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5 Best Facebook Ad Maker Software To Create Stunning Ads

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

5 Best Facebook Ad Maker Software To Create Stunning Ads

Why Should You Use Facebook Ad Maker Software

Facebook advertising is a practical approach to connecting with customers looking for your products or services.

You can use Facebook ad maker software to help make advertising a breeze.

These automation tools have many features that will help you to create, organize and share eye-catching visuals that convert.

Advertising through Facebook has many benefits. You can:

  • Have access to reports and analytics about the performance of your ads.

  • Target your exact audience.

  • Create ads tailored to your specific goals.

  • Reach potential new customers using organic posts.

  • Remarket to people who have already interacted with your brand.

  • Expand your reach to different markets.

  • Create different formats of advertisements (Image ads, video ads, carousels, stories ads, etc.).

5 Best Facebook Ad Maker Software To Try

1. Glorify

glorify homepage

Glorify is a simple-to-use graphic design program for both seasoned and inexperienced users.

Suppose you don't have the time or skill to create something from scratch (although there is also a "design from scratch" option available). In that case, the best next thing is the appropriate template from Glorify's template library.

You may easily choose your niche or brand theme by typing in the keyword or browsing the categories. Then, after selecting a template, make some alterations and tweaks to obtain the desired results.

Some tools that can help you achieve that perfect design are the Background remover, Brand it tool, icon styles, shadows, annotations, etc. Also, other creative components to fully customize and edit your template are available from the Dashboard.

Glorify allows users to send their designs directly from the platform to an email, social media, or website.

Another great new feature is Infinite canvas. It is excellent for developing ideas and note-taking. You may use it to create marketing materials, build brand recognition, collaborate with your team, and have an unlimited workspace.

Creating Facebook ads using Glorify is very simple.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. From the Dashboard, choose Adverts, then Facebook standard adverts. These templates have a perfect size for a Facebook ad, so you don't have to worry about that.

glorify dashboard

2. Type in the keyword to briefly search the library or sort templates by Niche or Theme. Another option is to start New from scratch.

glorify ads

3. Every template is customizable. From the left panel, add a background, annotations, icons, and shapes, then using the right panel, further edit your image.

glorify editor

4. Since every image is a part of a bundle, if you like the template's design, you can use it across the platform without compromising on the quality or thinking about the correct size. Everything is pre-defined and easy to use.

glorify bundles

This template comes in 64 different formats suitable for all your needs.

🙂 Pros

  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface.

  • Hundreds of available templates.

  • Unlimited use of the Background remover and Brand it tools.

  • Shadows and reflections give your images a more realistic and lifelike feel, perfect for product images.

  • An ever-growing library of features and templates.

  • Powerful editor for top-notch images.

  • You can share, organize and collaborate all on a single platform.

  • Video tutorials are available.

  • Glorify offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

😑 Cons

  • A motion graphics video content feature is not available yet, but coming soon.

  • Video editing and slideshow presentations are features that are coming soon.


Glorify offers a Free plan, Pro, and Business plan to accommodate all your design needs.

glorify pricing

2. Hootsuite Ads

Hootsuite homepage

Hootsuite Ads is a well-known software that can manage all your ad account activity in one place. It allows you to track all your paid ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google, without having to access all the platforms individually.

With automated reports and summaries, you can quickly see the results of your campaigns. Then compare ad account performance, and check the progress of reports, data syncs, and collaboration requests. 

🙂 Pros

  • Hootsuite can automatically choose the best Facebook post to turn into an ad.

  • Quick creation of analytical reports on campaign performance.

  • It offers many features that are suitable for large agencies.

😑 Cons

  • Even though the builder makes creating ads simple and quick, it is better to write your material to give the advertisement more personality.

  • If you want to cooperate with your team members, the first pricing plan that allows three users is costly – 179 $ a month. 

  • Users report that Dashboard can look messy and unpractical to use.

  • Customers also report problems with the outdated and buggy UI.

  • The tool that gives the ability to pause your scheduled posts is not available.


Hootsuite Ads offers four pricing plans – Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise. 

Hootsuite pricing

3. AdEspresso

AdEspresso Homepage

AdEspresso is made especially for producing, testing, and optimizing social media ads. It offers sophisticated features, including the ability to create personalized PDF reports for each Facebook ad campaign.

You can create campaigns using this Facebook advertising tool and conduct extensive A/B testing to see what version works best.

It is also possible to run tests to evaluate the performance of various ad elements.

Although AdEspresso is a reliable Facebook ad automation tool, some users have complained that it might be challenging to set up and test campaigns.

🙂 Pros

  • It has options for expert campaign testing to identify the most acceptable versions.

  • PDF reports are prepared automatically and include campaign performance.

😑 Cons

  • You need to generate audiences personally.

  • Only credit cards are accepted for the free trial period.

  • The overall cost increases when the user spends more than other comparable Facebook advertising analytics software.


AdEspresso offers Starter, Plus, and Enterprise plans.

AdEspresso pricing

4. Driftrock

Driftrock Homepage

Driftstock is an automated program for making Facebook ads. This software makes the design and promotion of ads a relatively simple process.

You can create attractive ads quickly with the built-in Drfitstock Create and boost them on Facebook.

Driftrock also offers Flow, a tool for updating Facebook Custom Audiences automatically and targeting related audiences. Also, an OpenBook, a program made to do in-depth analyses of Facebook ad campaigns and calculate ROI.

The Driftstock user can have a unique bidding strategy and chosen ad payment method.

🙂 Pros

  • Simple content reuse to develop new campaigns.

  • Options for customizing the bidding strategy.

  • Easy creation of Facebook ads with Driftstock Create.

  • Save targeted audience groups and use all available ad versions.

😑 Cons

  • No trial offer.

  • Outdated design that can be challenging to grasp.

  • It quickly becomes expensive, especially if you have a sizable clientele.

  • It only works with the English interface.


Driftrock offers Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

Driftrock pricing

5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot homepage

SocialPilot is designed exclusively for social media marketing. With cutting-edge features, SocialPilot enables you to organize, schedule, and publish your articles, saving time and allowing you to develop your business more successfully.

Simply link your Facebook Ad account, and you can control everything from a single menu.

You can develop Facebook ads that produce high-quality leads with SocialPilot's audience targeting, configurable CTAs, and dynamic ad content.

SocialPilot connects to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, and VK.

Startups, small businesses, and marketing firms that require access to several social networks to manage the efficacy of their marketing campaigns are the target market that SocialPilot supports.

🙂 Pros

  • Facebook ads are "boosted" to expand their reach using a single social media marketing platform.

  • It is excellent for anyone who wants access to all their social media accounts, regardless of their number.

  • The calendar feature is fantastic, and you have the choice to publish information natively.

😑 Cons

  • There may occasionally be errors with bulk scheduling. Still, there won't always be a notification or queue alert to let you know.

  • Not the most user-friendly UI.

  • The software frequently crashed or failed to display photos.


Social pilot offers Agency, Studio, Small team, and Professional plan.

SocialPilot pricing

Bonus Tip For Creating Eye-Catching Facebook Ads

Those were some of the best Facebook ad maker software examples. Whatever you choose, follow these tips for creating perfect captivating ads.

1. Target your audience. Thanks to this targeting, you can be pretty exact about the audience your advertisement reaches. Your targeting criteria should include Custom audiences, Location, Gender, Interests, Behaviors, and Connections.

2. Be sure your Facebook ad copy complements your visual. If you don't want to confuse your audience and to be sure they understand what you are selling or offering – ensure that an image matches the text.

3. Use clear Call-To-Action. You should tell your customers what you want them to do next. Don't use more than one CTA. Instead, focus on the action that matters the most to you.

4. Keep it short. Don't go overboard with the text. Instead, explain the value of the service or products you offer.

5. Make sure it is relatable. A good ad should resonate with many different people so that they will click on it.

6. Show off your products. Facebook Carousel ads are perfect for showing a detailed look at your products. But, again, use only high-quality, top-notch images.


Hopefully, you find these examples of the best Facebook ad maker software helpful.

These great tools can help you create stunning ads while helping you save time and money on ad production costs.

Which one is the best? Well, it's all up to your needs. But we would surely recommend Glorify. Its intuitive and easy-to-use software will help you to create successful ads. 

Ready to test it out?

Start your free trial today and see how imagination turns into a piece in no time!

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