translated to OpenEXR multilayer files.

  • 2D and 3D images can easily be mixed by the user.

  • It helps animation with the skinning of the onion.

  • Blender enables users to personalize window and shortcut design.

blender video editor

7. Renderforest – Best Video Editing Software

The Cloud video editing tool Renderforest is used to create YouTube videos, illustrate animations, etc. It is an online video and animation creator that can work on different platforms.


  • Creating competent YouTube channel intros and clips.

  • Animations and demonstrations to demonstrate

  • Time-efficient strategies for your organization

  • Help you create genuine mobile app videos and tutorials

  • Upload your media files or use marketing videos

renderforest video maker

8. Wave – Best Video Editing Software

Wave is a video editing application to support you grow your public and branded video contents are developed.


  • With the biggest 300 million video and picture catalog available, make videos quickly.

  • Import with a quick drag-and-drop your video clips, photographs, and music.

  • Users can add a log to their videos

  • Adjust your video’s aspect ratio to 30 + common sizes, optimized for all social networks.


9.Invideo – Best Video Editing Software

InVideo allows you to make awesome videos of your work. You can turn your blog or post an entertaining video using the app.


  • 1500 + high-end video layouts.

  • Transform your page to an entertaining video

  • Help you discover and adapt templates

  • Enables us to create a logo on the current launch

  • Enables you to computerized text to Speech


10. Offeo – Best Video Editing Software

Offeo is a video creation platform online. It helps anyone without trouble to create clips. You can make cool promotions, social videos, and advertisements with this software. It provides over 500 libraries of sound


  • Animation and colour, a cloud-based technology.

  • It provides a simple user interface.

  • Take a mouse click to animate your project.

  • There are various models to display the ideas in this application.

  • You can pick several layers and transfer them together.


11. Moovly – Best Video Editing Software

The video editing method of Moovly drag and drop. You can create attractive videos using more than a dozen of free media items in your library.


  • Automated processing of the video.

  • Import and export content. Content import.

  • Marketing and video layouts are versatile.

  • Interface drag and drop. Integration of the business. The technology of HTML5.

  • Media libraries for individuals and organizations. Capturing the screen.

  • Templates can conveniently be produced.

  • It offers a voice-over device


12. Kapwing – Best Video Editing Software

Kapwing is a video editing and collaboration site to create images, videos, and GIFs. You can upload, update, and link the file with a team using this app.


  • Act in real-time

  • The best forum for all applications

  • Every operating system, your phone, and device work.


13. Imovie – Best Video Editing Software

IMovie is an iOS and macOS video creation app. You can choose hundreds of styles for animating names. The pace of shooting can be altered.


  • You can incorporate perfect finish like a color correction to video.

  • You can easily edit on an iPhone or iPad and then end up on your Mac.

  • Fully integrated recording of songs, sounds, and voice-over

  • iMovie is helping you create 4 K films.

  • You can create film trailers from models that are convenient to utilize.


14. Lumen5 – Best Video Editing Software

Lumen5 is a video network to produce video content for ads, articles, blogs, etc. The article or blog post must be linked and the video will be fetched automatically. The logo can be uploaded as a watermark in the video.


  • By the amount of text in each chapter, you can understand the duration of each scene.

  • The 16:9 and 1:1 or 9:16 ratio is endorsed.

  • You can measure the location of the text using a chosen media file.

  • The video can be adapted as you want to.

  • Lumen5 supports 480p, 1080p and 720p media format.


15. Clipchamp – Best Video Editing Software

Clipchamp provides a free video editor, compressor, converter, and webcam recorder to generate content.

You can trim, cut, monitor your videos, title, and process them.


  • Creating and uploading PC or Mac, laptop and desktop videos

  • Incorporate your professional content according to your needs.

  • You can drag and drop as many videos, images, and audio as appropriate.

  • You can make Facebook, Instagram promotional videos, YouTube videos, and Presentations.


16. Hippovideo – Best Video Editing Software

Hippo Video uses the video to improve the marketing, distribution, and e-mail campaigns. You can also generate custom video emails.


  • Bridge interaction disparities with videos

  • Gather video profiles, polls, and reviews

  • ROI video with demographics of the audience

  • Interact and turn your chances into clients


17. Media Composer – Best Video Editing Software

Media compose is a fully featured video editor.

You can configure the application for any production function using this tool.

You can configure the application for any production function using this tool. You get more strength and acceleration from this video editing app


  • Get the standard for video editors

  • Integration of process and coordination

  • Change the interface for any function in the production

Media Composer

Finishing Lines

The video editing software you select depends on your budget, the gear you’re utilizing, and how active you are.

Thankfully, with the items available, you are overwhelmed with options. Take a look at our comprehensive analysis of tech reviews connected to the following enthusiasts to see which is best for you.

FAQs- Top 17 Best Free Video Editing Software in 2023

1) How do you edit videos?

The Editing and Development Video list comprises desktop software applications for capturing, processing, development, and exporting video to DVDs and other external platforms in different digital file types. Windows Movie Maker and Avidemux are among the top titles. Edit video, insert visual effects, and author discs.

2) What is editing importance?

Editing is a key step to ensure that the video plays in a way that achieves the objective. Add features, images, audio, etc. Usually, this is the wow component of the edit. By adding additional components, you can boost most videos (and have a great time).

3) What is editing online?

Online editing implies the modification of the video to be reassembled in full resolution after an offline editing operation. This is achieved in a media production at the final level. Vision mixing should be used when operating within live television and video production systems.

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