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7 Best Ecommerce Facebook Ads Strategies To Use In 2023



7 Best Ecommerce Facebook Ads Strategies To Use In 2023

Why are Facebook Ads Important for eCommerce?

Facebook ads for eCommerce are essential because they allow businesses to target a specific audience with laser precision. 

You can target people by interests, demographics, and even behaviors, which enables you to create highly customized and effective campaigns that reach the right audience.

Another benefit of Facebook ads is driving traffic by directing people to specific landing pages on your eCommerce website.

Finally, you can use Facebook ads for eCommerce to generate sales directly from the platform.

Why are Facebook Ads Important for eCommerce

Stay tuned because we’re about to show you the best eCommerce Facebook strategies that can lead to the benefits mentioned above.

The Best eCommerce Facebook Ad Strategies

1. Use Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Dynamic product ads are great if you have an eCommerce store with a large inventory of products.  

With dynamic ads, you can incorporate your whole product catalog without creating individual ads for each item.

In addition, you can target different types of buyers shopping for different kinds of products.

Use Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

It is this targeting that makes dynamic product ads highly personalized- they deliver relevant content based on your audience’s particular interests and behaviors.

Furthermore, they are updated automatically, so there is no need to launch multiple campaigns.

Besides attracting new shoppers, dynamic product ads are also helpful for retargeting. 

They give you a chance to retarget more hesitant customers by displaying ads customized according to their activity on your site. 

This way, you can move them further down the sales funnel.

If you wonder if it is difficult to set dynamic product ads, it isn’t. 

You can actually do it in two steps.

Step 1.

First, you need to upload your product catalog and important product information to Facebook Business Manager. 

Step 2.

After that, use Custom Audiences and adjust it so you can get reports on the buying behavior of your customers.

And finally, you’ll get a dynamic template to display Facebook ads.

So, to sum up, the story of dynamic product ads, they are most efficient for:

  • Personalizing your ads

  • Retargeting 

  • Attracting new customers.

Of course, dynamic product ads are just the tip of the Facebook ad strategies’ iceberg, so let’s get moving on.

2. Use Facebook Carousel Ads

Facebook carousel ads might look identical to DPAs, but they aren't.

This ad format allows you to display up to 10 different products or stories in a single ad. 

Thus, you can get more creative and squeeze your content into a much smaller space. Moreover, you can display images or videos, URLs, headlines, descriptions, and CTA for each of the products or stories in the ad.

It’s safe to say that being creative is Facebook carousels’ middle name.

Similarity with DPA’s lies in the fact that both formats are highly personalized. 

However, with Facebook carousel ads, you can also:

  • Tell your brand’s story

  • Showcase specific products or the ones you want to focus on

  • Showcase testimonials, use cases, etc.

  • Highlight features of a specific product.

For the latter one, graphic design tools like Glorify are super useful. 

For example, with Glorify’s annotation tool, you can highlight your product’s unique selling point by choosing various annotation styles, arrows’ width and size.

Glorify’s annotation tool

Furthermore, with FB carousel ads, you can provide more choices for your audience and give them an in-store feeling.

3. Showcase Social Proof in Your Ads

Showcasing social proof in your ads is undeniably one of the most powerful triggers for future customers.

Having testimonials with real users makes your ads more authentic and credible.

Furthermore, it allows a new audience to see your products' benefits and how they can solve their painpoints.

You can say that social proof is digital word-of-mouth. The more people spread the word about your product, the better.

Therefore, testimonials and real product reviews are beneficial for your business.

Showcase Social Proof in Your Ads

Also, consider pairing up with (micro)influencers since they tend to have a huge follower base.

4. Get New Customers with Facebook’s Custom and Lookalike Audiences 

Facebook's Custom and Lookalike Audiences are two powerful tools businesses can use to target their advertising.

Both of these tools can be extremely valuable for businesses, as they allow you to

  1. laser-focus your advertising efforts and

  2. deliver your message in front of people interested in your offer. 

However, it's important to understand how each tool works before using them so that you can make the most of its potential.

The Custom Audiences tool

  • allows businesses to target their ads to people who have already interacted with them. 

  • Is created by uploading a list of customer information (such as email addresses or phone numbers) into Facebook. 

Once the list is uploaded, Facebook will match it against its own database of users and create a custom audience of people who match the criteria on your list. 

  • Helps you target the audience with specific ads.

 target the audience with specific ads

In addition, you can use Custom Audiences in multiple ways:

  •  you could target people who have already purchased from you with ads for new products or special offers. 

  •  you could target people who have visited your website but haven't made a purchase yet. 

Either way, Custom Audiences can be a great way to boost your sales and conversions

In contrast, Lookalike Audiences Tool allows businesses to find new people similar to their existing customers. 

Still, instead of targeting people who have already interacted with your brand, it targets new audiences who share qualities and interests similar to your existing customers.

Difference between custom audience and lookalike audience

Bonus Tip: Create your audience only from your top customers instead of your entire customer pool.

5. Run Giveaway Facebook Ads

Running giveaway Facebook ads provides a more playful and game-like way to engage with your customers.

Furthermore, they are excellent brand promoters and can boost your brand exposure.

In addition, they also help you:

  • Expand your network

  • Build an audience

  • Drive traffic to your site

  • Deepen your brand’s relationship with customers.

One thing to bear in mind is to choose giveaway prizes wisely-they need to be relevant to your target audiences. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to set the objectives for your giveaway. Otherwise, you won’t know which actions you want your audience to take.

6. Use Facebook Pixel and Conversions API to Optimize Your Analytics 

Facebook provides two powerful tools to help you optimize your advertising campaigns and track conversions: the Facebook Pixel and the Conversions API.

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you can install on your website.

Once installed, it allows you to track actions taken by visitors on your site, such as purchases or sign-ups. 

Then, you can use this data to create more targeted ads that are more likely to convert.

Use Facebook Pixel and Conversions API to Optimize Your Analytics 

A word of advice: install the pixel before you run your first campaign. 

Otherwise, you won’t know what works or not.

In addition, it will also be harder for Facebook to figure out who your target audience is, and as a result, how to optimize your ad campaigns.

The Conversions API is a more sophisticated tool that allows you to track conversions across multiple devices and platforms. 

For example, you could use it to track someone who started the purchase process on their phone but completed it on their desktop computer. 

In either case, the data help you to create more targeted ads.

Both of these tools are essential for optimizing your advertising campaigns and ensuring that you are getting the most return on investment.

By using both of these tools, you’ll get a formidable asset to do accurate tracking.

7. Use Captivating Visuals for Your Facebook eCommerce Ads

One way to reach more audiences is to use captivating visuals in your Facebook ecommerce ads.

This is especially important if you use still images.

Not only that, but almost every Facebook ad strategy revolves around powerful and scroll-stopping visuals.

People are visual creatures and are drawn to ads that feature attractive visuals, whether it's an image of the product itself or something else that catches their eye. 

However, keep in mind that you need to choose images relevant to the product or service you're promoting. 

Furthermore, make sure they are of high quality and right format. 

Creating and developing ad campaigns is a long process, but at least creating powerful visuals doesn’t have to be.

Tools like Glorify provide pre-made and pre-sized templates for your eCommerce business needs.

Glorify’s Template Gallery provides thousands of templates for major niches and industries.

Glorify’s Template Gallery

From creating social media posts, ads over infographics and marketing material to ebook covers.

Furthermore, the platform is beginner-friendly and caters to eCommerce store owners.

Glorify editor

You can create stunning visuals in only a few clicks.

Visuals are such an important aspect of your Facebook ad campaign that we wrote a whole article about Facebook Ad Creative Best Practices For Your Campaigns.

Before we wrap things up, a last word of advice: design mobile-friendly Facebook ads.

Don’t forget that most customers browse and make purchases over their mobile phones.

Final Thoughts

Facebook ads for eCommerce are a great way to maximize your reach and increase sales. 

With the above strategies, you can target potential customers and create campaigns to drive conversions.

  • Knowing what kind of ad format works best for you

  • Setting up an effective strategy

  • Optimizing your ads with relevant visuals and copywriting

  • Using retargeting techniques and 

  • Measuring success metrics—these are all tactics to consider when creating Facebook ads for eCommerce.

With our simple tips, you'll be able to create effective campaigns that can help you increase sales and boost profits.

And since you need stunning visuals as an integral part of your ad campaign, sign up for free and start creating converting visuals in a few minutes.

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