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Best Facebook Ad Design Examples That Actually Convert [2023 Advertising Guide]



Best Facebook Ad Design Examples That Actually Convert [2023 Advertising Guide]

Why is Facebook Ad Design So Important?

With more than 2,6 billion active users monthly and about 1,73 billion daily, Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world. 

If we look at it from your perspective, Facebook is a place where you can find a large number of potential buyers and clients.

But the main problem is how to attract potential customers to your page?

Never underestimate the power of first impressions because that move is the one that lasts, especially on Facebook. 

Colors, letters, size, position, arrangement, etc.,they all affect the final impression you will leave on the audience or clients. With a great design, you can enable people to recognize your brand, who you are, and what you do.

A quick look at your Facebook page design is enough to give users an impression about your entire brand, so making a good one is crucial.

That means your design must be visually appealing no matter what type of Facebook Ad you create.

It makes Facebook users stay on your page and make them curious, engaged, and informed about what you’re selling, which directly affects business sales. 

Otherwise, consumers will look for other brands if you fail to make a good impression.

Remember, visual content is not only treated more favorably in the Facebook algorithm but also more likely to be shared and remembered than written content.

So let’s dive into how to create a great Facebook Ad design for your business.

How To Create a Great Facebook Ad Design?

You are probably now thinking that you need thousands of dollars for producing all of the above.

Well, it can, if you like to spend extra money on experts who don't know your business or product to the core. The result is his view of your product or service.

Another option is to try to do it yourself.

You are intelligent, you know exactly what you want, you know every atom of your business, and it will cost you less in the end.

What else do you need?

Ah, yes. You need a few tips, some inspiration (examples) and a magic wand, but we'll get there.

Facebook Ad Design Tips To Create An Effective Ad

The main objective of the following Facebook Ad design tips is to make your audience stop scrolling and click on your ad.

You want customers to find out more about your company and then buy something or sign up. 

So here’s how to do that.

1. Create High-quality Images

Use only high-resolution photographs if you want an image advertisement to bring you resuts.

Nobody wants to consider a product by staring at a hazy image. Make sure the photographs you use are eye-catching and well-composed. 

This will grab readers' attention and encourage them to click on your advertisement.

Facebook recommends at least 1200 x 628 pixels for the image resolution and using JPG or PNG file types with a maximum file size of 30MB.

2. Minimum text and readable font styles

The attention span of the average person is decreasing daily, and therefore it's critical to limit your ad copy to a bare minimum. 

Stay away from long sentences that will bore your audience.

Instead, craft a catchy, short and sweet headline that will draw people in and make them click. Make it more attractive by including eye-catching graphics or patterns.

3. Use colors and contrasts in your Facebook Ad

Creating a colorful ad that pops into people’s eyes is the best way to earn their attention.

Studies have shown that simply wrapping a Facebook Ad in a colorful border can boost CTR by 2X.

One of the most important design tricks is contrast

This can be done by contrasting colors like black and white, textures like soft and hard sizes like little and big, and many other things. 

Contrast increases the exposure of your advertisement, makes it stand out, and draws attention.

4. Try Facebook Carousel Ad Design

You can list several things in a single ad using a carousel ad, and people can view them by swiping or clicking left.

You can display up to 10 successive offers using carousel advertisements to showcase your products, tell a story or demonstrate a step-by-step procedure in order to make the most of these features.

And gues what, all the above you can put in just one post!

5. Don't forget mobile

Did you know that 98,5% of active Facebook users are on mobile?

And that is an impressive number, therefore you have to keep them in mind.

For the best results on your investment, your Facebook Ad design must be responsive to mobile devices. To fully benefit from the fact that vertical images and videos perform better on mobile devices, start developing your Facebook Ad material this way.

If there’s any ad size you need to pay attention, it’s one for a mobile ad.

6. A/B testing

A/B testing (also called split testing) is a great strategy to find out exactly what your audience responds to. 

Test different elements in your Facebook Ads design, one by one, and find out what works best for your potential customers.

You can test additional significant factors, such as various audience categories, ad locations, or delivery optimization settings.

Facebook A/B testing may be summarized as follows: You choose what to test, set up a test, then get the results.

The more you are testing, the more you will know how to attract customers. 

Don't be afraid to know your audience better. It will help your Facebook Ad design big time!

Best Facebook Ad Design Examples for Your Inspiration

1. Netflix’s BAKI GIF Ad

Facebook Ads with GIF images are a very attractive way of attracting your audience.

Do you see what Netflix did here? 

They used a popular TV show to pique the interest of their audience, and created mystery by presenting clips from other popular shows.

The advertisement's interactivity invites consumers to take action beyond merely clicking a button or making a purchase. 

This type of Ad design is an excellent way to receive a good deal of interaction in the form of likes and other responses.

2. Pura Vida Bracelets Canvas Ad

Canvas advertising provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for ad creativity.

Compared to typical Facebook ad content, these advertisements produce a far more immersive experience, like in Pura Vida’s example below.

This example shows how this style of Ad provides a customer with product storytelling about the product.

Another advantage of this style of design is that it tickles the customer's interest in exploring what's on the next slide and possibly deciding to buy.

This interactive experience helps to create engaging advertising and conversion experience, both of which should contribute to the campaign's overall success.

3. Monday’s Effective Simplicity

Sometimes simple things attract the most attention. And if you add the right colors to it, your are on a good way to achieve something outstanding.

Let’s check Monday’s example below.

You can see that Monday’s keeps bold, eye-catching colors for their ad. 

They also heightened the tone in the ad by using a black background, white text, and a vivid emblem in the foreground – an excellent method to communicate a clear impression and identify your business.

4. Babbel’s FOMO Effect

Regardless of the service you're offering to your customers, if you can pitch it as a one-of-a-kind experience, you could score big with modern clients. 

Babel did something similar with their FOMO picture campaign.

Post-digital customers prefer to shop for experiences rather than things or deals. Scenic photography is an excellent approach to selling these experiences to prospective buyers.

5. Gap’s Free-Shipping

Speaking to the user in terms of their value is one of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing, yet it typically produces the best results. 

In the example below, the brand promotes the simplicity of its offering and the popularity of its solution.

Each Ad on Facebook business platform has its own set of objectives. 

Some attempt to increase the number of likes and followers on your page, while others work to increase link clicks and actual conversions such as downloads and registrations.

By keeping your ad focused on what is important to customers, you can retain their attention on what matters to you.

6. Non Nom’s Humor 

There is an ongoing debate about whether an advertisement should be photographed, designed, or illustrated.

The truth is that you can employ either one in original ways to come up with something truly remarkable.

With the appropriate photo, even humor can become a masterpiece. Hopefully, the example below demonstrates this:

The effectiveness of your ad creative hinges on how distinctive it may be, regardless of the medium you decide on. 

Don’t be afraid to show your ingenuity — there's a reason that the term "ad creative" exists.

Create Your Facebook Ads using Glorify

After everything we explained and showed you in the lines above, you deserve to be offered a magic wand to help you realize all that, saving you nerves, time, and money.

No, you don't need heavy software with thousands of complicated functions that will lead you to dead ends 1000 times before you get the hints of the design you need and like.

That’s why we created Glorify.

It's a SaaS design tool that is easy to use and gives you tons of possibilities to design fantastic "stories" through designed images and convert your visitors into loyal customers.

It offers many options such as:

- create high-converting eCommerce images in a few clicks 

- background remover, shadows, and reflection 

- ebook creator with templates and the logo maker in it

- smart resize that blends your designs to any social media format 

- lots of templates and images so you don't need to buy them online, it's all there

- objects, models, colors, icons, letter styles...

And so much more.

Start using Glorify for free and create your Facebook Ads that convert within a few minutes!

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