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7 Best Image Resizer Tools To Resize Images In Seconds

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

7 Best Image Resizer Tools To Resize Images In Seconds

What are the benefits of using resizer tools?

Whether you are a content creator, small business owner, or running an eCommerce store, you already know that high-quality images are a must.

Graphics are essential to any online business because they provide a strong visual impact.

Improperly sized photos, blurry or stretched-out images, can be a deal breaker.

You probably heard that you should use optimized images. But what does it mean?

Image optimization means images are in the correct format, dimension, size, and resolution. You should do this while maintaining the smallest possible size.

The simplest way to achieve this is by resizing your images using some resizing tools. Having a properly sized image has many benefits:

  • High-quality photos instantly improve the overall look of blogs, articles, or website content.

  • Image optimization contributes to faster page loading speeds.

  • It can boost your SEO, help you rank in Google images and increase conversions.

  • It can improve user experience.

The simplest way to achieve this is by resizing your images using some of the best image resizer tools. 

7 Best Image Resizer Tools

1. Glorify

glorify homepage

Glorify is the ultimate online design tool with powerful features.

Its interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it perfect for beginners without previous graphic design knowledge. But, even professionals can get a lot from this tool.

The Smart Resize is one of the features Glorify offers. With this feature, you can easily resize and repurpose your designs.

Forget about manually resizing each design to fit different size criteria. With the Smart Resize tool, you can quickly create multiple image variations. 

The best thing is that this tool is so simple to use. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Upload your image or choose a template from the library.

Every template is conveniently labeled, so you can see upfront which size to use.

glorify editor

Step 2.Choose the template you like. Refine your search by Niche, Theme, or Keyword.

Step 3.Adjust the image to your liking using options from the left or right panel.

glorify editor

Step 4. Click the Browse Sizes. Manually enter the size requirements or choose from the available options.

glorify editor

Pro tip: Glorify offers instant resize options for social media, eCommerce, streaming, and freelance platforms, so you don’t have to google image formats that you need for each social media platform.

Instead, select the format you want, and Glorify will do the rest within seconds.

glorify resize

Voila. Your image is ready for publishing.

Key features

What’s great about Glorify’s image resizer:

  • It has a straightforward interface.

  • Available templates for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitch, LinkedIn, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Spotify, Amazon, Etsy, Wish, and many more.

  • Instant preview of the selected image directly from the dashboard.

  • Edit and customize your images without leaving the Resize page.


Glorify offers free and two pricing plans.

glorify pricing

2. Biteable

Bitable homepage

Biteable is a free image and photo resizer tool for all major social media and advertising platforms.

The dashboard is straightforward, with a drag-and-drop interface.

You can manually set the size of your image to edit or choose among offered templates. 

When you upload an image, slide the circle over the most important bit of your photo.

The Biteable will automatically generate your image in different sizes. Choose between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google display, email, and blog.

Bitable resizerBitable resizer

This tool is easy to use but lacks advanced options. Also, it takes a bit of tweaking to find the perfect ratio between the original image and the resized one.

Key features

This simple online resizer tools offers:

  • Drag and drop interface.

  • A preview of the resized image on the main page.

  • Downloading all the available templates at once.


Bitable has two pricing plans – Pro and Teams.

Bitable pricing

3. VistaCreate

VistaCreate homepage

VistaCreate is a smart online photo resizing tool that helps you easily change sizes of .jpg, .png, or .jpeg images to get the visuals you need.

Use this tool to resize photos for advertisements, blog illustrations, print, or social media platforms.

Easily upload your image to VistaCreate. Place it on an empty design page, and then select the Resize option from the top panel.

Select a format from the list of options or type in a custom size.

In VistaCreate, you can create as many custom dimensions as you want. Also, simultaneously scale your image to several sizes.

Additionally, you can see all recently used sizes on the Dashboard to speed up your design process.

This tool has preset image formats for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, and other crucial social media platforms.

For quick access to the format you want, use the search field in the Resize tab.

Key features

What makes VistaCreate a good choice:

  • It supports .jpg, .png, or .jpeg image formats.

  • It is suitable for resizing images for major social media platforms.


VistaCreate has two plans – Starter and Pro.

VistaCreate pricing

4. Photoshop Express: Photo Editor

Photoshop Express: Photo Editor

Photoshop Express: Photo Editor is a well-known photo editor. This tool lets you swiftly resize your images using templates for various social media platforms.

It also offers a ton of custom sizes and platform scaling possibilities.

Photoshop Express provides extra features, such as effects or image-straightening tools, to ensure that your photographs are flawless.

Photoshop Express: Photo Editor

Just upload your JPG or PNG to an image resize tool, choose a size template based on the social platform or add your own.

Key features

High points of Photoshop Express image resizer tool are: 

  • Simple and minimalistic interface.

  • Additional editing tools are not available from the resizing page.

  • Resize your image for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.


Photoshop Express has two plans – Free and Premium.

Photoshop Express: Photo Editor pricing

5. BeFunky

BeFunky homepage

BeFunky enables image scaling and minor image editing.

All you need to do is upload an image, then specify the precise measures required, or enter the percentage by which the image should enlarge.

BeFunky image resizer

When you upgrade to a Plus plan, various effects and more sophisticated tools are available for unlimited use.

Key features

BeFunky is a plain online image resizer tool. It has:

  • Minimalistic interface.

  • Image editing options are on the left panel, available for minor adjustments.

  • Quick and straightforward manual photo resizing.


BeFunky has two plans – Free and Plus.

BeFunky Pricing

6. RedKetchup

RedKetchup homepage

RedKetchup is a straightforward yet effective online image editor for simple photo resizing.

Along with many other features, it lets you compress and convert numerous photos simultaneously.

Using the Configure Batch options, you can resize by percentage, precise measurements, file size, width, height, and longest side.

Additionally, you can add a background, a sample, a filter, enhance your photos, and add color depth.

Although this tool is very simple, you still need to adjust measurements yourself.

There is no preview available before downloading the image. Thus, you can go back and forth trying to figure out the ideal size for your photo before you are satisfied with the result.

Additional features, like immediate download, are available after upgrading to a Premium account.

Key features

RedKetchup is a basic tool for resizing images. 

  • Supports multiple image formats.

  • Limited editing options are available.


RedKetchup has two plans – Free and Premium.

RedKetchup pricing

7. Online Image Resizer by Shopify

Image Resizer by Shopify

Shopify, among many complementary features, also has its online image resizer.

Use Shopify's resizer tool if you need to resize product photographs for your Shopify store or any other eCommerce store.

This tool gives your JPEG images the ideal size and configuration to fit a variety of applications. Fast and simple image resizing is perfect for a social network profile, a product shot for your online store, or an e-newsletter.

You can resize up to six photos simultaneously.

There are three resizing options available: Compact, Medium, and Large.

But, you cannot customize the size of your images.

But, a .jpeg image's quality will be affected by scaling.

Key features

Shopify’s image resizer tool is a great option, because it can:

  • Resize multiple images, especially product images.

  • Resize up to 6 images at once.

  • Support .jpeg image format.


Shopify's .jpeg image resizer is free to use. 


Visually oriented platforms are becoming more popular and will continue to grow in the following years. Images are easy to comprehend since our brains can efficiently process visual data. 

Therefore, visuals should make your audience react to them. The user experience will suffer if your photos aren't appropriately sized and optimized. That will increase site load time and bounce rate, and decrease conversion rate.

Additionally, using a single image without scaling is impossible since every platform has different size requirements.

So, the best image resizer tools will not only resize an image but also keep the existing image quality.

There are hundreds of free online tools that you can use, but choose the one that can do the following:

  • Save your time by offering presets and templates.

  • Offers an intuitive and straightforward interface.

  • Allows you to further edit an image with a background, filters, text, and more.

  • Enables you to save, download and share the finished design.

Glorify is an all-in-one editor that can easily resize your images with more than 50 templates available, and other features that will help you improve your images.

Start your free trial today and bring your aesthetics to a higher level using Glorify!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here