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7 top Star Wars fonts

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

7 top Star Wars fonts

Glorify gathered and showed up in this comprehensive list the best free Star Wars font from far and big.

What is the Star Wars font?

This is not a straightforward issue you would imagine. During the years, directors have tweaked and polished the designs, to the fans’ outrage.

The famous phrase ‘Far, far away…’ written in a cool blue typeface, ‘Years ago in a faraway galaxy.’

In the beginning, a ‘once upon a time’ lettering for this exterior was made by hand, so you won’t have a 100-per-cent match for the star wars font if you monitor a screenshot. However, in the new movies from Star Wars – from The Force Awakens – the makers have been using a digitized font version of the font Franklin Demi.

Star Wars font

As that line disappears, we get amazed at the spectacular opening fanfare of John Williams and leave them in awe as Star Wars’ logo occupies the screen and then falls away. Shortly afterward, the opening crawl comes up and fills us with this plot.

A swarm of font mystery is the opening crawl. For each film and the Crabble Text itself, the latest Star Wars films use the latest Gothic edition as the star wars font. This goes against earlier films, which uses the Universe font as the font for the title and News Gothic font as for the font for the script of the crawl.

Star Wars fonts

Are these too many star wars fonts to keep track of already? Well, we have only scratched of all the Star Wars fonts ever used. Remember, the film’s logo has been changed several times as the developers are trying to adhere to a theme.

Seven variants of the font have been rounded up in the list below.

  • Space Wars: The last emblem of Jedi turns red and sends the Internet down as fans try to grasp what it might mean.

  • Another experiment saw the Star Wars font as:

    However, fortunately, the logo in the movie itself stayed yellow.

Let’s have a look at all the seven star wars fonts used in the history of the Star Wars-

01. Star Jedi

Jedi perfectly recreates the emblem of Star Wars.

You know that when a designer named Boba Fonts handles your free Star Wars fonts, you are in safe hands. Boba Fonts completely recreated the logo with Star Jedi and ready to satisfy all your requirements. There are a variety of variants and links to this angled, capital font.

Star Jedi font

02. Mandalorian font

This star wars font is part of the TV series.

This Mandalorian font is the same variant of the Mandalorian typeface, as seen on the 2004 Star Wars DVD version and Episode II Visual Dictionary. The announcement of the new TV series is particularly timely and will also be useful for video makers who want to get their YouTube feedback on their brands.

Mandalorian font

03. SF Distant Galaxy

The kit of symbols incorporates film-inspired logos.

Set in 10 different types, this Star Wars font is influenced by an encounter in a distant galaxy and is fully free. It also has a pack of icons like movie logos.

SF Distant Galaxy font

04. Death Star

This star wars font can’t be better introduced than in the words of its maker, the sharkshock, so we’ll simply let them explain:

“In an ephemeral galaxy far away, there were few choices for fans of this epic show when they were searching for the right font to use in their projects. You need to have patience with young Jedi.

This font is best seen in large sizes because it has a strong kerning. The standard edition is free of charge and a $25 donation is accessible with a mentioned substitute.

Death Star font

05. Star Jedi Outline

Star Jedi Outline star wars font can be used with other Boba fonts.

Oh, with the Star Jedi Outline font, good old, Boba Fonts did it again. As previously, this is a tilting all-capital font, but this time, the lettering has a thin outline as indicated by the name. This free star wars font is available for both private and organizational use.

Star Jedi Outline font

06. Star Jedi Logo

Stack this typography to your favourite Star Wars fonts!

After the new font line from Star Jedi, Boba Fonts created the variation which enables single or double text lines to depict the Star Wars style perfectly. These stylish screens recall some artistic options used in advertisements for the Star Wars trilogy, often enclosed in a fine outline in the title of a film.

Star Jedi Logo and font

07. Star Jedi Special Edition

This star wars font actually is from an initial trilogy celebration.

The final version is based on the official Star Wars Trilogy Limited Edition logo lettering with its chunky letter designs. Recall when there was only one trilogy of Star Wars?

“A bold font from the original Star Jedi is Star Jedi Special Edition,” says Boba Fonts. “All the bottom cases are capitals, while the capitals are serif versions of the lowercase. You can create complex letter groups using a few basic connections.”

Star Jedi Special Edition font

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Finishing thoughts

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7 top Star Wars fonts FAQs

1. Are the Star War Fonts subjected to copyrights?

The Star Wars logo is a registered trademark, however, the letters and the star wars font is not a trademark. You can use the style of the lettering for your needs and projects, however, you cannot use the word “star wars.”

2. What are the opening lines of the movie Star Wars?

Each film starts with the striking blue text in the iconic star wars font, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”, followed by the Star Wars logo shrinking in front of a field of stars, as if moving away from the viewer. The filmmakers used the font named- Star Jedi as the star wars font for the opening line.

3. Is the logo of Star Wars accessible to all?

The film “Star Wars” is an artistic phenomenon. Without permission from the copyright owner, you can’t copy Star Wars or any big portion thereof, including the script, audio, etc., unless your use fits in with one of the copyright limitations under your law.

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