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Twitter Tips: Best 9 Tips For An Engaging Twitter Feed For Companies



Twitter Tips: Best 9 Tips For An Engaging Twitter Feed For Companies

Twitter Feed For Your Company

Why use Twitter amongst all the other social media platforms?

Twitter is a great social media platform and a way to get the latest information on almost any topic including the ones you want to share. Having a Twitter profile could also help the company learn of the tweets that contain updates about the competitive companies and brands that the followers care about.

To help list a few, here are the benefits of investing in the Twitter strategy social network account:

  • It increases the brand awareness

  • Helps in the customer engagement strategies

  • Helps share content easily

  • Is free to use

  • Helps give customer service and support

  • You can take a look at your competitors and their content

  • The prospects will be able to quickly learn about your company

Now, the question lies in, what can you do as a company to help in the engagement against the 300 million average monthly users? Read on to know the tricks and hacks for the mentioned.

9 Tips for Twitter Engagement On Your Company Profile

9 ways to have an engaging twitter account for your company

1) Make it visually attractive and eye-catching for the audience

Make it visually attractive and eye-catching for the audience

If you’re a company on Twitter, one of the most important Twitter tips for 2021 is to make sure the content stands out in each post. By posting more Tweets that contain visuals like images and a GIF, you are assured more audience who are likely to engage with every single or new product on your feed. To get and attract more Twitter users, you could also opt to use a short video as many people tend to scroll through if longer with heavy content. So keep it crisp and to the point, that’s a dealbreaker.

2) Create interesting Content

Create interesting Content in twitter

Keep in mind, the more interesting the content is the more visibility. You could make use of these tips for Twitter engagement mentioned below and get started with publishing several times a day:

  • Retweet: This will help you and your company with connecting with peers and customers. Also, it will help bring inspiration from different sources that carry the point of view and make your content more interesting.

  • Make use of tools: Make sure to use tools like Glorify to help you automatically curate content in just a few seconds. So why the wait?

3) Make use of the Twitter Automation Tool

Twitter Automation Tool

Tweeting 5 times a day manually would or sure be a hassle. For this very reason, Twitter has tools that are automated and can help you schedule your tweets instead. These are easy to get, will keep your followers engaged with the content at the right times, help you manage the followers base, clean inactive followers, and also track your performance. This is a Twitter tip that not only helps get better reach but also saves so much time!

4) Tag but don’t lag!

Tag but don't lag!

The best way to keep the Twitter users engaged at all times is to keep tagging along the right people to help grow your brand. So, tag the relevant influencers on your content and also include the Twitter handle of the people for more retweets on your content.

5) Include a CTA (Call-to-action) button

Include a CTA (Call-to-action) button in twitter

Including a CTA is one of the hottest Twitter tips because it not only helps the content but also helps in the engagement. As you have now got the attention of the customers, the best thing to do is let them know what to do next. These buttons could be as simple as “click here” or use them for public service announcements, like for a campaign. And while you are at it, don’t forget to ask for re-tweets!

6) Tease every Twitter User

Yes! Teasing your followers with a series of tweets to reveal the entire content is a great way to maintain the viewer’s engagement and the most underrated Twitter tip for 2021! Opt to add interesting statistics or media content with a hint to the next tweet to help them wait and increase curiosity for better stats.

7) Click to Tweet in the Blog Posts

Click to Tweet in the Blog Posts

This is a great tool to integrate your channels. So, add it to your tweets in order to encourage the readers to tweet your company’s content. Another important Twitter tip for engagement is to add interesting quotes or statistics for more tweets and followers.

8) Avoid overdoing the lists of hashtags

Avoid overdoing the lists of hashtags in twitter

Yes, hashtags help the followers to find your content on the platform, and using hashtags is an absolute necessity to get your tweets noticed and shared. But, too many hashtags do clutter the limited space, annoying the readers at first look. The best way of using hashtags is to keep them limited and accurate to the post.

9) Engage in Twitter Polls

Engage in Twitter Polls

This will help you drive an engagement by asking the followers about their opinion and not providing them with information in every tweet. In terms of twitter engagement, it brings about a conversational tone, keeps things open-ended, or also sparks the debate that is considered as valuable insights about your follower base.

As an alternative, try hosting Twitter chats that allow a direct conversation with your followers, making the viewers feel special and valued, and also promotes your brand, creating interaction and buzz up and around your company.  

To Conclude:

Good Twitter marketing efforts help the company with a better and direct way in diverting the online traffic towards them. Adding on, this also helps in improved brand awareness, engagement, followers, and results in even better Twitter analytics with increased sales. Therefore, make sure to use the Twitter tips mentioned in the article above and also take the help of the Glorify App to make things better, quick, professional, and easy!

Best 9 Tips To Keep The Twitter Feed Engaging FAQs

1. How do I get more engaging tweets?

Here are a few Twitter tips make the tweets of your company more engaging:
– Infuse some personality or the companies theme into the profile
– Make sure to be the first one to break the news
– Do not leave space and Tweet consistently
– Host sessions of ask and answer questions on your feed
– Build connections via retweeting others tweets
– Be creative in your posts
– Make sure to be under 140 characters, if more try teasing the audience with a series of posts

2. How do you make a good Twitter feed?

– Limit your hashtags to a maximum of 1-2 to avoid any clutter
– Maintain a conversational tone
– Have the copy short and sweet
– Incorporate images, GIFs, and/or videos when possible
– Monitor the events and trending conversations on the platform

3. What is good engagement on Twitter?

Compared to Facebook, Twitter has a lower engagement rate of 0.5% as a good rate and 1% being great. In the case of smaller businesses, the engagement rate must be followed consistently.

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