Posted Jan 25, 2023

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8 The Best Web Design Trends of 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

8 The Best Web Design Trends of 2023

With this, we continue to question what were then the trendy web designs of 2023? To make it easier for you, we have curated a quick reference list on the best web designs of 2023

1. The dark mode of web design:

This mode not only makes the web look ultra-modern but is also extremely easy on the eyes making the color and the elements pop bringing out the uniqueness. This theme works great for OLED screens, also extending the screen lifespan as it saves the battery usage. It improves the visibility of dynamic designs on the web. It also fits aesthetically with the 2023 design trends that include dark and moody schemes alongside glowing neons bringing out the futuristic dark dystopian styles and cyberpunk.

The dark mode of web design

2. Website trends that are imperfections with added personality

This style kicks in the realness and brings out the heart and soul of the viewer. The hand-drawn, imperfect design elements bring out the emotion on the websites that seem to be catchy to the individual, as against the web designs that have been in the market for years.

Website trends that are imperfections with added personality

Stylized and unique hand-drawn icons talk of the brand’s personality that helps stand out amongst the others. This themed rebellious website trend is a countermovement to the pixel-perfect flat designs trend. 2023 will see more designers adding messy-looking elements to their web designs, be it hand-drawn or hand-made illustrations.

So, get out there and scratchy the edges, open the shapes to connect with your viewers!

3. Website layout design with 3D elements

Despite the theme performing well even before 2023, it was held out due to the lack of technology and its ‘expensive’ price tag in the past. But, with web designs in 2023, and with the advancement of technology, things have changed. 3D elements can now be created without the NASA-tier equipment that opens up the possibilities of designs and creativity for keen designers.

Website layout design with 3D elements

Hyper-realistic 3D was often taking up as the best way to create an immersive experience for the website until VR became more mainstream. It’s an advantage for UX as 3D designs make the viewer want to stay longer. With 2023 too, you must get ready to witness more immersive 3D web designs that draw the user’s attention and interest.

Website layout design with 3D elements 2

4. Layers, shadows, and floating elements for web designs

Layers, shadows, and floating elements for web designs

Layers, shadows, and floating elements are all about creating depth just like the 3D effects. Floating elements and soft shadows create interest bringing out the “3D Lite” look not just in graphics, but also in texts for your website layout design. Ambitious designers could also add extra pizzazz with a soft drop shadow to their 2D layouts, layering elements for depth. This gives the design a lightweight/floating feel that is a sharp contrast from classic flat design.

Layers, shadows, and floating elements for web designs 2

5. Website layout designs with a mix of photography and graphics

Creativity goes wild when you overlap the original graphics over real photographs. Versatility can also be seen in collage-like trends that one can use to add a unique charm to the otherwise bland product photograph. This adds your imagery with an extra personality that’s a reoccurring website trend in 2023. To add more flexibility to your website you may match the style of the illustrations and graphics to your brand personality; cartoon squiggles, geometric, playful, or detailed illustrations.

Website layout designs with a mix of photography and graphics

6. Web designs with white space and solid frames

For quite some time, full-bleed layouts have been trending in web design. The designers are now gravitating towards solid yet playful structures to use lots of white space differently making the designs cleaner and structured, giving them stability. 2023 saw a wide trend of white space giving the websites a solid structure by allowing the elements on the page space and the frames to create the perfect foundation. A satisfying sense is created with neatly structured frames on the website that also help prioritize and separate the different parts of a page.

Web designs with white space and solid frames

7. Luminous, glowing color schemes for websites

Luminous, glowing color schemes for websites

To make the screen attractive and vibrant, designers introduced some courageous color pairings in 2023. This theme makes the web designs bold and daring with glow-in-the-dark neons, saturated colors, and muted shades for a luminous appeal. Intriguing color schemes will also definitely play a vital role in the web design of 2023. Luminous colors shine on the website design trends alongside extreme minimalism and dark mode themes.

Luminous, glowing color schemes for websites 2

8. Website minimalist navigation in 2023

Navigation has been getting simpler to accommodate even extremely small devices in smaller attention spans over the last few years. The difficulty of usability is taken away by the extremely minimalist navigation. This means the less a user has to think about navigating, the more time they can spend to be immersed in the website. Graphics are also becoming important; the larger the scale of photos and videos the more chance to impress the viewers. Just make sure that you use a powerful and artful visual and the images are worthy.

Website minimalist navigation in 2020

Final Thoughts

Website layout design trends of 2023 are embracing the future like never before with attention-grabbing visuals, colors, and 3D effects as the clear indicators of the 2023 style. Today, on the brink of a new decade around the corner,  web designers can still always fall back on the designers of the past for inspiration. The key, however, is to keep innovation in mind.  Having said that, it is safe to say that the website design of 2023 will sure be a pleasant surprise we cannot wait for!

web design trends of 2023 FAQs

1) Does web design have a future?

The future of web designing depends on contextual technology, which means, at the end of the consumers. And the consumer demand, for sure, is not dying down anytime soon. With the increase in the market, every individual looks forward to a website for a better understanding of the company that can attract a large crowd through web designing.

2) What are the stages of web design?

The stages of web design are divided into four major parts; the discovery of the project, information and ideation architecture, user interface design, and testing after launch.

3) Is web designing easy?

Learning web designing is a continuous process that may spread across months. After which, one must polish their skills on design tools like Sketch, Mockplus, and Photoshop.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here