Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Social Media

The Best Facebook Video Format: A Complete Guide

Social Media

Social Media

The Best Facebook Video Format: A Complete Guide

the best facebook video format

We at Glorify love to study and research more about Facebook marketing, and we noticed businesses pay a lot of attention to create a good Facebook video campaign, but what they didn’t pay attention to was the Facebook Video Ad Format.

In this article, we are going to show you the best video format for Facebook that businesses can use to get the maximum result out of it.

The Best Video Format For Facebook

The file type MP4 is a high-performance, solid choice file type. Though Facebook supports other file types too this variant is the optimum choice for Facebook’s video format. And this is also accepted in other social media.

As per the formatting guidelines, Facebook itself has a lot of technical criteria that one needs to follow for the best performance. These guidelines and technical suggestions for the Facebook video format will make sure to run the video smoothly on the platform.

Facebook Canvas Video Ads Within News Feed

A few of the guidelines are as follows:

  1. The highest resolution source video available; avoid pillar boxing or black bars. Your video can only look as great as the source material, after all.

  2. File sizes must be under 4GB

  3. H.264 compression

  4. Fixed frame rates

  5. Progressive scan

  6. AAC audio compression at 128kbps+

  7. Square pixels

  8. The Other Technical Requirements to Keep in Mind

The above all detail the technical requirements for the Facebook video format, but there are a few other guidelines that brands need to follow.

Here’s the Rest of the Technical Data That You Need to Know for the Best Video Format for Facebook:

  • The total timeline or the total time of the video length should be between 1 second to 240 minutes long. The ad campaigns should be of even a shorter time limit, as they perform best between 30 seconds to 1 minute in length. The length of a particular video varies from the industry and the product you’re dealing with.

  • The feature of stories has an exception to it and it can not be more than 15 seconds long. Though inserting a sound or writing a caption on the video is optional, still very important to do so. This creates a related context and meaning to the media presented. 2:3 for vertical video and stories, 1:1 for square, and 16:9 for landscape are the ideal ratios for your videos. You are free to choose from landscape, square, and vertical videos.

video recording

Why Does the Facebook Video Format Matter?

As the video formats are very creative, precise, and most importantly are the most engaging pieces of content which users watch the most, therefore, the video format is very important.

The entire process from creating a video to uploading is entirely technical, here you have to decide at what frame per second the video has to be shot at to what ratio the video would be uploaded in. It has all the minute details of your brand and product. Getting the format right for the first time would be a bit tricky but not impossible. The video quality should be high so that whenever the customer views your video it doesn’t make him feel like he is watching some shabby, low-quality clip.

why do video format matter

Best Practices for the Best Video Format for Facebook

Whether you’re connecting with a prescribed audience or a whole new bunch of viewers by using your video to connect with any of them organically, it is very important that video is impressive enough to leave a positive impact on the audience.

Also to increase the success rate of the performance of your video you can have some external key points and strategies which can help you in the growth and reach of your video.

Here are a few tips that you should always remember:

Best Video Format for Facebook – Keep your videos diverse overall

Keeping your videos diverse would create more customer engagement as the content would be in variety for everyone. The content should have a lot of different layers and components to it. Having a variety in the content, it automatically increases the reach as the content is being explored to a larger section of the audience.

Keep your videos diverse overall

Best Video Format for Facebook – Create custom thumbnails

One can create their own, personalized thumbnails. Not it will give the personal touch to your thumbnail but also increase the quirkiness of the video. People love to engage with raw and organic content nowadays. If not persona, then one can easily create a professional-looking thumbnail with texts and overlays on it. This would give the video a professional look very easily.

Video content takes up a lot of skill, time, energy, and effort to create something exceptional and amazing. So, one can strategize on which platform or media the video gets uploaded as other social media platforms come with different technical requirements. So, if one does a proper strategy planning from first it can easily save a lot of time and effort on doing these things at the last minute.

Create custom thumbnails

Best Video Format for Facebook – Keep it short.

No one likes to watch long, boring, and very descriptive videos. The audience we are interacting with in recent times doesn’t have much time to invest in long videos. Therefore, we need to keep this mind whenever we are making a video format file, we need to only showcase the important and engaging aspects and not add unnecessary clips to it. The videos should be edited and trimmed in such a manner, that they don’t miss out on important information and also everything looks well connected and related to each other. This is the most important tip for your video posts on Facebook. The videos which are short and engaging have the most views and rate of engagement to it.

Keep it short


A Facebook video format has a lot of potential and growth to it. With the right type of targeted audience and a good level of marketing, you can easily promote your business through video. To get higher success on it you need to create visually pleasing as well as engaging videos for your audience. Which will make them keep coming back to your page.

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