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6 Best Free Online Infographic Tools In 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

6 Best Free Online Infographic Tools In 2023

1. Glorify

glorify homepage

Glorify is an all-in-one design tool and photo editor created for eCommerce users. With its intuitive interface, it is suitable for those who are starting their design journey. 

Still, it's powerful enough to meet the demands of skilled users.

Glorify has a vast library of templates allowing users to create stunning designs from scratch or customize them to their liking.

With these templates, you can create visuals for the following:

  • Ecommerce, including platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, etc.

  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.,

  • Business and marketing – banners, ads, infographics, ebooks, or mockups.

When it comes to creating an infographic, the process is pretty straightforward.

Step 1. Once you've logged on, find the Infographics category within the Templates option in the dashboard. You have the opportunity to start with a blank canvas (by clicking on the +new from scratch) or choose within the available designs.

glorify infographics

There are several options to find the perfect design:

  • Entering the keyword in the search box,

  • Sorting by Latest or Popular

  • Selecting Show only bundles option, which allows you to use one design across platforms,

  • And filtering within the Niche or Theme.

After selecting the wanted design, a pop-up will appear and you can see the following:

  • Color palette,

  • Dimensions of the infographic,

  • Option to save your design in Workspace files or Private files,

  • And the choice to save it to Favorites or your Brand kit.

glorify infographics

Step 2. On the left side of the dashboard is the panel with Library (Files, Basic, Brand kit, Tools, and Elements), Text, Shapes, Annotation, and Pen tools.

glorify infographics

Adding any elements from the left panel or selecting the infographic part will open the editor on the right side.

glorify infographics

Once you open the editor, you can change or upload custom fonts or add color palettes and backgrounds. There is also an option to add borders, effects, and drop shadows.

Step 3. Finally, you can share or export the end result. 

glorify export and share

Glorify Features

Glorify offers a variety of features for creating and editing infographics and other visuals:

  • Infinite canvas – This feature allows you to create and organize branding and marketing assets from one place. It is also a space for brainstorming and developing ideas within your team.

  • Mockups – Create 3D realistic mockup scenes using numerous predefined templates.

  • Brand kit – Brand any design by applying your logo, colors, or fonts from a single space.

  • Photo editing tools – Customize your images with powerful tools (Smart resize, Annotate tool, Shadow and reflections, Background remover).

What Is Included In The Free Plan?

Glorify Deal 2023

✅ Glorify's free forever plan includes all the design features (Smart Resize, Brand Kit, Templates & Bundles, Shadows & Reflections, Annotate Tool, and Batch Processing).

✅ Additionally, you can associate 3 users within 1 workspace to your account.

✅ Also, with the free plan, within a month, you can:

  • Use 10 Background remover credits,

  • Download 5 designs in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG.

  • Create 5 projects, and

  • Invite unlimited guests to collaborate with to complete projects.

✅ Whatsmore, creating a user account is accessible with an email or Google account and doesn't require a credit card.

What Is Not Included In The Free Plan?

❌ If you need more 10 BG remover credit, you should subscribe to a Pro option.

❌ Also, a subscription plans allows 100 downloads per month.


Glorify has a free forever and 2 pricing plans – Pro and Business.

glorify pricing

2. Piktochart

piktochart homepage

Piktochart is one of the most popular best free online infographic tools.It has a simple yet powerful interface that allows beginners to create all sorts of infographics.

This tool offers 265 free infographic templates divided into the following categories:

  • Business,

  • Comparison,

  • Data Visualization,

  • Environmental,

  • Health,

  • Informational,

  • List,

  • Process,

  • Survey Results,

  • Timeline.

Piktochart Features

Piktochart has a variety of features:

  • Library with customizable templates.

  • Drag & drop interface.

  • Collaboration tools.

  • Interactive maps and charts.

  • Free icons, illustrations, and photos.

  • Export images in PDF, PNG, and PPT formats.

  • Chat and email customer support.

What Is Included In The Free Plan?

✅ With a Piktochart free plan, you can add 3 users to your account and create 5 projects per month with 100 MB of storage space.

✅ Also, you get unlimited access to templates and assets library (icons, stock images, illustrations, and templates).

✅ Regarding sharing and exporting options – you are limited to 2 downloads per month in PNG, PDF, or PPT format, normal or medium quality. 

What Is Not Included In The Free Plan?

❌ This plan doesn't support custom fonts, colors, or templates, as a part of a branding kit.


Piktochart offers free and 2 pricing plans (Pro and Enterprise).

piktochart pricing

3. Snappa

snappa homepage

Snappa is another excellent option for creating graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and infographics.

To start designing an infographic, you can choose between create from scratch option or select a template. Along with offering premade templates, Snappa also enables you to generate photos with custom-sized proportions, giving you limitless options for designing visuals.

Snappa Features

Snappa comes with a few key features:

  • Image editor,

  • Visual assets library,

  • Built-in templates,

  • Transparency tool,

  • Collaboration tools.

  • Online customer support.

What Is Included In The Free Plan?

✅ A free plan from Snappa is for 1 user only.

✅ It gives access to 6,000+ templates and 5,000,000+ HD photos and graphics from the Visual assets library.

What Is Not Included In The Free Plan?

❌ You are limited to 3 downloads per month.

❌ Also, custom font uploads and the background remover tool are only available upon subscribing.


Snappa has a free plan and Pro and Team pricing plans.

snappa pricing

Now let’s move to some of the best free online infographic tools with an atypical use.

4. Infogram

infogram homepage

Infogram is a design tool for people who enjoy data and statistics. With this free tool, you can use complex data and transform it into compelling infographics.

Additionally, you can create standard or interactive reports, slides, dashboards, maps, and social media visuals. 

Infogram Features

Here are the most prominent features of Infogram:

  • Easy drag-and-drop editor,

  • One million royalty-free stock photos, icons, GIFS, flags, etc.

  • Data import and data integration from cloud service,

  • Export in PNG, PDF, HTML, or GIF formats.

  • Interactive content, like reports, maps, dashboards, and more,

  • Infogram WordPress plugin,

  • Team collaboration.

What Is Included In The Free Plan?

✅ A free forever plan from Infogram allows you access to 37+ interactive chart types and 13 map types.

✅ The maximum number of projects in your library is 10 per month, with up to 5 pages per each project.

✅ Also, you can upload your data using spreadsheet files from your computer or cloud space.

✅ Finally, you can publish your content online with fully responsive embeds.

What Is Not Included In The Free Plan?

❌ A free plan doesn't support branding (setting your favorite colors, fonts, and images) and advanced image editing features, like the background remover tool.

❌ Also, to download your finished design as JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, and MP4, you need to subscribe to a Pro plan.


Infogram comes with free and 4 pricing plans – Pro, Business, Team, and Enterprise.

infogram pricing

5. Mind the Graph

mind the graph homepage

Mind the graph is an online infographic maker for science. With it, you can create posters, slide presentations, and other visuals using scientific illustrations and graphics.

This tool offers a variety of infographic templates, a built-in image editor, and hundreds of icons to instantly make many different kinds of visuals.

Two options are available: a neutral theme (simple black and white) or a template with a theme. You can edit the template by changing its text and images, and when you're satisfied with the end result – download, present, or share it. 

Mind The Graph Features

Let's look at this tool's most important features:

  • Ready-to-use infographic layouts,

  • User-friendly interface,

  • Image editor with 3000+ illustrations,

  • 200+ design templates.

What Is Included In The Free Plan?

Access to the most extensive collection of scientifically accurate images worldwide.

✅ Graphical Abstracts, Infographics, and Posters formats.

✅ You can create up to 4 scientific illustrations and 1 editable creation per month.

What Is Not Included In The Free Plan?

The free plan does not support high-resolution exports in PNG, PDF, and TIFF format.

Also, if you wish to use watermark-free illustrations, you should upgrade your subscription.


Mind the graph has a free plan and 3 pricing plans – Student, Researcher, and Teams and Labs.

mind the graph pricing


mural homepage

MURAL is an online tool that first aims to connect teams with a digital whiteboard and collaboration tools intended to spur creativity. 

Still, it can also be used for creating infographics.

This tool offers hundreds of templates for:

  • Brainstorming and ideation,

  • Meetings and workshops,

  • Strategy and planning,

  • Design research and analysis,

  • Client engagements.

MURAL Features

Some of the key features of this tool are:

  • Infinite & resizable canvas options,

  • Library with icons, GIFs, images, sticky notes, and text,

  • Collaboration features with view-only, edit, and facilitator settings,

  • Mapping and diagramming,

  • Creating and publishing custom templates.

What Is Included In The Free Plan?

✅ With a free plan, you can create 3 murals and have unlimited members. 

✅ An access to an entire template library and custom templates built by members.           

✅ Infinite and resizable canvas options.

What Is Not Included In The Free Plan?

❌ The free plan doesn't have customer support.

❌ Also, if you need more than 3 projects per month, upgrade to a Team+ plan.


Mural offers a free forever and 3 pricing plans – Team+, Business, and Enterprise.

mural pricing


And, there you have it – 6 best free online infographic tools to look out for in 2023.

Piktochart is a great infographic maker for beginners. At the same time, Snappa is a good option if you want to put something together quickly. 

Infogram has a variety of templates available, but the major downfall is that you can't download your final design using the free plan. Finally, Mind the graph is an attractive choice for students and scholars, while MURAL is one of the best infographic makers for collaborating.

As you can see, all these tools have benefits and drawbacks to them.

So, which one is the best choice? If we had to summarize all the benefits, it would be a tool with an intuitive interface, highly-customizable templates, and plenty of tools available for free.

That being said, it’s sure to say that Glorify qualifies for all of the above.

Sign up today and enjoy this powerful tool's perks for free forever!

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The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here