Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Alibaba Product Promo Image



Alibaba Product Promo Image

Alibaba Product Promo Image

Alibaba also happens to be one of the oldest e-commerce websites, only second to Amazon which is 26 years old; while Alibaba happens to be 21 years old. All said and done, Alibaba at the end of the day is a marketplace where one seller will sell more than others due to various reasons, one of the primary reasons being stronger promo images. For people looking to host a business on the e-commerce front, especially those who want to be bulk suppliers of commodities, Alibaba is the place to go, albeit with the right promo images However, even on Alibaba, like any other platform, product promo images are what sell and make the news.

Generating the most awesome-looking Alibaba Product Promo Images is as simple as a drag and drop with Glorify’s templates!

While most e-commerce platforms are rather stingy about their defined set of rules around their products, Alibaba, though strict, is not as inflexible as others with their promo image requirements. Sellers are permitted to publish as many as 6 photos per product that they wish to sell, and six really is the sweet spot that can help one show their products in all lights and angles effectively as the product promo image. Since the number is much, much lesser compared to the 250 pictures you can publish while selling on a platform like Shopify, it also becomes all the way more imperative to get your six just right.

Alibaba Product Promo Image

Hence, let the designing of product promo images for your Alibaba store be taken care of by the professionals. Nope, we do not mean you need to hire an expensive designer; we mean Glorify’s templates! Glorify’s product promo images are all about attracting customers with appealing designs and an accurate visual representation of the offered product.
Glorify offers you hundreds of templates that are so easy to use and generate the most awesome looking Alibaba product promo images.

  1. Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

  2. Explore hundreds of pre-designed templates and pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

  3. Upload your own product promo pictures in the Alibaba product promo image template

  4. Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, edit the backgrounds,  fix the images- tweak it as much as you like

  5. Save your mind-blowing promo image and start selling!

Alibaba Promo Product Image

Why are product promo images so important when selling online?

A lot of amateur or new sellers on e-commerce platforms fail to realize the paramount importance of the power of a well-designed product promo image. Product promo images are the first thing that a user is going to see when they visit your store page on Alibaba.

Let us say you are a supplier of fancy-looking planters. As a matter of fact, you will not be the only one or the sole seller of fancy planters. So, how do you grab attention and drive consumer traffics towards your brand? How do you make people buy from you more than everybody else? The answer is simple. Powerful promo images. Help your potential consumers visualize that planter in their bedroom or their balconies to have them convert into real customers. You could use images of your planters shot in various angles and beautify them with Glorify templates to make them shine and stand out for real!

Best Alibaba Product Promo Image

Look at product promo images like your look at promotional products in offline selling. Remember that one time when you visited a supermarket and were offered the newly launched healthy baked nachos for tasting? That was the first time you learned about the products, you built an interest in it because it was offered to you right in your face for awareness. That is pretty much what visuals do in terms of product promo images for products.

A well-designed product promo image will not only help you sell things faster or at least grab the buyer’s attention online, but such images can also effectively be used for promotional purposes otherwise. You can use your pre-created product promo images for use in billboards, flyers, signages, and perhaps, even your business card. You never know when and where a visual strikes someone- make your product promo images count with Glorify!

Best Alibaba Product Promo Image

To get you started, here are some tips and best-recommended practices to keep in mind when designing your product promo images

  • Keep the design of your alibaba product promo images in tune and cohesiveness with your overall brand colors, patterns, and fonts

  • Always try to retain the brand identity with your alibaba product promo images. If you are not an established brand, this product can work towards building a brand reputation. On the flip side,  if you are already an established brand, by using elements of your brand, you will generate much traffic from your pre-existing loyalty base

  • Keep your design attractive, engaging- but do not ever overdo it. Many sellers tend to get a little carried away and add a lot of elements to their product promo images which backfires them eventually. Always remember that the main aim is to show off the product more than anything else. By adding too much extra noise, you take the user’s attention away from the product itself. “When in doubt, keep it simple silly!”

Top Alibaba Product Promo Image

FAQs- Glorify Templates: Alibaba Product Promo Image

1) What is the ideal size for Alibaba Product Promo image?

The ideal size of a product promo image on Alibaba is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

2) Amazon v/s Alibaba: Which platform is bigger?

There cannot be a definite answer to this question, as both of these giants work in a totally different model of sales. But, there are facts. Alibaba, due to its business model, is able to offer many more products in its catalog as compared to that of Amazon. In terms of numbers, Alibaba also generates about 86% of its revenue from global e-commerce operations as compared to Amazon that makes 71% from e-retail.

3) Is Alibaba only for wholesale buying?

Yes, the very model of Alibaba is selling goods in bulk and in a wholesaling model. However, consumers can still directly contact a seller and negotiate or convince the seller to ship a single product. It entirely depends on the seller in question.

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