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6 Best Dropshipping Marketing Tools That You Wish You Knew Earlier



6 Best Dropshipping Marketing Tools That You Wish You Knew Earlier

Why Are Dropshipping Marketing Tools Important?

The global ecommerce market is estimated at $5.55 trillion in 2022, with 27% of online retailers switched to dropshipping business model.

Since you likely aren't the only person selling your goods online, you need to distinguish your store from the competition.

If you want your dropshipping store to be successful, you should have a solid marketing plan.

Building trust among customers can be challenging for dropshipping businesses because they sell other people's goods. Marketing tools help you to gain trust, build loyal community, and increase sales.

Since your role is being a middle man between a supplier and a customer, you are not directly involved with manufacturing or shipping the product.

So, the only area in which you have total control is how you market your store. Marketing tools can help grow your store and build engagment with your customers.

How can you benefit from them?

The most effective way to market your online store is to make data-based decisions:

  • Collect data on your ideal customers and target them with ads based on their interests.

  • Use retargeting advertising to encourage consumers to purchase your products once you've begun generating traffic to your website by providing a discount or free shipping.

Managing different aspects of a small business can be challenging and time consuming.

So, you should take any shortcuts you can!

Here is a list of Dropshipping marketing tools that will help you to start your business or quickly boost sales!

Visual Design Tool

Having a high-quality image of a product you want to sell is something you shouldn't disregard. Eye-catching and well-designed images will definitely help your sale.

Nowadays, most users scroll the Internet using mobile phones. This is where conventional images are not the best option to portray your product. Instead, use a product hero image. It is an image that highlights important product features like brand size, quantity, and characteristics.


Glorify is an all-in-one design app that allows you to create professional and striking designs.

With Glorify, you can :

  • Create realistic 3D mockups – A mockup is an excellent alternative to product photography. A wide selection of niches and themes allows you to find and create the ideal mockup for your eCommerce business.

  • Use Brand Kit – this feature allows you to access logo and brand colors from one place, using them consistently across all social media designs and campaigns.

  • Remove background – It is an AI-powered tool that lets you erase background in a few seconds leaving clean and sharp images without compromising on quality.

  • Add shadows and reflections – Create realistic and aesthetically pleasing images by adding drop shadows, reflections, and ground shadows.

  • Use annotate tool –   a great feature that helps you highlight the most prominent features of your product, using text, images, colors, and indicators. 

  • Smart resize – This tool helps you to save time and quickly resize any image to different custom sizes for social media.

  • Use template bundles – Stay consistent and use the same style images across all marketing campaigns. Choose from hundreds of templates for email, social media platforms, ads, hero images, etc.

  • Work with a team – Glorify allows you to work with your colleagues. You can share, organize and export your finished work to your website or store.

When someone is looking to buy a product, a difference between bad and good product photography can make or break a sale.

This is where Glorify can help you. Its interface is intuitive and easy to work around.

Creating a Hero Image is very simple.

  1. First, choose the desired Template. Click on the Hero Image, and then filter by Niche or Theme.

  1. Once you have your template open, you can fully Customize it and add your own Text, Image, Colors, Icons, Stock photos, Models, or Illustrations from the Library.

If you are a beginner in design, simply select a template based on your niche or a theme that goes well with your brand.

If you are more experienced, you can make your design from scratch!


Glorify offers 3 plans:

  • The Free plan is limited to 3 users, 1 workspace,  10 BG Remover, 10 AI credits, 5 downloads, and 5 projects p/m

  • Pro allows you 5 users, 5 workspaces, 100 BG Remover, 100 AI credits, unlimited downloads, and projects and it costs $9.99 per month.

  • Business allows 10 users and everything else is unlimited. It costs $19.99 per month.

Glorify Deal 2023

Website Building Tool

What is so great about dropshipping is that you don't have to own a store or warehouse. Instead, retailers buy products from third-party suppliers as customers make orders. 

After that, products are shipped directly to the customer. This way, you don't have to handle products directly.

To set up a store, all you have to do is go online, pick one of the online store builders and watch how they handle all the work for you.


Shopify is the best option for creating e-commerce and dropshipping companies due to its adaptability and simplicity. In addition, it gives you the tools to build your own online store.

The platform, which powers over 1 million businesses in 175 countries, offers a complete solution for running, marketing, and scaling online stores for small and large businesses.

With Shopify, you can quickly create a complete web store, import dropshipping merchandise, start taking orders from customers, and finish all of that in a matter of minutes.

Shopify is another user-friendly platform, perfect for beginners in eCommerce.


Shopify offers a Free Trial or  Basic monthly plan for 29 $.

Basic plan offers most of the tool you’ll need to run a successful business. This is what you get:

  • An online store

  • Mobile friendly

  • A payment gateway

  • Connecting suppliers directly to your store

  • Marketing and SEO tools

  • Shopify offers SSL certification and PCI to encrypt all data

  • Customer reviews

  • Actionable analytics

  • Support

If you want to expand your business, there are 2 more plans available (Shopify and Advanced).

Shopify is a great tool to grow brand awareness and build your online presence.

Product Research Tool

Researching products is something you should invest your time in. But since there are millions of products out there, doing that by hand is nearly impossible.

Why should you use product research tools?

  • It can help you make product sourcing easy by scanning multiple items at once and helping you create lists of products worth going after.

  • It is helpful to know what is happening in other markets and see what products are or are not in demand.

  • To analyze your competitors – what they sell, how they advertise, and what reviews they have.

  • To know estimated expenses and profit. By calculating the price, margin, and profit, you can quickly understand how much money will you make.


SaleHoo is one of the most reliable and popular product-finding community for new dropshippers. It offers all the data you need about the product quality and price, essential information about the sellers, and feedback from other users.

Finding a trusted and reliable supplier among hundreds of them can be exhausting and end with choosing the wrong shipper.

To make your search easier, SaleHoo will show key information about their trusted suppliers like product selection, average product quality, customer service rating, shipping methods, and contact info.

You can also see trending products and average profit margins for products.

Another great feature is their Community, where users discuss various marketing and dropshipping tips and tricks.

Sale Hoo Dropship is a feature that can be used within Shopify to easily import products from AliExpress to your store. Once you receive an order on your website, you will order that product from your  AliExpress seller, who will ship the product directly to your customer.


SaleHoo has 3 pricing plans, starting from 27 $ a month, including 30-day money-back guarantee.

Automated Marketing Tool

Since dropshipping is highly competitive, investing in a marketing tools is necessary. 

It can help you run a business more efficiently, while saving you time and money.


It is an all-in-one dropshipping tool that helps you save time.

This automated software you can help with:

  • Importing trending products,

  • Monitoring pricing and stock 24/7,

  • Auto-order & Full orders Fulfillment Service.

  • Customer service

  • Automatically updating tracking numbers

  • Canceling and returning orders/Shipments

  • Managing price

  • Managing messages

  • Performance analysis,

It can also create product lists from marketplaces like Amazon, Ali Express, Walmart, and Home Depot.


AUTO DS offers 3 plans, Importer, Starter, and Advanced, starting at 12.90 $ a month.

Each plan offers 14 days of a free trial. 

Social Media Marketing Tools

We all know that social media is key when talking about advertising. You should include an excellent social media strategy in your marketing plan to boost your store growth.


Buffer is software that enables you to plan, schedule, and deliver your content consistently yet flexibly. Consistency in publishing will raise reach and audience engagement.

With Buffer, you can:

1. Set up a plan and publish your content on social media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn). 

2. Get analytics showing your social media performance and recommendations to grow reach, sales, and engagement.

3. Build a loyal audience that will engage with your content

4. Manage important interactions and comments from followers

Research shows that 83 % of people expect brands to respond to comments within 24 hours.

But, unfortunately, sometimes that's just not possible, or some comments get lost.

Buffer uses AI to determine which comments are significant and worth replying to or not.


Buffer offers 4 pricing plans (Free, Essentials, Team, and Agency), including a free trial for each plan.

Email Marketing Service

Even though it is essential to sell a product, it may be even more important to make a loyal customer who will repeatedly buy from your store.

Keeping track of returning customers, abandoned carts, and customers who should be rewarded for their loyalty can be challenging.

That’s why you should try email marketing tools.

They are like your personal assistant, working around the clock to build you an engaged community of loyal customers.


MailChimp is a email marketing tool that manages emails, newsletters, automated flows, CRM, etc. It is user-friendly and convenient for new dropshippers because it doesn’t require previous knowledge. 

With MailChimp, you can:

1. Improve your marketing results and create engaging content with stand-out emails

2. Remind shoppers about abandoned carts, bring back lost customers, or cross-sell products.

3. Track your audience and their behavior using relevant statistics

If you are beginning your dropshipping journey, the free plan will get you almost everything you need – Marketing CRM, Creative Assistant, Website Builder, Mailchimp Domain, and Forms & Landing Pages.


MailChimp offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Free plan

  • Essentials – offers Everything in Free, plus: Email & Landing Page Templates, Customer Journey Builder, Custom Branding,A/B Testing,and 24/7 Email & Chat Support starting at 11 $ a month

  • Standard – offers Everything in Essentials, plus: Customer Journey Builder + Branching Points,Send Time Optimization, Behavioral Targeting, Custom Templates, Dynamic Content for 17 $  a month

  • Premium – Addvanced Segmentation, Multivariate Testing. Comparative Reporting, Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access, Phone & Priority Support, starting at 299 $ a month.

To sum it up

Hundreds of tools are available on the Internet. In this article, we tried to represent some of the best digital marketing tools to help you with your dropshipping journey.

Depending on your vision, needs and budget, choose the one that can help you grow your business more efficiently!

As we mentioned, visuals play a vital role in representing your dropshipping brand.

Try Glorify if you want a design tool that offers everything you need and beyond to run your business smoothly.

Start your free trial and let the magic happen!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here