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Black Friday and e-Commerce: A Guide To Generate Traffic and Profits on Black Friday!



Black Friday and e-Commerce: A Guide To Generate Traffic and Profits on Black Friday!

Black Friday is considered one of the most important holidays in the industry of e-commerce. For instance, the merchants of Shopify broke their records in 2019 with sales up to $2.9+ billion over the Black Friday weekend. This day is D-day for over 20M e-commerce stores present in the world to shine and attract thousands of dollars in new sales.

Black Friday Sales with a little help from Glorify

However, the question remains, how can you leverage the sales on Black Friday over the paid social to get the maximum? That too in one day! Seems impossible? Not anymore! Even if you’re a two-man marketing show or an agency for that matter, all you need is to create Black Friday campaigns that cannot be ignored.

Listed below are the pointer we will be discussing in this article, so get ready:

Black Friday and e-Commerce

How can you create the ultimate strategy for Facebook Black and squeeze the lemon of 2021 through the sales on the occasion of Black Friday?

  • Planning and allocating the resources you have

  • Target the right audience who are most likely to buy your products

  • Create creatives that will help trigger the potential customers to purchase

Glorify helps you create unforgettable ads within no time and at a much lesser cost + lot more convenience than what’s required when you hire a professional designer.

How to Plan your Black Friday Campaign

The primary and most important step is to set up a proper Black Friday plan and strategy.

Keep in mind to plan the campaign early enough to have time in hand for changes, if any:

  • Prepare creatives (on Glorify, you will be allowed to create thousands of ads in just five steps)

  • Warm-up your audience on constant posting

  • Get the ads approved by Facebook on time to avoid any hassle

  • Allocate your budget.

How to Plan your Black Friday Campaign

Pro Tip: Always keep an eye on the segmentation as not many users will be ready to purchase the products during Black Friday. Some will need more convincing compared to the others who will buy the products immediately.

Here are steps to help you create an advertisement for the Black Friday Sale on Glorify:

  • Sign in to

  • As you get in, browse through the expansive template library

  • Choose the template that you find engaging and perfect for your target audience

  • Choose an image of your choice from the Glorify library or simply upload yours and edit to your heart’s content

  • You’re ready! Hit download and get selling!

How can you Make the offers Irresistible for the audience?

Ad copies! They are the main foundations of every successful campaign ever. However, it is also important to make sure the product is great too. Only a great product with a great advertisement makes a successful campaign.

How can you Make the offers Irresistible for the audience?

How to Target Potential Buyers on Black Friday?

Over Facebook, addressing a great target is everything. It is really what decides whether you end with thousands or just a few sales by the end of Black Friday.

Retargeting, upselling, cross-selling, and dynamic retargeting journeys could be a few ways to help you get to your potential market on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Create Ads that will help attract Sales?

Black Friday no less than an e-commerce war as tens of thousands of e-commerce shops will surely be similar to yours. Over which, all of you all will be competing for the same audience over the same platforms.

In a situation like such, how will you make sure you have exclusive buyers? The only answer to this is to have great creatives that engage with the audience, triggering them to purchase your products over your competitors. You see, running shoe brands are many but Nike is one!

Make sure you have not only fantastic creatives but also one that feeds the audience better via strategized ad placement.

How to Create Ads that will help attract Sales?

Glorify your Black Friday!

Black Friday is an important occasion for all e-commerce companies which makes it extremely important to have your product sold exclusively. Creatives on social media platforms can be of great help. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you create your creative for Black Friday:

  • Creative ads with core elements that are engaging triggering the potential buyers

  • Have messages that are clear with irresistible offers to attract the audience

  • Highlight the urgency in your Black Friday campaigns

  • Add suitable images that work best for the ad creatives

Glorify your Black Friday

To Conclude

Black Friday is the one day that requires urgency in both, the e-commerce company and the audience. Therefore, It’s not a marathon but rather a sprint. The tip is to take your time, be prepared, launch slowly but then turn out faster. This is because it is only one attempt in a year, so messes have no way in this. Are you ready?

FAQs: A Guide to Leverage Black Friday Sales though Glorify

1. What does Black Friday mean?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that is symbolically the start of the shopping season while historically it is the day in the year 1869, where the price of the gold tanked, and the stock markets tumbled.

2. Is Black Friday Cancelled in 2020?

2020 has undoubtedly been a crazy year leaving most e-commerce companies wondering about the cancellation. The answer is no – the sales are still on!

3. Do creating Ads help with marketing on Black Friday

Ads help increase the traffic on the website and the sales too as promotions are a great way to increase traffic and eventually, sales.

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