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Top 6 Best Tips And Instagram Video Ad Examples: Create Instagram Video Ads That Convert The Maximum



Top 6 Best Tips And Instagram Video Ad Examples: Create Instagram Video Ads That Convert The Maximum

Instagram Ads Video Ads Specs

Mentioned below are the required Instagram ad specs including their ad size, format, resolution, ratio, and duration recommendations:

  • Accepted file type: MP4, MOV, or GIF

  • 4:5 Ratio

  • Video resolution of at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

  • Video captions are recommended yet optional

  • Video sound again, recommended yet optional

Instagram ad technical requirements:

  • Video duration to be of at least 1 second to 2 minutes

  • Maximum file size: 30MB

  • Minimum width: 500 pixels

  • 1% Aspect ratio tolerance

  • 125 recommended characters in the caption

It is important to keep in mind while wanting the best ROI with Instagram video advertising, you must always test what works best for you and hits the most out of the target audiences concerning the products or services you advertise. Now, let’s get into the Instagram video ad tips!

6 Tips and Instagram video ad examples to help you create video ads that convert

1) Instagram video ads: Make sure to let out the information in the first few seconds

As far as Instagram ads are concerned, the video format needs to make the audience stick to the video and not pass through. For this very reason, it is important to help their attention in the first few seconds of the Instagram video ad or at their first glance. Therefore, make sure to add the most important information first to hold the audience in place.

Instagram video ad examples & tips

2)  Instagram video ads: Have your goals sorted

In an Instagram video ad, the creators need to have their choices very clear in their minds. it takes time for your video ads to get out there, do not expect to obtain all the engagement, awareness, sales, and newsletter subscribers with just one video

To help yourself achieve these goals through social marketing try to also add CTA to your Instagram video or in the caption, ask for visits by posting on the Instagram stories, create a landing page, and engage by asking your audience questions in the Instagram stories ads.

Instagram video ads tips

3)  Instagram video ads: Despite it being a social media video ad, don’t make it look like an ad

Confusing? Users are fond of these beautiful, engaging feed ads but not a lot of times do users engage when an Instagram ad looks like an obvious ad. Get creative! find a unique way to make Instagram ads that are inherently beautiful and engaging instead. Find an Instagram ad concept that works the best for both you and your loved audience; check out how Burger King and DW creates Instagram ads for example!

Instagram video ads tricks

4)  Instagram video ads:  Alway, always and always make sure to optimize your Instagram stories ads for mobile users especially

With the growing and fast-paced lives, users tend to use their social media on their phones rather than getting into the trouble of the desktops. Therefore, while editing your Instagram ad on the laptop it is quite common for you to forget to format it into a mobile-friendly view.  While doing so, make it a point to have a test run to see if all the elements in the video are visible and readable for the audience even on a mobile phone.

Instagram video ads examples

5)  Instagram video ads:  Keep the Instagram video advertising it short and sweet

Time is one thing we as creators need to keep in mind. With the presence of the igtv it is easy to create even long-format Instagram ad videos to provide in-depth information, but remember, that isn’t one of the best practices when for an Instagram ‘ad.’ Try and keep your ads on Instagram must be shorter of up to 12 seconds to allow the people to watch and not encourage them to scroll down.

Instagram video advertising tips

6)  Instagram video ads: Create the ad video to be shoppable from the Instagram users

We are all aware that the Instagram ads do not allow you to add links to marketing workshops sales, or to the links to add in the video for your brand awareness. However, what can be done instead is if you wish to promote multiple products, the best practice to get a conversion rate, is to have a mobile-first landing page for the Instagram users to view. You could also choose to add the shoppable products to your Instagram video ads as a part of Instagram advertising.

create Instagram video ads

This can be done by merely adding the Facebook pixel to your website and set the product on the Instagram video ads and posts. Additionally, take advantage of the tags available for a better reach and to get more viewers.

These were our pro-tips for the video content short videos to get the viewers’ attention on the feed ad. While having it all in place, how can one create video ads in the first place? Read on to find out:

How to create an Instagram video ad using Glorify:

Creating an Instagram video ad has never been easy, especially when it has to be beautiful, engaging, efficient and also has to contain the eCommerce store information- all within the video format. But with Glorify creating a great example and helping you put your message across, an Instagram video ad kicks in a little lighter.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Sign in to the Glorify app;

  • Now, choose the required Instagram video size

  • Next, choose a template from the expansive template library

  • Once you’ve got your perfect template, edit the texts, elements, illustrations, and videos. You may choose an image of your choice from the Glorify library or simply upload yours and edit it to your Instagram video ad content

  • Once done, all you need to do is, download the preferably 15 seconds – 60 seconds video (max 2 minutes) in the format optimized for mobile.

  • Your social media jingle copyright is fresh and ready for your target audience. We recommended not to forget the shared tags on your instagram video ads for better reach and response.

That’s all about the tip to help you create the Instagram video ads. However, if you need help with the Instagram carousels, Glorify has that covered. Click HERE and explore!

To Conclude:

With the help of the hack, tips, and steps mentioned above, creating feed ads for an Instagram video would be media error-free with better engagement and reach. All you need to do is focus on the concept and start creating.

Top 6 Best Tips And Instagram Video Ad Examples FAQs

1. How long are the Instagram video ads?

The standard video ad size for Instagram is from 3 to 60 seconds with a call to action and 2,200 characters. Also with the help of a video carousel, you can, Instagram can now offer image carousel ads of up to 5 different photos in one ad.

2. Are Instagram video ads promotable?

Yes, absolutely! You could take advantage of the paid advertising options available on Instagram that act as a catalyst. They help boost the video ads with an advanced offer by Facebook too.

3. How much money does an Instagram ad cost as of 2021?

As per the average taken on the Instagram ads CPC (cost-per-click), the cost is roughly $0.50 – $1.00.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here