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4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Are Likely To Continue in 2023



4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Are Likely To Continue in 2023

4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Are Likely To Continue in 2021 Cover photo

Social media, obviously, was no exception. All social media platforms saw some massive audience engagement day in and day out. Brands and businesses were also not too behind to tap this golden opportunity and most of the brands went all out and included Social Media in their marketing strategy.

social media

Here are some recent trends in social media marketing that are most likely to stick with us in 2023 by virtue of their massive success-

1. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is one of the recent trends in social media marketing where it comes to an understanding that brands really have now understood the value of using their own, established customer base as a means of influencer marketing. More and more brands have started using genuine customers as their brand icons and face of the brand so to say. While this strategy is mostly used by smaller brands, bugger names chose to use social media influencers as a means to drive their sales.

User GeneraUser Generated Contentted Content

As a part of influencer marketing, brands send out special give away packages and PR packages to bloggers with a high number of followers, who, in turn, endorse the product on tier channels in their own style while also reviewing it. This activity pushes the follower base of said influencers to buy the products of the marketing brand.

User-generated content works great in various ways, being a part of the social media marketing trends. It is so because when the end-users are recommended to use a product from a genuine person that they can connect with, they are more likely to do so than when recommended by a celebrity.

Daniel Wellington is one of the biggest examples of a brand that nailed the market only through user-generated content.

User Generated Content Daniel Wellington

2. Incorporation of Visuals

The world today is more and more about instant gratification. When a consumer sees something on Social Media in the form of a video or a visual, they are more likely to pay attention to it than they would to a text. Visual content has the power to grasp people’s attention and get them interested or rather curious to know what’s happening next, making it one of the vital social media marketing trends.

Incorporation of Visuals

While regular videos and visuals have worked great so far, 2023 is more likely to perhaps be about high-quality videos. Professional cameras and devices like GoPro have now made excellent-quality video recordings made easy. Going a step further, users can now even record videos remotely. This makes remote collaboration extremely simple and users can create/ record content from different locations without being physically present, not worrying about any glitches or internet issues. The world is not likely to look back to the days of hazy videos, everyone wants to enjoy the visual they see; hence, for 2023, stronger visuals look like the game

Also, now, with apps like TikTok and Instagram’s reels, the quick snippets of entertainment gather all the way more attention. No wonder brands have even already ventured into these areas for promotion and social media marketing trends.


Also, now, with apps like Tik Tok and Instagram’s reels, the quick snippets of entertainment gather all the way more attention. No wonder brands have even already ventured on these areas for promotion and social media marketing.

3. Real-Time Streaming Content

While live videos might get a little too irritating when they are from your random friends on Instagram, live videos have also helped a lot of brands make a lot of revenue and gather huge crowds of audience. Brands have increasingly gotten creative with their lives and have now started using it as a means of live-engagement with the audience.

Real Time Streaming Content

When users can see things like lunch or they can involve themselves in a live interactive session with a brand, without any hassle, at the tips of their fingers, they obviously are attracted and entertained. Snapchat, in its initial days, was a big hit for this reason. You could see someone almost-real time in a format that was not a video call; and hence, now, formats like Instagram live, Facebook live, and youtube live is definitely going to go a long, long way, making it a strategic and one of the trending social media marketing trends. Real-time, live content is here to stay. You never know, another app could be right now building an even more enhanced concept of a real-time, but until now, live streaming was definitely the popular show in terms of social media marketing.

Real Time Streaming Content 2

4. Brand-Audience Engagement

With so many brands ready to offer so much of a personal touch to their users, audience engagement has only recently started to pick up as a whole and it is definitely here to stay for 2023. Let’s face it – people are now sick with automation and being forced to speak to bots before getting to talk to an actual human being. The simple concept of human touch had been ignored for so long that once consumers actually started to receive it is when they realized what they were missing, making it one of the best social media marketing trends.

Brand Audience Engagement

Social Media essentially is a place where people virtually meet and make connections, hence, by that simple fundamental, social media marketing also needs to be of a format that includes human touch. People have started appreciating brands that show faces and engage with their audience in any manner possible. By engaging with the audience, brands do not only successfully and effectively gain from their social media marketing venture, but they also get an opportunity to learn and gain genuine feedback from genuine people who are responsible for driving or diving the sales of a brand. Having seen the success, more and more brands are now trying to adopt the methodology and hence, brand-audience engagement is going to be a huge hit show of 2023 too.

Brand Audience Engagement marketing

Concluding Thoughts-

With all that we have, as global citizens, seen happening in our lives in the form of massive, universal chaos in 2023 because of a virus – in all honesty, it even feels a little weird to make claims about social media marketing trends 2023.  However, as reality goes, the world might have used it but the world will never stop for anyone. With the ‘new normal’ while people have adapted to the huge shift in their general lifestyles, brands and businesses have also been forced to change and update their social media marketing approaches
And these trends, by virtue of all of them being in line with a human touch, are most likely to succeed in 2023. Build visuals that matter, content that is relatable, come across as a brand that is personable, and do not shy genuine one-on-one engagement with real people. For everything else, let us come back and see in 2023 if these social media marketing trends really survived or the marketer’s creativity has found newer and better means!

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