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Best T-shirt Mockup Templates for Ecommerce Brands



Best T-shirt Mockup Templates for Ecommerce Brands

Why You Should Use T-Shirt Mockups

Custom T-shirts are one of the most economical ways to advertise a brand compared to other media. It can also boost brand awareness and build customer loyalty and is an excellent choice for off-the-clock marketing.

And a mockup is a customizable image of a product's visual appearance.It allows a customer to quickly understand what it would be like to own your goods (a T-shirt,in this case) by seeing how the item would be used.

In simple words, T-shirt mockups are a method of demonstrating your product in a real-life situation so that others can clearly understand what it would appear like.

Fortunately, people without previous graphic design skills can use online mockup generators and templates for T-shirt designs.They greatly simplify the design process.

How Do I Add My Own Design To A Mockup?

There are three ways to create a T-shirt template:

1. Getting a PSD template (Adobe Photoshop document file) for a T-shirt mockup,

2. Creating original designs with Photoshop from scratch, 

3. Use an online T-shirt mockup generator.

The easiest and fastest way is to use an online generator because it gives you access to multiple T-shirt mockup templates to design everything you need hassle-free.

Best T-shirt Mockup Generators And Templates

Here are some of the best T-shirt mockup generators and templates that offer a variety of fits and styles, perfect for any occasion.

1. Go Media

Applying your graphic ideas to an expanding range of print items is simple with the help of Mockup Everything's user-friendly web platform.

You don't need to use Photoshop because the entire process is done directly on their homepage.

Simply choose your template, garment, print product, or background color, and click "Save." The outcome is a .jpeg image format that you can upload directly to your marketplace.

1.1. Ladies Short Sleeved Shirt Mockup Templates Pack

The “Ladies Short Sleeve” Shirt Mockup Templates Pack comes with the following five templates:

  • Ladies Low Neck (front and back variations),

  • Ladies Crew version 2, and

  • Ladies Crew neck (front and back versions).

1.2. Photoshop Men's Ribbed Tank Top Templates Pack by Go Media

This set includes 12 crisp and traditional men's crew neck tank tops with ribs.

With this mockup pack you will also get:

  • Tags that are easily changeable, and there are photos of the front and back of both the flat and ghosted variants.

  • Effects for shading, drop shadow, and smooth lighting are added for a realistic look.

2. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a membership based service for designers. It offers graphic resources, learning materials, and company management tools.

Their library contains 1783 T-shirt graphic templates.

envato elements

You can refine your search by Category, Color space, Orientation, Application supported, and Properties.

2.1. T-shirt Mock Up Vol 05

This template includes 3 PSD files, all backgrounds, and Smart Object System.

It is fully customizable, with an option to add your logo.

2.2. V-Neck T-Shirt Mockups

You may use this awesome T-shirt mockup to show off your flat designs on actual V-neck T-shirts while enhancing your designs' appeal.

This template includes 5 PSD Mockups with an actual model with stunning backgrounds.

T-shirt color is changeable, with a Smart object feature, which allows you to move the design around.

2.3. T-Shirt Mockups 4K HD

There are eight unisex T-shirt templates in this Photoshop mockup set.

4K files guarantee that your designs will look fantastic on all displays.

For maximum realism, 3D mapping quickly wraps your artwork around each shirt.

Using the custom tag layer on each file, you can also add your unique tag design.

3. Cotton Bureau

Cotton Bureau is an online marketplace for premium graphic design for t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel.

Cotton Bureau

Cotton Bureau offers the following templates:

3.1. T-Shirt Mockup Template Front & Back

T-Shirt Mockup Template Front & Back

With this Adobe Photoshop template, you can:

  • Add your own artwork to the shirt,

  • Customize the color of the T-shirt,

  • Edit the background color,

  • The tags can be edited and hidden.

A tutorial is also provided to further explain the process of using a template.

3.2. Hanging T-Shirt Mockup Template

This template comes in high resolution, and it is fully customizable.

You can also download it as a part of a bundle and enjoy a discount price.

With the help of this easy-to-use PSD mockup, you can easily display your t-shirt designs, mimicking the store setting.

3.3. T-Shirt Mockup Urban Edition Vol. 3

T-Shirt Mockup Urban Edition Vol. 3

Casual tees are always a good choice, as leisure wear or as a fashion statement.

For example, this mockup of an urban red T-shirt with a hip street twist.

This edition includes 27 mockup templates with customizable color options.

4. Renderforest

Renderforest is an all-in-one branding platform that provides the best online features to make outstanding videos, graphic designs, logos, mockups, etc.

Renderforest dashboard

Let’s see how to create a mockup template with Renderforest.

Crewneck T-shirt Mockup Pack

Crewneck T-shirt Mockup Pack

A classic crewneck T-shirt is like a blank canvas. Customize the front and the back with your favorite design.

Add your logo and other necessary branding elements to the scenes to make them suitable for your requirements.

Upload an image, and change the color of the T-shirt and the background color using a simple user interface.

This pack includes 12 scenes.

5. Custom Ink

Custom Ink is an online retail company that makes custom clothing and other items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and tech accessories.

Using the free T-shirt mockup generator from Custom Ink, you can see how your designs appear on various shirts, tank tops, and T-shirts.

Custom Ink dashboard

Custom Ink offers a variety of templates. From Tie-Dye T-shirts, performance shirts, and tall shirts, you can surely find a perfect solution just for you.

5.1. Dyenomite 100% Cotton Rainbow Tie‑Dye T‑shirt

Dyenomite 100% Cotton Rainbow Tie‑Dye T‑shirt

This hippie, 60s-inspired T-shirt template is fully customizable. Perfect for concerts, yoga studios, or for anyone who feels nostalgic.

Dyenomite 100% Cotton Rainbow Tie‑Dye T‑shirt

You can add your logo, text, and art to the T-shirt's front, back, or even sleeve.

5.2. Sport‑Tek Raglan T-shirt

Sport‑Tek Raglan T-shirt

This classic style T-shirt, inspired by pop culture references, is for all the fans and sports enthusiasts.

Customize it to your preferences.

How To Create Mockups Using Glorify?

Branding mockups are excellent for visualizing your logo or other branding components.

You can picture how these components will appear on your stationery, mugs, packaging, notebooks, business cards, and other materials.

Glorify stands apart from other mockup tools since it gives eCommerce shop owners a chance to design all types of mockups in one place.

Glorify has an intuitive and straightforward interface that is easy to use.

Follow these simple steps to a complete design:

  1. Choose the best mockup template

glorify dashboard

Glorify offers 248 templates at the moment, but it is constantly adding new templates to the Library.

There are 2 options for designing a mockup – "New from scratch" or choosing a template.

Type in the keyword in the Search bar for faster navigation.

glorify dashboard

Then, select the desired template.

glorify mockup template

2. Customize Your Template

Open Library from the left panel, then use Shortcuts to edit the design. In addition, add or edit colors, text, background color, icons, and more.

glorify mockup editor

From the Right panel, edit your elements further.

You can edit the label, back, or collar by clicking on the T-shirt. Then, add different shadowing and lighting effects for a realistic look.

More editing options are available from the right panel by clicking on different image elements.

glorify mockup edit

3. Collaborate, Organize and Share

When you are happy with your design, share it with your team. The final version can then be exported to your PC or uploaded to a website, online store, or social media.


When custom photo sessions aren't an option, eCommerce owners must be able to attractively display clothes designs to attract attention and make online purchases.

Using the free T-shirt mockups is a more straightforward, affordable, and quicker approach to creating fantastic graphics.

The best T-shirt templates allow you to create stunning photos that display your T-shirts worn by models, on hangers, folded, or isolated on a plain background with a suitable mockup template.

Additionally, it can increase client loyalty and brand knowledge. Therefore, it is an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking for an effective, affordable way to raise brand awareness.

So, start your free trial with Glorify and create stunning images that will represent your business today.

glorify CTA

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The path to Glory begins here