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12 Best Logo Design Apps You Can Use On Your Smartphone

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

12 Best Logo Design Apps You Can Use On Your Smartphone

Why use one of these best apps for logo design instead of desktop-based services?

Desktop does offer a larger screen view and help edit your logo till it’s pixel-perfect. However, designing on your mobile has its advantages. Firstly, busy professionals can start designing at any time and from anywhere. A logo can be created within minutes between packed meeting schedules and a ton of other tasks.

Why an app instead of desktop based services

Mobile apps are more user-friendly than most of their web counterparts. As the mobile screen real estate is smaller, apps are typically well organized leading from one step to another without a hassle. Manually resizing, rotating, and move elements is much easier when done on touchscreen as opposed to using a mouse.

Mobile logo maker apps offer more modern designs compared to web-based logo makers. This is ideal for business-to-consumer brands or event-based logos since the designs are super fun, fresh and whimsical compared to the more traditional options on the web.

Now check out our list of the best apps for logo design.

1. Logoflow

Logoflow is a state-of-the-art logo maker that combines the power of AI with the creative genius of real designers. Creating a logo is easy and can be done in 3 simple steps. First, enter the details of your brand including its name, industry, tagline, styles and relevant keywords. Depending on the information you enter, Logoflow provides you with the most suitable designs from among 1000+ custom made logos templates.

Once you've selected a template, customize it according to your brand assets, then export your logo in the file type of your choice. Another great feature of the app is the Brand Page, which allows you to centralize all your brand assets. This page can be shared with anyone using a single link.

Logoflow offers a Free Forever plan for those just starting out. But if you want to hit the ground running, they offer limited lifetime deals starting at $59.

2. Logo Maker Shop

Before starting from scratch, it’s advised to take a look at the logo templates the app has to offer. You might find something that syncs with your brand voice. Once you've picked a template, start customizing . Add your own symbols, fonts, colors and texts to personalize your logo.

Logo Maker Shop offers templates that are modern and well-designed. The free templates are categorized as “Basic” while others are labelled “Pro” and can be purchased for $10.

Logo Maker Shop

3. Makr by Happy Media

When using Makr, start by choosing a template that best fits your brand. You can browse their list of categories including Business, Wedding, Events & Activities, Sports, Fun, Local, Gifts, Monograms, Campus Life and Charity.

Starting with a blank canvas is also possible. Customize the template by changing the icons, text, colors, and styling. You can even upload shapes, images and artwork.  Finally, your logo can be downloaded as a PNG file.

Makr by Happy Media

The app can help to design tees or totes that are relevant for the business alongside the logo. The designs are quite hip and modern. Makr is best suited for retail businesses, and is a good choice for wordmark logos without the icons.

The app is free but once your logo is created, you will have to pay $6.99 to download each logo.

4. Free Logo Creator

Considering how mission-critical a logo design can be to a business’ initial success, it’s important to trust a logo maker that is built for professionals. The Free Logo Creator app combines the power of AI with the creative genius of real-life designers to give entrepreneurs and business owners superior-quality unique logo designs. 

The designs are modern, stylish, and come in a wide range of styles. Each logo template is fully customizable and offers advanced editing features that let you transform a premade template into a custom brand identity. The real kicker with this app is that it’s entirely free. No strings attached. In three simple steps you can get a professional-grade exclusive logo absolutely free of cost. 

Just add your company name, choose your industry, and let the app show you 1000s of customizable templates to choose from. The final logo design can be downloaded after registering your account (again, free). The logos are created in vector graphics ensuring complete scalability for all your branding and marketing needs.

5. Logo Maker! by Chue Dave

Start by choosing a B&W logo template from the suggestions; some are accessible at all times while others are locked in the free app. Edit according to your choice and adjust the colors, fonts and overlays. You can also add stickers like ornaments and ribbons or even your own images.

Logo maker by Chue Dave

Logo maker! is a limited app but once you unlock the paid options you'll find many useful features. The editor is super fun and easy and comes with a ton of pre-loaded backgrounds, icons and overlays that help create various versions of your logo. The aesthetics are casual rather than professional which is not recommended for a company that serves other businesses.

The free version is limited, but you can unlock all logo options for $4.

6. Watercolor Logo Maker by Tap Flat Apps

This is another favorite on our list of best apps for logo design. Choose a watercolor-style shape that you would like to use as the background of your logo. You would then be directed to the editor where you can adjust the colors and add text.

As the name suggests Watercolor Logo Maker offers watercolor-style logos. The question here is does it match your company’s branding? If you’re running an art store or ice cream shop, it’s a total go-to for your brand as the logos have a whimsical, playful look. But if you’re running a B2B company, this might not be your best choice.

It is a free app with a limited range. You can pay $3 to access more logos or $10 to unlock all options.

Watercolor Logo Maker by Tap Flat Apps

7. ICONA – Logo Designer by RoadRocks

Click on "Create" to see the Icona canvas. You will be provided with three options at the footer: shapes, text, and drawing. If you click on shapes and type in a keyword (e.g. Travel) you will get relevant icons. You can also adjust the icon by color, strokes, and opacity. Click on text to add the name of your company and adjust the font, color, and alignment.

The drawing icon allows you to sketch out ideas that may help in brainstorming for possible logos before starting the actual design. This app has many icons and font options. The interface is simple and straightforward, and provides a good place to start brainstorming logo ideas.

Icona can be downloaded for $1.99.

ICONA Logo Designer by RoadRocks

8. DesignMantic – Logo Maker by Right Solution

The process of this mobile app is similar to the desktop version. You can enter the name of your company and the app will automatically generate logos for you. You can view all the different combinations and choose the one you like best. To be more specific pick your industry from the drop-down menu and once you find a template of your liking, adjust the logo by customizing fonts and colors.

The icons are a bit on the cartoonish side and less towards the modern. Unfortunately, the user experience of the canvas is not as seamless as of other apps.

DesignMantic is free to download and use but you have to pay $37 to download your logo.

DesignMantic Logo Maker by Right Solution

9. LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker by RoadRocks

Pick an icon for your logo categories: Iconic (abstract icons), Pro (professional/business icons), Art, Lifestyle, Fashion, and People. Tap and hold to add to Favorites. Next, add the name of the company which can be edited in terms of the font, size, alignment and color. After you are done, email the logo to yourself directly from the app.

LogoScopic Studio offers few logo choices and access to only the Iconic category in the free version. However, you can pay $4.99 to unlock all choices.

LogoScopic Studio Logo Maker by RoadRocks

10. Logo Maker by Jagwinder Singh

Scroll through the templates including the Frames, Artworks, Masks, Signs, and Vintage. Select your favorite and move to "Edit" where you can tweak the fonts, backgrounds, and colors.

The interface may be a bit confusing given the large amount of logos category, some of which are fairly random. Some of the templates are not fully editable and the range of color is limited. One negative aspect is the ads which cover the screen every 10 seconds while editing. Maybe not the best app to get the user to convert to paid.

Logo Maker by Jagwinder Singh has a limited range in the free version. Users can pay $4 to unlock all options.

Logo Maker Creator by Jagwinder Singh

11. Sketch

Sketch is certainly one of the best apps for logo design and can be used on iOS operating systems. After making sure your brand niche is certain, explore icons related to it. Next, make a square artboard from using the Insert menu on the top left corner. Now add your icons to the canvas and start customizing.

Sketch can be used by professionals as well as beginners since the UI is simple and easy to navigate.

They offer a free plan, but more advanced features can be access through purchase of their Business plan.

12. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a popular tool for logo design. First, enter the details of your business and select either a wordmark, icon or initial logo. Based on your choices, the AI automatically generates a logo for you. This logo can be customized by changing the font, color and style. Simply download your logo as a PNG, SVP or Vector EPS file.

The app is available for Android users but unfortunately, it is not compatible with iOS yet.

Logos can be downloaded for free in low resolution. However, if you are satisfied with your logo and would like a high-resolution file, you have to pay.

13. Logogenie

Logogenie is considered one of the best apps for logo design due to the vast options it provides. Creating a logo is also very simple and can be completed within a few minutes. Start by entering the name, slogan and industry of your company. Then choose from among the hundreds of automatically generated options given to you. Customize your logo, check the preview and download the HD file.

The standard logo pack sells for $24.90. There are also several add-on features that can be purchased additionally.

How to design a logo using Glorify

While Glorify is best suited for desktop use, we offer an effective, easy-to-use logo maker that can generate creative logos for your brand. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click the Brand Kit on the right panel of the dashboard.

  1. Click the Logoflow icon.

  1. Choose a template or start from scratch.

  1. Use the background tool to customize your background.

  1. Enter your brand name and experiment with the text tools.

  1. Add your tagline.

  1. Add your desired icon and explore the icon tool.

  1. Use additional lines, texts and shapes.

Your logo is now completed and ready to be downloaded! So what are you waiting for? Design your logo now!

Best Apps for Logo Design - FAQs

1) Is Photoshop a good app for logo design?

No, Photoshop cannot be enlarged or manipulated like other logo marker apps. The print wouldn’t be desirable.

2) What is the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop?

They are two different apps. Photoshop focuses more on images whereas Illustrator is used mainly for vector drawings.

3)How long does it take to master Adobe Illustrator?

One to three months depending on the frequency of use. The more practice you get the faster you will master Illustrator.

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