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9 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Ecommerce in 2023



9 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Ecommerce in 2023

Why Is Ecommerce Automation Important?

Automation tools have countless advantages, from replying to customers' emails to managing inventory.  

Let's take a look at the overall benefits of eCommerce marketing automation below:

  • Ecommerce marketing automation helps hasten the expansion of your business. With these tools, you can easily organize your growing workload.

  • It increases worker engagement. Additionally, automation removes routine jobs from the workforce, improving job satisfaction.

  • It saves time and leads to a better customer experience, which results in increased revenue. Additionally, the best marketing automation tools for eCommerce can manage information significantly more effectively than a human being because of their optimized workflows.

In conclusion, they can help you meet your goals by automating tedious operations, thus expanding your business and reaching a wider audience.

9 Best Marketing Automation Tools For Ecommerce

Various marketing automation tools are available, so it's essential to choose the right one for your business. 

Here are the 9 best marketing automation tools for eCommerce of our choice.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp dashboard

Mailchimp is one of the best marketing automation tools for eCommerce and is widely used. 

Although Mailchimp is primarily recognized as an email marketing tool, it also offers CRM, design, website, and campaign services.

You can manage your subscriber lists, design and distribute email newsletters, and monitor the success of your advertising campaigns.

Mailchimp allows you to automate processes, including welcoming new subscribers, re-engaging idle clients, and following up with clients after a sale. 

To effectively promote and expand, this tool makes it simple to engage with your audience across various channels, including email, the web, mobile, and more.

Features: Customer journey builder, transactional emails, retargeting ads, Yieldify integration

Niche: An all-in-one marketing platform

Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses 


MailChimp has one free and three pricing plans – Premium, Standard, and Essentials.

Mailchimp pricing

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact dashboard

Constant Contact is an efficient email marketing and automation tool. Since every email campaign is automated, you can focus on growing your business.

Resources are also provided for growing your email list.

Their drag-and-drop email builder makes it simple and quick to create emails.

In addition, you may use and customize their ready-made email templates to send emails quickly.

Constant Contact allows you to set up emails sent in response to user behavior and website activity. You may segment your audience to provide the appropriate message at the right time. 

Furthermore, it monitors any unresponsive subscribers and emails them again immediately.

Features: Email marketing, Social media, List-growth tools, Integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Canva, and Etsy, Engagement reporting

Niche: Email marketing

Best for: Freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, large enterprises


Constant Contract has two plans – Core and Plus. You can also check out Constant Contact alternatives that provide similar features with varied pricing options.

Constant Contact Pricing

3. Hubspot

Hubspot dashboard

You need a CRM platform like HubSpot to tie together marketing, sales, content management, and customer care. 

It is a robust and user-friendly marketing automation tool that aids small and medium businesses to increase traffic and leads.

HubSpot Sales has tools and templates for lead intelligence, scheduling meetings, email outreach and follow-up, and more.

Thanks to HubSpot Service Hub, an excellent customer experience can be delivered at every touchpoint, from your website to your help desk.

Hubspot is undoubtedly one of the best marketing automation tools for eCommerce on the market, but not quite the first choice if you're just starting.

Features: Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Advanced CRM, Payments, Customer feedback, Knowledge base, SEO recommendations, Website themes, Data sync

Niche: All-in-one CRM platform

Best for: Small and medium businesses


HubSpot has a Free tools plan, and two pricing plans – Starter and Professional.

Hubspot pricing

4. Heap

Heap dashboard

Heap is a digital analytics platform that provides you with a thorough picture of your customers' digital experiences so you can instantly increase conversion, customer satisfaction, and retention.

The consumer analytics platform from Heap keeps track of each interaction with your website, including touches, clicks, swipes, and taps

You can use powerful cohort analysis and clear visual filters to target the relevant clients. 

Also, you can create user segments depending on their activity, then export them to other tools like ad networks or email marketing platforms.

Features: CRM, Behavior Tracking, Marketing Reports, Website Analytics, Multi-Channel Marketing, Data Mapping, Third-party integrations like Product Fruits, Appcues, Userflow, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Clearbit, Shopify, etc.

Niche: Customer analytics 

Best for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size and Small Businesses


Heap has free and three pricing plans – Growth, Pro, and Premier.

Heap pricing

5. Autopilot

Autopilot dashboard

Autopilot provides user-friendly marketing automation software at users' disposal. Creating automated email sequences is uncomplicated, thanks to the neatly designed user interface that includes fun visuals and instructions that are beneficial for working simultaneously in unison. 

It does not include independent CRM embedded but served widely across pre-picked marketing outlets that involve email campaigns, apps, texting, and online and offline activations.

With the help of this tool, you can automate time-consuming processes like educating new subscribers, assigning leads, scheduling appointments, and following up on sales leads.

Features: Data platform, Journey builder, Analytics, In-app messages, Email and SMS marketing, Transactional email. 

Niche: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Management

Best for: Large enterprises, Medium and small businesses


Autopilot offers different plans for Self serve clients, Enterprises, Startups, and NFPs.

Self-serve pricing plans include Professional and Business plans.

Autopilot pricing

6. Revealbot

Revealbot dashboard

Revealbot is an advertisement automation and analytics tool that monitors campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Their primary function focuses on giving an in-depth analysis of every campaign you manage, permitting you to uncover the most successful approaches and doubling down on existing earnings. 

With Revealbot features, you can produce reports and visual charts linked with Slack, optimize budgets and automatically manage ad campaigns, make Facebook advertisements in bulk, and automatically promote Instagram and Facebook posts.

You also get integrations with Slack, Google sheets, Google Analytics and YouTube.

Features: Automated rules, Post boosting, Bulk creation, Reports, Analytics.

Niche: Social media ad management

Best for: Small and medium businesses, marketers


Revealbot has a Pro and Enterprise plan.

Revealbot pricing

7. Ambassador

Ambassador dashboard

With Ambassador, creating a mighty army of brand ambassadors is simple.

By carefully selecting the customers you want to mobilize and automating and testing reward incentives to find the ideal combination, Ambassador puts brand promotion on auto-pilot. 

With so many pre-built templates and integrations available on the platform, it is one of the best marketing automation tools for eCommerce for CRM.

With the help of Ambassador's software, you can effectively interact with your contact list and develop their micro-networks into a solid and high-converting sales funnel.

You may use this tool to easily manage your affiliate, partner, influencer, and referral marketing initiatives.

Encourage referrals by offering various incentives to different promotional user groups, and streamline the reward process through cash, points, credits, or gift cards.

Features: Ecommerce Integrations, Custom Rewards, Email & CRM Integrations, Cash Payouts, Advanced Analytics, Coupons & Voucher Codes, Email Automation

Niche: Relationship marketing software

Best for: B2C and B2B brands


Ambassador has three pricing plans – Pro, Pro Plus, and Enterprise.

Ambassador pricing

8. Leadsquared

Leadsquared dashboard

LeadSquared is a customer journey optimization software with a focus on lead nurture. 

The goal is to convert potential buyers into customers quicker with correctly timed cycles of communications (loop trigger, rule-based conditions & desired result digital actions). 

It enables you to close sales efficiently without missing out on opportunities due to manual intervention.

Features: Social Campaigns - Marketing Automation, Social Media Engagement - Marketing Automation, Output Document Generation - Marketing Automation

Niche: Customer relationship management

Best for: Education, financial services, healthcare, internet marketplaces, real estate, and other B2C businesses


Leadsquared has two main pricing plans – for Sales Execution CRM and Marketing Automation.

Leadsquared pricingLeadsquared pricing

9. Wiser

wiser dashboard

Wiser Price Intelligence enables online sellers to track and compare prices and automate procedures to support effective pricing strategies.

This software makes it simpler to react to competitive pricing changes and transform your pricing strategy into an advantage, whether you're trying to maintain your rates competitive while your rivals adjust or improve your pricing model from the top down.

The tool may help you with various tasks, such as A/B testing your rates, gauging demand, and locating the best spot to optimize your profit. 

Wiser automates the grunt work, so your pricing plan always works as demand and other market forces change for you and your customers.

With the array of features Wiser offers, it is one of the best marketing automation tools for eCommerce in this niche.

Features:  Dynamic pricing, Assortment, Pricing optimization, and MAP monitoring

Niche: Pricing automation 

Best for: Mid and Large -Market & Enterprise level retailers, brands, and manufacturers


Contact the supplier for a quote.

Glorify Deal 2023


These were some of the best marketing automation tools for eCommerce for each category.

Automation may occasionally be a doubtful advantage if you don't find the right tool. 

For example, you only need a social media automation tool if you are active on multiple platforms for different purposes, like advertising and customer support, and you have a small team.

Similarly, you only need advertisement automation tools if you want to focus heavily on advertising to hyper-targeted segments and you've seen traction on more than one advertising platform.

But, if you're starting, you're on a limited budget, or you don't want to automate for the time being, we still have a solution for you.

Glorify is not an automation tool per se. However, it still has features that simplify eCommerce users' whole marketing process.

For example, using Infinite canvas, you can organize all your marketing assets and easily access them whenever you need to edit or use them.

Glorify Infinite canvas

This tool is designed with eCommerce in mind, so hundreds of templates are available, from ads, social media, business, etc.

glorify dashboard

With the Brand kit, you can easily personalize every design with a single click. 

Add your logo, custom color palettes, and fonts, and stay true to your brand's visual guidelines.

glorify editor

Another great feature is the Smart resize, a time-saving tool that allows you to resize one image into multiple sizes and for multiple platforms easily.

Scale your content proportionally without stretching and losing on the picture quality – for example, repurpose an Instagram post into a LinkedIn image with a few clicks.

glorify resize

So, sign up with Glorify today and create high-converting images, fast and at scale!

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