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10 Best Instagram Carousel Examples To Improve Your Marketing in 2023



10 Best Instagram Carousel Examples To Improve Your Marketing in 2023

What Makes Instagram Carousels So Effective?

Advertising-wise, carousel ads are fantastic.

They are practical for marketers when promoting different goods or services at once since they may display multiple items in a single post:

1. Instagram allows to put up to 10 images at once, including photos or videos. They stand out because they have call-to-action links, product descriptions, and prices. This makes it much simpler for customers to decide whether or not to buy.

2. As you can see, adding additional carousels to your social media content plan is an excellent way to create engaging organic Instagram content. Having more images combined in one, the post receives more comments as a result. Additionally, it helps in raising each post's engagement rate.

3. But don't overdo it. Although multiple slides allow creative brand storytelling, consumers may skip a few slides if your content is not interesting enough.

4. Carousels offer versatility, meaning you can incorporate different formats into one.

For example, adding a video to several images in one post is more engaging than a post with 10 photos. It gives the audience variety and grabs their attention.

Let's move on to the best examples you will want to copy.

10 Best Instagram Carousel Examples To Inspire You

1. Use the first image or video to grab your followers' attention

It should be the most compelling photo, like the teaser for the rest of the Carousel.

Keep it simple; the rest of the post should further explain the message.

1.1. As you can see, National Geographic puts a stunning image first, keeping you interested and curious to see more.

Keeping the distraction away from images, they write a more extended caption using various hashtags.


Using Glorify, simply edit Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Transparency to make the photo stand out.

Different filters like Sepia, Vintage, Polaroid, Black and White, Kodachrome, or Technicolor can be used to enhance the image.

2. Inspire followers to swipe through to see all the images

Add CTA like Swipe left to see more, or a graphic that ties all the photos together as one whole part.

Another excellent method to use Instagram's new photo carousel function is to follow step-by-step instructions.

Images that illustrate distinct steps in a tutorial might be helpful and keep users clicking to the next image since you need to give them a reason to swipe.

2.1. Flying Tiger is an excellent example of how to do that! Visually attractive, it captures the attention instantly. Images are free of unnecessary details, but all the required purchasing information is below in the caption.

2.2. Instagram profile williamssonoma does a great job keeping followers interested. The Carousel starts with a tasty-looking picture, showing the process of making it in the following slides.


Use the Background remover to quickly achieve a clean look with sharp edges so you can include separate elements into your Carousel.

Edit every element on the picture by clicking on it. You can see all the options on the right panel.

3. Make every image of the post shareable

Even though all the images should follow the same theme, every photo should have a value of its own.

Sometimes people don't share or save the whole post but the part. So, the goal is to make each part of the Carousel worth saving.

3.1. In this post, Sennelier not only does this with each image but shows what you can achieve using their products.

3.2. This is another great example of product photography.

Using a bokeh background, a cozy holiday atmosphere is created.


Glorify has hundreds of backgrounds available. Simply type in the keyword or choose a background by category (Patterns, Cityscapes, Landscapes, Textures, Sky, Ocean, Woodlands, Watercolor, etc.) to get the desired look.

4. Be consistent

Being overly creative and using every single effect or filter on your photo can make a mess. 

To make your brand recognizable, stick to the same filter, brand colors, fonts, or design template. 

This way, your posts will look cohesive, and followers will easily recognize your brand's aesthetics.

4.1. Ecoegg is a company famous for its innovative eco solutions for doing laundry.

In this example, they are using their brand colors, pastel yellow, blue, pink, and brown, which are also the colors in which their product is available.


The best way to stay consistent is to use a Brand kit.

It allows you to have your brand logo, colors, and fonts – all in one place. 

In addition, you can create your own color palette or use predefined combinations.

This easy and time-saving tool will make your brand always looking polished.

5. Don't put all the information on the first image

Putting much information on the first image can look busy and unreadable which drives users away. You have more than enough space within 10 images to give all the relevant details. Use the white space wisely. It draws attention to the product itself.

5.1. Flying Tiger uses the first picture as a teaser and then crisp product photos. The focus is on the product, with one sentence that ties them into a coherent message. 

5.2. Gordon Ramsey is a well-known chef. In this post, he shows us some dishes from his menu. Stunning, clear, and vibrant images are accompanied by a single sentence. 


To create realistic mockups, adjust images using Drop shadow, Ground shadow, or Reflection tool.

6. Think about accessibility

Don't forget to add closed captions in a video or product description in the caption.

This is important for hear-impaired or vision-impaired users to engage with your content.

6.1. Kuretake is a Japanese manufacturer of crafting goods, high-quality graphic design pens and markers, and illustration products. They put subtitles in English in their videos so everyone can follow the tutorial.


Glorify offers more than 100 different fonts – serif and sans-serif.

Be creative and try different combinations, or stick with your favorite font.

Mark it as a Favorite for easy access, or upload yours as a part of Brand it! tool.

7. Use high-quality images or videos

To be sure that it will be great on any device, use a minimum 1080 pixel image, with a height between 566 and 1350 pixels, depending on the layout.

Stay away from blurry, low-quality images because it will not represent your brand adequately.

7.1. In this Carousel, Kiko Milano represents their new skin line. A combination of the text on the image and the product itself gives enough details to users.


With Glorify templates, you don't have to worry about different format sizes since they are predefined for easier use. Instead, just select the one you need from the vast library.

There are two ways to find the perfect format.

  1. If you already have a specific design, just hit the Resize button. You can see all the categories available – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, etc., and different formats for each feature.

In this example, we resized the Instagram square post to Instagram Story without compromising the design or overall quality of the image.

2. From the Dashboard, choose Templates or type in the keyword for a faster search.

Every image opens up in a bundle, meaning you can use the same design across platforms with different sizes.

8. Show off your product with multiple images

Carousels are ideal for showing a product from different angles or available colors.

You can also include a short how-to video showing how to use your product.

This rule comes in handy especially if you want to promote clothes.

Furthermore, seeing a product on a model can really make or break a sale.

8.1. Vera Wang included a video at the beginning of the Carosel, and then showed deatails in the next images.

8.2.Vans always tries to stand out with their non-conventional posts and ads. In this case, they incorporated video with zoomed images of their sneakers, creating a vibe that goes well with their brand.


Use Icons, Shapes, Text, or Elements to make your image stand out.

9. Use UGC or testimonials

Customer reviews and user-generated content are practical marketing tools, and including them in carousel posts is a winning strategy.

People make purchasing decisions with the influence of seeing things in person and reading honest reviews.

Remember to ask for permission if you want to repost any images of the product that customers have tagged the company in.


To make your image more interesting, add Effects to it.

Choose the one complimenting your image from the Effects and Textures on the left panel. 

In this example, we used the Glitter effect, which achieved a more romantic look in the photo.

Every layer you add to the image can be edited to your likeness.

Effects can be used as a Background or as a separate element. By right-clicking on it, you can see all the available options.

10. Show Before-and-after transformations or Behind-the-scenes

Users love this kind of content, because is relatable, honest and gives more of a human note to the content.

10.1.Damppstudio shows the process of making an illustration from a pencil sketch to the digital artwork. They also included a CTA in the caption, asking for their followers' opinions about the best design, which is a good way to increase engagement.


Glorify is a great tool for all your designing purposes. It is easy to use and offers hundreds of customizable options. Create, edit, brand, and share your design in minutes.

Final Thought

Any business owner's primary goal is to develop strategies for grabbing audiences' interest and attention.

To achieve that goal more efficiently, try out Carousel posts.

They can help you support your brand's vision with illustrative photos or videos.

You can take advantage of its features and improve your marketing by creating captivating content using images and videos with Carousel posts.

This is where Glorify can help you. Try it out today for free!

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