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7 Best Free Clothing Mockup Ideas For Your Fashion Business

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

7 Best Free Clothing Mockup Ideas For Your Fashion Business

What are Mockups?

Mockups are prototypes of a product that give you an accurate idea of how your product will look like and function before you start creating it. 

If we translate this to the language of an eCommerce store owner, mockups help your audience get the real feel of your product as much as it’s possible. The more your audience can imagine themselves wearing or using your product, the more likely they will buy it.

What are the Benefits of Mockups?

The benefits of mockups are multifold. For example, they can:

  • Save you a lot of time and money in the long run since you can catch errors and make changes early on in the process. 

  • Help you communicate your product vision to others, such as investors or potential partners. Having a detailed mockup can show others exactly what you plan to create and get their feedback before proceeding. This can help avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication further down the line. 

Creating a mockup is not always a straightforward process, and it often requires a lot of trial and error. However, the end result is worth it, as it can boost your conversion, help you raise your brand awareness, and create a loyal customer base.

Speaking of clothing mockups, they are a great way to see how your design will look on a garment.  But their use doesn’t stop there. You can use them to test out different color schemes or see how a design looks when printed on a certain type of fabric. Clothing mockups can also be used to check the fit of a garment or see how a design looks when worn by a model.

So, without further ado, let’s review the best free clothing mockups that will get you inspired.

1. T-shirt Mockups

T-shirts might be the most popular item of clothing. Depending on their style and fabric, they are so universal, making them a perfect wear for every occasion. However, don’t think that due to its popularity, you won’t need a T-shirt mockup. 

1. T-shirt Mockups Featuring People

Creating a T-shirt mockup can give your product a more authentic feel.  One of the ways to achieve that is to create a mockup where your audience can actually see how a T-shirt looks when somebody wears it.

tshirt mockup

Depending on which graphic design mockup software you use, you will be able to do the necessary editing rather quickly and hassle-free.

2. T-shirt Mockups Featuring a Matching Background

Another way to make your T-shirt design stand out is by choosing the background colors that will complement the colors and design of your T-shirt. Moreover, try adding a bit of a wrinkling effect to make your T-shirt look more realistic.

T-shirt Mockups Featuring a Matching Background

3. T-shirt Mockups showing Real-Life Situations

Since it is good to show your T-shirt mockups in a more dynamic way, in a way it looks more natural, it might be a good idea to showcase your T-shirt in action. What do we mean by that? For example, choose a real-life background, a busy street, forest, nature, etc., whatever works best for the message you are trying to convey. 

Your audience wants to know how it feels to be in that T-shirt, and one of the best ways to give it just that is to show how they can use it in everyday life. The emphasis should be on feeling comfortable while wearing a T-shirt.

T-shirt Mockups showing Real-Life Situations

4. Folded T-shirt Mockups

In general, most T-shirt mockups show a T-shirt on a hanger. There is nothing wrong with that, but again, if you want to add a bit more genuine and “wearable” touch to it, you can also try mockups with a folded T-shirt.

Folded T-shirt Mockups

5. Polo Shirts Mockups

Believe it or not, there aren’t that many mockup software for polo shirts. But, the good news is that software like Glorify offers that option. And again, use colors and themes that are complementary to your message and type of audience.

 Polo Shirts Mockups

It goes without saying that you can apply the ideas for T-shirt mockups to pretty much any other piece of clothing. Nonetheless, let’s look at other examples besides T-shirt mockups.

2. Miscellaneous Clothing

Apart from T-shirts, the other popular clothing mockups are hoodies and sweatshirt mockups.

1. 3-D Mockups

When it comes to mockups, you don’t need to have a person wearing the product to make it look more genuine. You can achieve a similar effect by using 3-D mockups, especially if you show your product from a slightly different angle.

3-D Mockups

2. White Clothes Mockups with Perfect Backgrounds

White clothes can be tricky to showcase properly because it usually blends in with the background. A good way to emphasize your white product is to use a vibrant or colorful background to help the white clothes stand out and be prominent. 

Of course, what also comes in handy is the use of shadows and reflection editing features to give the whole image an extra depth.

White Clothes Mockups with Perfect Backgrounds

The list of ideas for designing clothing mockups can go on and on. But, hopefully, you got the gist. Try to present your product in a way that is meaningful and valuable to your audience.

If the examples above got your creative juices flowing and you’re bursting with ideas for your clothing mockup, then there is only one thing left to show you: how to design clothing product mockups easily and quickly.  And as an extra perk, you don’t need design knowledge. 

Create Mockups with Glorify

Before we show you how you can create mockups with Glorify in a matter of minutes, let’s give you a quick tour. Glorify is a graphic design tool that is quite versatile because it focuses on eCommerce, unlike many other graphic design tools. 

Glorify can help you:

  • Create product images

  • Social media images

  • Raise your brand awareness with its Brand Kit features

  • Create mockups, and so much more.

It is perfect for non-designers and its intuitive, all-in-one dashboard enables you to create captivating designs in a few minutes and with only a few clicks.

But let’s see how you can create clothing product mockups using Glorify. Ready? Here we go.

Step 1. Choose the Template

When you sign up, you can see Glorify’s Template Gallery. Head straight to the Mockup Scene.

glorify mockup scene

You can filter and narrow down your search even more, by choosing the category you want from the drop menu. Once you’ve picked up your mock scene, it is time to get creative.

Step 2. Get to Know the Dashboard

What you will immediately see when you land on the dashboard is that it is quite straightforward and not overwhelming. Everything you need is on the left and right side of the dashboard. 

The left-side panel is home to Elements, icons, shapes, textures, logos, Brand Kits, and other useful features. On the other hand, the right-side panel helps you with layers, color and text changes, background removal, resizing, etc.

glorify mockup editor

Now it is finally time to unleash that creativity of yours. Let’s say you want to do a T-shirt mockup. When you click on it, take a look at the right-side panel. 

glorify mockup editor

Step 3. Start creating your mockup

 As the image above shows, you can edit the inside print and the T-shirt print. Let’s start with the inside print. When you click on the Inside Print icon, you will see the color palette where you can change and adjust colors. You can also upload your own image or choose one of the Elements from Glorify’s left-side panel.

glorify mockup editor

When you click Done, you are redirected to the dashboard, where you will see the preview so you can continue editing.

When it comes to the T-shirt print, the process is the same. You can either upload your image or use one of Glorify’s Free Images, patterns, backgrounds, etc., on the left-side panel.

glorify mockup editor

For example, we chose the floral pattern from Glorify’s gallery. If you want to use your photo, just click on the Uploads button at the bottom left corner and upload the desired photo.

In the right-side panel, you will notice additional editing options such as Image adjustments. It means you can change color, hue, brightness, blur, contrast, transparency, etc.

Again, the process is the same regardless of if you use your or Glorify’s image.

glorify mockup editor

Now it’s time to add extra details such as background, text, logo, etc. For example, we chose a more natural background to complement our floral T-shirt.

And how do you change the background? Very easily, just click on the Background option and choose the one you like. It will automatically be uploaded to your design so you can do further edits: you can change size and position and remove parts of the background with the BG removal tool.

glorify mockup editor

As the last step, you can add some text or CTA, depending on your mockup’s purpose. Adding text is also very intuitive and hassle-free, just like the previous steps.

If you pay attention to the dashboard, you will see the T icon in the upper left corner. Whether you choose (sub)headings or paragraphs, the principle of adding and altering the text remains the same. 

glorify mockup editor

When you choose the desired format, you will get the list of text editing options in the right-side panel.

glorify mockup editor

You can change the font, color, opacity,size, borders, shadows, etc.

So, let’s check our final version.

glorify mockup editor

We changed the background, changed the T-shirt pattern, the inside print, and added the text. The options are almost infinite and depend on your creativity.

Although we’ve only shown you how to design mockups with Glorify, the process is the same if you want to create product images, collages, social media posts, logos, etc. And that is one of Glorify’s true gems: when you learn one type of design, you can apply the same knowledge to any other design.  

And what’s great is that it’s pretty easy to learn how to use it.

Wrapping It Up

So, what is the main takeaway when it comes to the best free clothing mockups?

Don’t be afraid to play and experiment. There is a big chance there will be some trial and error, but that is totally fine. It takes time to find the perfect recipe for your audience. 

And while that takes time and effort, using Glorify to help you create that perfect design doesn’t. 

So, start your free Glorify trial today and start creating mockups that stand out.

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