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8 Ways to Provide Your Amazon Shoppers with Great Customer Service



8 Ways to Provide Your Amazon Shoppers with Great Customer Service

Or not getting that much-awaited yes from a potential buyer, who you have been persistent within answering queries for the last month?

No matter how much you’ve invested in your business, everything from having the best quality products to having an amazing business strategy, you are not spared from such anxieties.

You are not in control of your customer’s final actions, but you can be able to steer them towards supporting your business by providing stellar customer support.

What are the advantages of giving your Amazon shoppers great customer support?

Amazon Customer Support

You will acquire more references

People are social beings. When they experience something positive with you, they can be very generous in putting in a good word for your business.

You will have greater customer retention rates that can augment your profits

Happy customers can turn into loyal customers. More than 50% of buyers make an additional purchase following positive customer support (Zendesk).

Satisfied customers will also propel repeat sales. According to Brand Keys, a research company that focuses on consumer loyalty and engagement, a 7% increase in loyalty can enhance profits by up to 85% per customer, while a 3% increase in loyalty can already influence a 10% reduction in operating expenses. Likewise, according to the Harvard Business School, a mere 5% increase in customer retention rate can increase profits by 25%- 95%.

Helps you build a good standing with Amazon

Amazon takes note of customer interactions such that when you receive malicious comments, Amazon can reconsider you from receiving potential sanctions.

Less negative comments

Great customer support has the power  repel negative comments. If your customer is unhappy about your product, the chances of this leading to a negative review are very high. If however, you have a very easy communication channel for your customer to get in touch with you, and you are very responsive and empathetic, you can certainly make amends and prevent that nasty negative comment from affecting your ratings.

How can you provide great customer service to your online shoppers?

As Amazon continues to put forward customer-oriented strategies, sellers should be wary and remain informed of these updates. One of these is that you should build and preserve a good relationship with Amazon by receiving less than 6% negative feedback, and a consistent customer response time of not more than 24 hours.

Maintain your Amazon metrics and prevent getting potentially suspended or losing customers by implementing these 8 basic tips on good Amazon customer service:

1. Offer support on social media platforms

Amazon Customer Support on social media

Social media has become an influential tool in shaping beliefs and decisions. It’s a strong go-to channel not just for networking, but also for news and recommendations. This is why social media is a good avenue to expand your customer service. After opening a page and consistently being active in publishing well-crafted posts, Facebook ads, and the like, make sure that you also develop convenient access for your visitor or buyer to customer support services.

On Facebook for example, if you don’t have the time and manpower to be available for your customers 24/7, you can activate an A.I. Chatbot in messenger that will temporarily guide your customers for you.

2. Always respond to your customers ASAP

Responding to your customers as soon as possible is always worthy of a gold star! Most often, customers that contact you will be either angry, upset, or stressed out about the product. Alleviating their concerns as soon as possible will prevent them from posting negative comments in the meantime. Responding ASAP will also make them trust you and your brand.

3.Hire helping hands during seasonal sales

Try as much as you can to avoid keeping your customer waiting. There are certain times of the year especially, where you might have an influx of customers, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year for example.  Make it a point to have a few extra hands on deck during busy seasons as such. Not just on the day, but a few weeks before and after as well.

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4. Show empathy

Getting negative complaints about your product or service is never any fun. But as the business owner, it is your responsibility to bear the brunt of any issue faced by your customer. In some cases, it may even be issues that are out of your control. Like, the customer having the wrong expectations of your product. In any case, it’s vital to show empathy, be courteous, and never get defensive.
Use pacifying and reassuring phrases such as ‘I understand your concern’, ‘I will certainly rectify this for you’, ‘I will be happy to offer you a replacement or a refund’.

5. Insert a brief FAQ in the product description

Amazon FAQ

Some customers prefer to solve issues on their own. According to American Express, more than 60% of U.S. consumers prefer automated, self-service ways to address simple customer service issues.

In addition, this will also save you some time from giving the same answers repeatedly.

Since Amazon doesn’t allow you to have a separate page for FAQ’s, unlike if you have your own website, you can pull together at least the top 5 of the most common questions you receive from your customers and post them within the description section.

6.Provide active phone support

Amazon Active Phone Support

Step up your phone support game and be proactive in reaching out to your customers. Being proactive means that when you pledge a callback, make sure to do it at the committed time. In addition, when resolving issues, initiate follow-ups on the phone and check whether your customer is already satisfied.

This will make your buyers see how customer-oriented your store is and how dedicated you are at giving them only the best.

7. Attach personalized thank you cards

The trend for personalized items has become one of today’s most distinguishable traits. Everything from DIY household organizers to expensive Adidas shoes gives someone a slight edge from the rest. And nothing feels more special and heartwarming than something that’s specially made for you.

No matter how common your product is, you can always make it different by attaching a personalized thank you note along with details on how they can contact customer support. This way, should your customer have any concern, you’ll be able to suggest immediately, sparing them from the hassle of logging in to their Amazon account just yet.

8. Invest in customer service management software for Amazon

As the name suggests, these types of software allow you to effectively juggle multiple customer concerns in one system. You can automate your customer updates and responses, as well as avoid skipping out on messages when they become too many to handle. BigCRM Amazon Help Desk Software, Helpscout, Sellercloud, Solid Commerce, and BalanceMaxx are some examples of customer management software that you could explore to help optimize your store.

Here are our final words.
Learn from Microsoft.
In 2018, 55% of the worldwide population switched brands and moved away from Microsoft due to poor customer service.

Expect that competition, based on customer services, will heighten in the coming years. Invest in improving your customer services via social skills and technology. Always remember that your customers will rate convenience as a top metric when they evaluate you.

So study your market well, be adaptive, and persist. You’ll do fine.

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