Posted Jan 9, 2023


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7 Best Design Trends That Took Over in 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

7 Best Design Trends That Took Over in 2023

1. Inclusive Graphics

The resonance of the Black Lives Matter movement has prompted a new examination of the social prejudices that still prevail in the world. 

The shockwaves from the movement have been felt in all aspects of life, including design.

We have already seen a much more diverse representation of race in the graphics that are used by companies and individuals. 

Designers have been seen to show the diversity of the world through their art, using colorful and positive images and not hesitating to use archive images. 

We at Glorify love to see this, and we have millions of free illustrations, images, and icons that reflect the diversity can, and we hope that you keep it up, designers! 

2. Eco Aesthetics VS Greenwashing

The environment is another important topic on people's minds in recent times, and in many ways, it’s important for designers to stay ahead of the game. 

Why? Consumers today are quick to spot examples of greenwashing. Brands must therefore do more than simply use the color green on their packaging. Instead, companies must now simultaneously meet consumer expectations on ethics and environmental standards whilst still managing to achieve a design with a strong visual impact. 

Using green, textured material or a small hand clasping the world or a plant is no longer enough. 

Modern brands must go beyond these clichés to adopt a new attitude and language through a bolder and more eco-responsible identity. 

3. Return of the 60’s psychedelic aesthetic

Twisted, melted, and distorted…

Psychedelia is an immortal trend that has radically transformed the world of design. 

A unique style that reappears on the front stage each time a new counter-culture emerges. Here, the graphic designers immerse us in breathtaking colors and chaotic shape formations. The psychedelic graphics strive to reflect the current feeling of rebellion that is present all over the world in recent times, breaking the chains that hold design to a safer, more conventional style.

4. Mixing 2D and 3D

The 3D design is evolving, making it clear that it’s not going anywhere soon. It must be said that it offers almost unlimited creative possibilities to designers.

Recently, however, it seems that hyperrealistic 3D, capable of blurring the boundaries between digital and reality, will give way to a pleasant and surprising new combination of 2D paper cutouts and 3D. 

A partnership that combines the best of these three graphic universes.

5. Twisted lettering

Typography no longer hesitates to break standards. Cutting-edge graphic designers have been playing with letters more and more. 

Recently, we have noticed a trend where some letters in a word are reversed while the rest of the word is written ‘normally’, integrating larger or smaller letters in the same word or sentence, using a different or completely missing font for others. 

This is an ideal technique to underline a message and draw the reader’s attention to a very specific element.  

A great alternative, perhaps to the long-used and tiresome italics and bold

This trend is a form of Typographic Chaos that emphasizes the importance of “experimentation and finding new approaches beyond the various typographic systems.”

6. Glass and crystal 

Designs that imitate gold in a hyper-realistic way were one of the biggest graphic design trends of the past year. We see a move towards new materials and textures, specifically glass and crystal. 

They have dubbed this new trend ‘glassmorphism’, which is simple to recreate. 

All you need to do is create a transparent shape on a bright background, then apply background blur to the shape. 

This creates an illusion of frosted glass, which could refresh the appearance of your website/branding - bringing it into 2023!

The presence of these materials is therefore highly sought after and goes hand in hand with another major trend of the moment: holographic design… which brings us to our next subject…

7. Holographic design

With its undeniable power of attraction, the hologram competes with the major trends in graphic design.

It is everywhere; stationary, product design, fashion creations (especially bags and shoes), but also in the design of websites, applications, and animations.

Multidimensional and shining, the holographic design presents a very high-tech and futuristic aesthetic rendering. 

The most successful are even able to give an impression of movement, even when the image is static!  

The technology behind the holographic trend has been around since the 1920s. 

However, we are now seeing a renaissance in its use, and we at Glorify are certainly very happy about that!


Design professionals seem to be betting on innovation and change in recent months. 

Therefore, graphic trends for 2023 promise to keep coming, and we hope our list will keep growing as we move forward into 2023. 

Are you looking for a set of tools that will allow you to explore and re-create these cutting-edge trends in your projects? 

That’s why we created Glorify.

Glorify is a SaaS design tool that helps entrepreneurs and businesses easily design high-converting marketing content at scale for their products and services. 

With the help of specialized tools & templates personalized to your business/product niche.

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The path to Glory begins here