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Best Script Fonts: 35 Free Script Fonts

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Best Script Fonts: 35 Free Script Fonts

Best script fonts

Script fonts are used mostly for invites, publicity headings, or ads. They are never used as an article text on the Internet and are instead included in their specific uses.

Glorify brings you the most popular, 35 free script fonts that look elegant and also fun.

1. Alex Brush

One of the best script fonts, Alex Brush is a TypeSETit-designed connected brush script font. It is a font for typography, which fits well for professional uses. It has more than 250 glyphs and works in a single design.

Alex Brush script font

2. Pacifico

Pacifico is a Vernon Adams connected script font. It has a vintage look because it reflects styles seen in the first half of the twentieth century all over America. It has more than 200 glyphs in one style.

Pacifico script font

3. Great Vibes

Great Vibe is a TypeSETit stylish typeface with a handwriting-style fancy script font. Every letter is crafted to artfully bind to each other regardless of the word you want to join. It comes with more than 400 glyphs in one design.

Great Vibes script font

4. Lobster

Lobster is an Impallari style popular script font. The workshop took a tremendous amount of time to specifically construct this font to link each letter seamlessly to the next one, regardless of the letter variations you write. It has more than 300 glyphs in one style.

Lobster script font

5. Allura

Allura is another trendy TypeSETit pretty script font. Whilst still stylish, this version is less careful and ‘tight’ than this designer’s two prior fonts. It comes with more than 350 glyphs in a special style.

Allura script font

6. Kaushan Script

Kaushan Script is a modern script font with letters of a typographic style, although the entire design is new. The font has more than 400 glyphs in a single style.

Kaushan Script script font

7. Grand Hotel

Brian J. Bonislawsky and Jim Lyles of Astigmatic are the designers of the fun script font type of the Grand Hotel. The typography was influenced by the CafeMetropole’s title screen, a 1937 film featuring Tyrone Power. It works with more than 350 glyphs in a special theme.

Grand Hotel script font

8. Windsong

Windsong is a concentrated, calligraphic popular script font designed by Bright Ideas. It is a timeless, traditional type of calligraphy. It has more than 250 glyphs in one style.

Windsong script font

9. Sofia

Sofia was created by Latinotype, easy, half-connected script typography. It is a semi-connected pretty script font, some elements of which link with each other beautifully and others do not. It works with more than 200 glyphs in a single design.

Sofia script font

10. Black Jack

A relaxed and a rather different script font with a brushed style, Black Jack was crafted by Typadelic. It is a simplistic font in one design with above 150 glyphs.

Black Jack script font

11. Lobster Two

Lobster Two is the finer, more upstanding variant of the popular script font Lobster. This is also created by Impallari Type. It is available in four standard types with more than 350 glyphs.

Lobster Two script font

12. Dancing Script OT

Dancing Script OT is an Impallari style informal script font. It was influenced by typography utilized around the 1950s. It’s a basic font with over 200 glyphs and a single theme.

Dancing Script OT script font

13. Arizonia

Arizonia is a subtly stylish script font by TypeSETit. It was influenced by the “flowing forms created by a sign painter’s camel hairbrush.” It works in a single style with over 250 glyphs.

Arizonia script font

14. Tangerine

Tangerine is designed by Toshi Omagari andis one of the most stylish, typographic and fancy script fonts. The Italic chancellor styles used in the 16th and 17th centuries influenced this font. It comes with over 200 glyphs in two basic types.

Tangerine script font

15. Freebooter Script

Freebooter Script is an attractive but exquisite Apostrophic Labs script font. It is available in a single design with over 200 glyphs, but also with a range of alternative characters.

Freebooter Script font

16. Euphoria Script

Script Euphoria is more of a casual script font. It has brushed script finishes but has begun as a basic letter type, which makes it more fun and informal than other script typography. It comes with over 200 glyphs in a single design.

Euphoria Script font

17. Rochester

Rochester is a stylish, semi-related Sideshow script font. It has been influenced by the Victorian and Art Deco calligraphical styles. It is available in a single style with over 200 glyphs.

Rochester script font

18. Miama

Miama formal, calligraphic script typeface designed by Linus Romer, as the name suggests is a formal script font. It is available in a single style with more than 400 glyphs.

Miama script font

19. Dynalight

Dynalight is Astigmatic’s glamorous and pretty script font. It was influenced by the antique bagging on the 4449 Daylight steam locomotive in the South Pacific. It works with more than 350 glyphs in a special design.

Dynalight script font

20. HenryMorganHand

HenryMorganHand is Paul Lloyd ‘s lavish format script font, also one of the best reviewed script fonts. It comes with just over 100 glyphs in a single design.

HenryMorganHand script font

21. Scriptina Pro

Scriptina Pro is a very fun yet traditional script font designed by CheapProFonts . The Scriptina typeface is the modified form since the designer decided to use their 100th font in something extraordinary. It comes with more than 500 glyphs in a single design.

Scriptina Pro script font

22. Bilbo

Bilbo is a non-connected decorative TypeSETit script font. It was developed as a showcase font, but the designer says it can be used in body text if a feeling of lightness is required to convey a message. It is available in two types, one with big letters.

Bilbo script font

23. Ruthie

Ruthie is a TypeSETit classic, semi-related pretty script font. It is an official font with decorated caps. It has more than 250 glyphs in one style.

Ruthie script font

24. Promocyja

Promocyja is a smart text script font by GLUK fonts, which is also a little sophisticated. It has more than 600 glyphs in a single format.

Promocyja script font

25. Burlington Script

Burlington Script is a ShyFonts manuscript script font. Instead of a decorative form, it has a permanent marker pattern. It comes in four types, each weighing more than the prior one. It stands with over 200 glyphs.

Burlington Script font

26. Dobkin

David Rakowski’s Dobkin is an unrelated typeface for a font script. This is single-style calligraphic typography, with just 88 glyphs.

Dobkin script font

27. Sevillana

Sevillana is a Brownfox script font with a stylish pattern. The letters were influenced by the placards on the walls of Andalusia, Spain. It was influenced by Seville, the capital of the region’s folk musical genres. It has over 200 glyphs in one size.

Sevillana script font

28. League Script

League Script is a Haley Fiege text style that is related in pencil format. It’s a sleek and easy fancy cript font that looks like a pencil handwriting. It is available in a single style with over 200 glyphs.

League Script font

29. Condiment

A condiment is a slightly vintage text style crafted by Angel Koziupa and Sudtipos Ale Paul. It is available in a single style with over 200 glyphs.

Condiment script font

30. Aguafina Script

Aquafina Script is a stylish, smart casual script font of Sudtipos. It is not as professional as some other artistic choices or options. It is available in a single style with over 200 glyphs.

Aguafina Script font

31. Italiano

Italianno is a TypeSETit simple script font. It’s proposed by the designers in “warm, inviting situations,” in a specific format with over 650 glyphs.

Italiano script font

32. Kingthings Wrote

Kingthings Wrote is an informal script font typeface by Kingthings. It has amusing letterings and types. It comes in one type with more than 100 glyphs.

Kingthings Wrote script font

33. Qwigley

Qwigley is designed by TypeSETit which is a modern and popular script font typeface. It is a sleek and fashionable type in calligraphic scripts. It is available in a single design with over 200 glyphs.

Qwigley script font

34. Milkshake

Milkshake is a brushed-script typography pretty script font constructed by Laura Worthington. The font was carefully developed to create interesting and entertaining, but beautifully written and flexible typography. It fits with over 650 glyphs in one design.

Milkshake script font

35. QumpellkaNo12

QumpellkaNo12 is a stylish anf fancy script font constructed by GLUK fonts. It is available in a single design that contains less than 600 glyphs.

QumpellkaNo12 script font

Final Thoughts

We hope that this list has given you some new font scripts, whether private or business, that can be used in your creations.

Free & Best script fonts FAQs

1. What is the purpose of script fonts?

Any design will appear and feel more beautiful with script fonts. They are ideal for being used in marketing campaigns, film design, clothing design, social media layout, etc.  

2. Should anyone use a script font?

If the aim of the layout requires, one can use a script font. For example, the design of a resume should not involve the use of fancy types; script fonts should therefore not be used. However, if you make a holiday card, the typefaces for the script are great.

3. What is script typography?

Script typesetting is built on a diverse and often flexible handwriting motion that is just as graceful as the cursive fonts. The formal types are organized into highly standard, cursive handwriting, and informal typefaces are similar.

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