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Best Twitter Unfollow Tools For Businesses & Marketers In 2023



Best Twitter Unfollow Tools For Businesses & Marketers In 2023

What is the need for a Twitter Unfollow Tool?

twitter unfollow tool

A business could have many reasons as to why they choose to unfollow any account. One of these is to maintain the ratio of the followers as to unfollowing the “unhealthy” accounts that could hinder your online presence. These unhealthy accounts could include the millions of bots or fake accounts on the platform.

Therefore, irrespective of Twitter taking measures on minimizing these bot activities, you as a business must use the Twitter unfollow tools to prevent any unhealthy effects on your website. But what if you do not have that time in hand? Using a Twitter management tool or the Twitter unfollow tool can only be effective on personal Twitter accounts but it could cost you your business followers. In other words, follow bots accounts will only get you bots follow backs that will lower the engagement rates, reach, website clicks, conversions and return on investment. Then…

How can you Unfollow these Bad or Bot Twitter Accounts?

twitter unfollow tools

Here are a few ways that can help you identify faulty Twitter accounts and unfollow them:

  • Locate inactive accounts

  • Decipher between those that are negatively affecting your brand

  • Use the Twitter management tools to unfollow non-followers or the followers

  • Repeat every week.

We understand that doing so with many followers or you following thousands of Twitter users wouldn’t be quite an easy task, therefore, we recommend businesses to use the best Twitter unfollow tools for mass unfollow Twitter profiles.

Top 4 Best Twitter Unfollow Tools for Businesses in 2023

Here are the 4 best Twitter unfollow tools for businesses, influencers, and individual profiles in 2023.

1. Circleboom Twitter - Comprehensive Twitter Management

Price: Forever-Free Tier / 27.99 per month (Pro) 

Circleboom Twitter is an all-in-one Twitter management tool that you can force unfollow inactive, fake, bot, spam, and egghead Twitter followers to clean up your account.

Thanks to Circleboom, you can spot fake, ghost, inactive, overactive, spambot accounts and those not following you back. Then, you can easily unfollow them from the same place.

Additionally, you can have helpful Twitter statistics and insights about your accounts with Circleboom Twitter. You can track your follower and friends growth, tweet statistics, gender, and language distribution of your followers and followings. With Circleboom, you have full control over your Twitter account.

You can search Twitter accounts on Circleboom. You can search for someone’s Twitter followers and friends. Also, you can smart search with hashtags and keywords in bios, tweets, and names and find your targeted audience. Also, you can filter your searches by language, location, join date, follower counts, etc. 

One of the unique features of Circleboom Twitter is the best time to tweet. It scans all activities of your followers and followings and comes up with a nice graphic showing you the best hours and days to tweet.  

Another important feature is interest targeting. Circleboom Twitter scans all tweets, bios, and names of your Twitter audience and creates a cloud-like graphic showing the topics your followers and friends are interested in. This way, you are able to create tweets about these topics and get higher impressions and engagement.

Lastly, you can delete all your tweets, retweets, likes, replies, mentions, and Twitter archive with Circleboom Twitter. Thanks to Circleboom’s iOS app, you can take your Twitter manager wherever you want.

2. Socinator – The Social Dominator Twitter tools

Socinator – The Social Dominator Twitter tools

Price: $9.95, $29.95, $49.95 & $69.95/month

Socinator is a social media automation tool that supports various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offering users a simple dashboard to mass unfollow Twitter users that are bots.

This tool is responsible to manage your Twitter account and help you get rid of the multiple Twitter accounts that are following you back. All you’d be required to do is to create an account using your Twitter details and activate the unfollowing button on the dashboard. The Twitter tool will take care of the rest, and hence should not be mistaken as just a Twitter unfollow tool.

On the downside, this social media feature is controversial with respect to the other social media marketing experts indicating it to be a spammy automation process. This is why we’d recommend you check before you activate the Twitter tool.

3. – Simple Community Management tool – Simple Community Management tool

Price: The tool is free for 3-10 daily limits and would later charge $19.99, $24.99 & $117.99/ month is the largest twitter growth and automation applications software that has existed for long with thousands of customers at present. It offers a vast availability of twitter functionalities that primarily grow on the platform and helps you keep your Twitter bot free.

It allows you to focus and grow on Twitter easily with the help of its automation and growth feature, including tracking recent followers, visiting active pages, and unfollowing inactive accounts.

This is one of the best Twitter unfollow tools that support the unfollow feature while acknowledging the users of their accounts being inactive or active respectively. Adding on, it also recommends accounts to follow and engage to grow your businesses in the right direction, making it one of the best Twitter unfollow tools.

4. Crowdfire – “Just Unfollow” formerly

Crowdfire – “Just Unfollow” formerly

Price – Initially free, and then charges $9.99, $49.99, $99.99/ month

Crowdfire is a social media management tool that helps its users to discover and schedule their content, as well as manage various accounts via their easy-to-use dashboard. It offers a huge availability on social media including content repurposing, scheduling and publishing, analytics, and accounts management. On the other hand, it also allows you to unfollow via its unfollow feature automatically.

As per the reviews, the tool accumulated positive and good for scheduling the posts on the platform. They also indicated that the tool allowed easy monitoring that resulted in good growth in regards to the followers on Twitter.

5. Socialoomph – To boost the Social Media Productivity

Socialoomph – To boost the Social Media Productivity

You can boost your business social media account with the help of socialoomph using its advanced scheduling and publishing feature that can be used by both, individuals or large agencies. It also allows unfollow users and cleanses your Twitter account without being time-consuming.

This marketing tool helps you stay updated while automating certain tasks across the media network,  including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, offering simplified social media management like:

  • Content management

  • Keyword filtering

  • Content publishing

  • Content scheduling

Is it ok to use the free version of Twitter unfollow tools to Unfollow  Bulk/Mass Users?

Twitter as a platform on whole is only meant to follow accounts and adhere to strict usage in order to avoid any trouble. Therefore, it does get furious when bulk unfollowing, immediately locking or banning your account if the tasks are performed against the terms of the network of users. Perhaps, it becomes important for you to learn to keep your profile safe and only unfollow a few profiles at a time.

Therefore, it is recommended to take out at least 5 – 10 minutes a day to unfollow about 10-20 irrelevant fake accounts from your business page.

Also, the best way to keep your Twitter well engaged with more followers is by providing high-quality posts with good content. Users can take advantage of our free tool, the Glorify App, where we help the Twitter profiles with good posts in just a few minutes. Perhaps, the best part about the platform is that you do not need to be a professional. Why the wait?

To Conclude:

Using Twitter follow unfollow tools for your social networks helps the account to stay away from all the fake and bot users that happen to degrade your engagement and follower rate. But each platform has its own benefits that they can provide you with. So, it becomes your job to pick the one that suits your account status the best, and once done, let the tool unfollow users and work what’s best while you catch your cup of coffee.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tool In 2023 FAQs

1. When unfollowing someone on Twitter do they know?

No, they don’t. Twitter does not send any notification to the user you unfollowed.

2. Is it OK to unfollow any user on the Twitter platform?

It is ok to unfollow someone on Twitter who you no longer like seeing posts of, also, it’s a good way towards cleaning your account for healthy content. However, what’s not fair is to unfollow someone just because they don’t follow you back.

3) How can you make out who unfollowed you on Twitter?

Use JustUnfollow. It is an online handy utility Twitter unfollow tool that helps users know of any follower who unfollowed you on Twitter. This can be done by visiting their website and authorize it with your Twitter account.

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