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Best Email Designs – How to Create Beautiful Newsletters



Best Email Designs – How to Create Beautiful Newsletters

How to Create Beautiful Newsletters

But people receive so many emails every day. In such a situation, and amidst the crowd, where does your email stand? Is it attractive and compelling enough for the prospect or the existing customer to open and read it? Or is it only another email that floods their inbox every day?

Remember, a plain-looking lengthy email design may not prove as appealing unless it contains some sensitive information or notice. In situations otherwise, especially when you are targeting a prospect, or making a sales follow-up, the more attractive your email is, the higher it stands a chance of being read and striking the connection cord with the recipient. It is here where the need to use the best email designs steps in.

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If you are a new brand, or an established one, and send a lot of offer-related, follow-up, and informative, emails to your prospects and clients, you must check out the following 30 email marketing ideas that can inspire your newsletter. Using any of these may make a difference to your emailer campaign and prove advantageous from the viewpoint of intriguing and tapping a potential prospect to connect with your brand.

30 Best Email Designs to Inspire your Newsletter

1.   Use Animation

Animation adds a fun element to your email design. At times, it can express much more than words can, and that too in a funny, and engaging manner. Animation through a GIF works even better. You convey the message in a very short time, possibly in 6-7 seconds. But ensure that the animated message is catchy, and strikes an instant connection with the prospects. The content should be concise and must convey an encouraging message.

2.   Keep the Message Simple and Straight

Keep the Message Simple and Straight

Sometimes, the message is content-intensive and involves vital information that you need to deliver in a straightforward and simple manner. In such cases, you need to keep the email simple with minimal use of colors, prominent product display, and a message that’s clear enough for the prospects to understand.

3.   Play with Color Gradients – Email Template Design

Play with Color Gradients

Playing with color gradients improves the aesthetics of the image, and gives it a sophisticated look and feel. However, the color of the gradient must be vibrant enough, and the message must have a dedicated central block, with a simple font that lets the viewer enjoy the gradient charm, but at the same time, also allows him to read and understand the message you wish to convey.

4.   Use Color Blocking In Your Email Design

Use Color Blocking

When you have a lot to say and convey, without diluting the creativity aspect, you can use color blocking. Color blocking is an effective way of separating different elements of the email, such as the message, image, and newsletter sections. You may also add a call to action as a separate section, as an appeal to connect.

5.   Create an Intriguing Color Palette

Create an Intriguing Color Palette

When you’ve got an exciting, world offer, or need to give a critical update about your company, brand, product, or service, this email template design works best as they comprise necessary text and an attractive and lively colour scheme. For instance, you may use bright green, or yellow as a background, and put up your text in a simple black-coloured font.

You don’t have to use a single colour necessarily. Sometimes multiple colours, too, can make the email design visually appealing and generate interest in the reader’s mind.

6.   Keep the Content Central to the Email

Content doesn’t restrict itself to text but transcends to photographs, and images as well. When you have a lot of images and photographs, and at the same a lot of text in the email, you must keep content central to your email design. Arrange your images and text in a way and in dimensions that fit in the email. Keeping the layout, the font styles, and font size simple to read and comprehend can enhance the email’s effect and serve the purpose.

7.   Let Colors Speak

Colours in a business email template create a vital medium of expression, especially when you want to promote a product, for instance, an eye lens within your subscribers.  Here, you can give your background a vibrant color, and a multi-coloured image keeping the main product as the highlight and prominently visible across the entire image. Besides, placing the text creatively, yet visibly, gives your product the exposure it requires.

8.   Use Minimal Text and Email Design

Use Minimal Text and Design

At times, you don’t have to say much. Use an image representing your brand, a single one-liner text, a simple, yet compelling tagline, and a call to action that gives your prospects a reason to connect with you.

9.   Strategic Colour Email Design Pops

When you’ve got multicolored products, say, for example, multicolored jackets, you may use a strategic color pop. So here, you may showcase the black colored jacket, and give a call to action button that helps the viewer buy the black jacket. Similarly, for a brown jacket, you may provide a buy button saying buy brown! Now, how does this prove strategic? The graphics display text, your multicolored products, and also give a quick purchase link.

10. Balance the Content

While balancing the content, you must carefully compose the image and the logo to give a unique touch to the newsletter, popping up the vibrant colour will put life into it, and give it a new perspective. Align the email design well and balance all the other elements of the newsletter to create harmony between the reader and the email.

11. Maintain the Focus

Maintain the Focus

Keep the content as the focal point of the email. Use compelling, emotive images and photographs on a dark background with larger margins to avoid cluttering and catch the viewer’s attention. Synchronize the content, images, and background colors to make the email template design even more appealing and enticing to read.

12. The Cohesive use of Colors and the Content

The cohesive use of colours and content binds both the elements throughout the design. The combination proves enticing enough for the viewers to go through the email design and connect with the subject matter.

13. Conveying Content in Various Forms

Conveying Content in Various Forms

When you have a lot of text to talk about, you can break it into different forms. For example, you can express a part of the content in pure text form, while the other may be conveyed through the use of graphics. However, ensure that you do not overwhelm your viewers with a lot of content added as a part of the email template design. Let your users enjoy visual comfort through content that’s well-arranged on a light background, and with text in readable font size, style, and colour.

14. Develop an Enticing and Resonating Theme

Themes work well when you’ve got something unique and exciting to tell. For instance, say you are into the entertainment business and plan to review the drive-in movie theaters. To connect people with this unique concept of yours, you may create a theme that comprises the main elements of the classic theater, including cars, popcorns, the screen, and complement it with a night sky full of stars!

15. Keep The Email Template Design Bold and Simple.

Keep it Bold and Simple

Wondering how to keep your emailer bold, but at the same time, simple? It isn’t as challenging. All you’ve got to do is select a bright colored background but keep the text simple and easy for the viewer to read.

16. Trigger an Emotion

Triggering an emotion via the email design demands a lot of effort. But the good thing is connecting people through emotions often works! For instance, as a wristwatch brand, you may showcase cute puppies or kittens wearing your wristwatch, and flaunting them. Instead of showing human beings wearing your wristwatch, which is obvious, and where there’s no element of uniqueness, you may create some laughter and interest through out-of-box thinking.

17. Leverage Seasons

Leveraging the seasonal theme is another way of connecting with people. For instance, if you are a clothing brand looking forward to floating your autumn offer, you may use an autumn image, or a blend of colors such as orange, yellow, black, etc in your email design. You can also display your autumn collection, and then let the offer follow it

18. Give it a Rustic Look

Give it a Rustic Look

It might be tempting to give your emailer a rustic look. But you must ensure that the rustic look goes well with the subject of the email, and the product you sell, unless you want to create a contrast. Using a rustic look can involve using classic fonts, a little less vibrant colors, and clear and simple content that directly conveys the message. For instance, the old typewriter is one font that you may use in your email design to give it a rustic look.

19. Build a Visual Map of the Content

If you wish to promote your services, of course, you can very well do it through plain content talking about them. But, why not add a pinch of creativity to the content? You may do so by creating a visual map of your services, and add a catchy title that relates to the map graphic to align all the elements with the theme.

In regards to the part of the actual service, you can add graphics indicating a particular service, and then write something about it in a clear and readable font. Do not overwhelm the email template design and the readers with a lot of colours, or fancy text, as it may distract them, and they may end up hitting the cross button. Keep it simple through simple colours, and backgrounds to drive more attention towards the actual message than the design.

20. Use a Single, Yet Massive Call to Action Symbol

Use a Single, Yet Massive Call to Action Symbol

If you want to engage the reader by generating curiosity, add only a call to action button, with a message that makes the viewer wonder what’s in store for him.

21. Use Intriguing Images to Flaunt your Products

If you’ve got a new product or revived an existing one, you may flaunt a strong and compelling image to ensure it connects with the audience. For instance, if you are a denim brand, click an engaging photograph of a model wearing it, and then present it in a manner that resonates with your viewers. Ensure that you support it with some catchy one-liners and with words aligned with the product and the viewer’s mindset.

22. Use Patterns

How to Design an Email Newsletter - Ultimate Guide - MailerLite

The use of patterns is a common newsletter email design idea. For example, if it is about a fabric brand with floral designs, you may use the floral pattern to promote it through your emailers. By doing so, you help the recipients get an idea of the product. However, you must support your floral email design with a tagline that encourages your target buyers to buy your product. Further, keep the text simple and readable to retain the focal point, which is the pattern in this case.

23.Be Imperfect In Your Email Design

Perfectionism works, but it may not always and necessarily connect. Sometimes, it is good to be imperfect, flawed, however, not inaccurate and misleading. While you keep the information, offer, and the product info true and accurate, you may include some hand-drawn images to trigger a personal connection with your viewers. Such images and pictures prove a visual delight, as perfect graphics is something that they see every day.

24. Post a Letter

We all know it is an email. But, why not go back a few decades when we used to post letters in an envelope? Give your email template design a post-letter look and create a graphic that shows it placed in an open envelope. It gives your recipients a change, and perhaps, provides them with a chance to recollect those sweet yesteryear memories. But, keep the other elements of the email, such as the text, background, and the message of the email intact.

25. Unveil the Excitement Gradually

Use Patterns

Disclosing everything that you have at once may not prove as engaging as doing it gradually, unveiling every element one by one, does.  For example, if you’ve got a breakthrough offer to float, your prospects have been looking forward to a long time, you may use this email design idea. However, make sure you don’t make it excessively mysterious or have people scroll down a lot. Doing so may result in a loss of interest.

26. Create a Sense of Urgency

Create a Sense of Urgency

At times, when you want to close an offer, or don’t want to give your prospects and customers a lot of time to think, you may create a sense of urgency within them. Here, your audience expects you to be precise and focus on the urgency. For instance, if your offer is about to end in the next few hours, you must say so and convey it clearly and in simple and short words.

27. Showcase everything you have

As a new brand, you may not be able to focus on a single product of yours. So, display all your products. For example, if you are a new entrant in the travel luggage space, you can show all your products in a single frame without cluttering or letting too much content distract the focus. The idea is to show the range of products you have in your email design. So, make sure you do complete justice to the objective.

28. Stay Indirect

Again, if you want to trigger curiosity among your subscribers, convey an indirect message. But, ensure that you don’t leave the prospects clueless. The message must somewhere intrigue them into your brand.

29. Leverage the Power of Graphics

Leverage the Power of Graphics

Graphics let you be creative with a vast choice of colors, color combinations, font styles, designs, shapes, etc. If you’ve got something interesting to share through an email design, you can use graphics rather than post plain content. The use of graphics lets you arrange your content and makes it easier and quicker for the reader to go through your content.

30. Play with Alignment

Sometimes the alignment of your text, graphics, and images generates interest among the users. If you want to do so, you may experiment with alignment by distributing your content throughout the picture, keep the main image in the center, and include a call to action at the bottom of the email to enable people to connect with you.

Play with Alignment

We hope these 30 best email designs to create inspiring newsletters help you with your emailer campaign. You may come up with your designs, or blend yours appropriately with any of the above ones to make your campaign or newsletter a more effective one. For the best email design ideas and templates, sign up with GlorifyApp, and create an engaging and inspiring email design for your subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to make an email template design for a newsletter attractive?

Some of the essential elements that make a newsletter attractive include, a clean and organized layout, creating a catchy header, using appealing images, using subheadings, using standard fonts, providing buttons wherever necessary. The idea is to give the recipient a seamless email viewing experience, and encourage him to connect with you for further details or to strike a sale.

2) How to make an email design more visually appealing?

Some of the tips to increase the visual appeal include incorporating an attractive color scheme dictated by the logo, stacking content wherever possible, sticking to standard fonts, using pictures to reduce reading efforts, creating a header, and using subheadings to simplify reading.

3) How to write a perfect newsletter?

Newsletters must be precise, and as concise as possible to help the readers have a quick read, and receive a quick update. However, besides this, some of the characteristics of a perfect newsletter include providing readable content, a catchy headline, writing with the target audience in mind, and establishing trust through regularly delivered informative, readable, and authentic content.

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