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Canva vs Genially - In-Depth Comparison For 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Canva vs Genially - In-Depth Comparison For 2023

Canva Overview

canva dashboard

Canva gained popularity on behalf of its features that are very easy to use, even for total beginners.

This tool offers thousands of customizable templates, typically used to make social media graphics, presentations, slides, posters, and other visual assets. 

It works equally well for creating quirky Twitter posts and professional-looking business reports.

To get started with Canva, create a profile, and select a template

Since templates have nearly all-customizable components, you can simply play around and use the template design as an inspirational starting point.

If you have any issues, need inspo, or want to learn more about Canva, you can use the help button in the right corner or visit their comprehensive knowledge base.

Finally, you can export your design into the following formats: PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, MP4, GIF, and PPTX.

And lastly, Canva has a straightforward approach to organizing your work by folders. These files can be shared with other team members if you have a "Canva for Teams" subscription, and they can alter any designs they include.

Who Is It Best For? 

Canva is best suited for content creators, business owners, bloggers, students and teachers, and everyone who wants to create something quickly.

Genially Overview

Genially homepage

Genially is a one-stop online tool for making presentations, interactive photos, infographics, dossiers, quizzes, training materials, resumes, and other types of content.

You can add interactivity and animation effects in seconds to further enrich them.

Genially offers more than 1100 templates in 5 distinct categories – Presentations, Infographics, Gamification, Interactive images, and Video presentation.

Also, there is an option to start from scratch and customize creations to your liking. To really make the most of your design, you can follow the Guide and Training materials videos.

You can also add your own external items in addition to the photo and resource galleries that are already present.

Additionally, it is easy to incorporate Youtube videos, photographs, audio, animations, educational exercises, google maps and more into your Genially products. They seamlessly integrate with virtually any platform and the third-party application.

There are several options for your finished work. You can set it to be public, meaning your project will have a URL appearing in search engines. 

The other is private and only visible to you and others you share your link with. The latter is only available for premium users.

Additionally, you can choose to inspire others by allowing them to use your template.

And finally, to download your design in PDF, JPG, and HTML, you should subscribe to any of the 3 pricing plans. Other options are an interactive PDF, JPG, MP4 video, or SCORM package. If you wish to use it offline, download it in HTML format.

Who Is It Best For? 

Since Genially is mainly used for making interactive presentations, animated infographics, and multimedia e-learning materials, it is best as a teaching aid.

This tool will significantly benefit students, teachers, education centers, and content creators.

Canva Vs Genially – Features

Canva – Features

  • Drag & Drop interface that is simple to use even for non-designers.

  • With the Magic Resizing feature, you can quickly change the shape or size of any of your Canva creations.

  • Remove image backgrounds using the Background remover, which is great for transparent PNGs, product photographs, and portraits.

  • Massive library with free and premium customizable templates.

  • The brand kit creates a consistent look across all designs by pre-setting your brand's fonts, colors, and logo.

  • Content planner allows you to schedule social media posts in advance.

  • Video and image editor (Curved text generator, photo effects, Image enhancer, add frames and text to photos, video trimmer, converter, etc.)

  • Design sharing and up to 1TB of cloud storage space.

Genially – Features

  • Drag & Drop interface that doesn't require a learning curve.

  • With the Document Colors feature, you can change the color of all the elements in your design at once.

  • Designer mode allows you to resize, position, rotate, hide, lock elements, and more.

  • Interactivity feature that animates links, images, etc.

  • Reusable templates that can be used by others in the community.

  • Brand kit – customize your brand with logo, fonts, images, and background.

  • Integrated Google analytics for monitoring the activity of your geniallys.

  • With thousands of fonts, icons, and photo resources, the Editor is as sophisticated as it is user-friendly. Even your own resources or graphs and charts are acceptable additions.

  • Team collaboration – invite others to collaborate on your creation.

Canva Vs Genially – Pros and Cons

Canva Pros

✅ User-friendly interface.

✅ Library with 250,000 free templates with 100 + design types.

1 million+ free photos and graphics.

✅ Available in over 130 languages.

✅ Save your projects, uploads, and designs for later use.

30-day free trial for Basic and Pro plans.

Learning materials are available through blogs, design school, and tutorials.

Team collaboration using Canva for teams plan.

Live and scheduled posting to social media platforms.

✅ It can be used within the web browser or as a downloadable PC and mobile app.

Canva Cons

❌ Although there is a vast library of stock photos, most are generic and have a similar aesthetic.

❌ Intellectual property belongs to Canva, so double-check licensing policy regarding images you want to use, for example, for your logo.

❌ Compared to the desktop app, the functionality available on mobile devices is less than half.

❌ Export settings are limited.

❌ There is no offline mode available.

❌ 24/7 customer support is not available with the free plan.

❌ Advanced features like the Background remover, Magic resize, and the Brand kit is only available upon subscribing to a Pro plan.

Genially Pros

✅ Cloud and a web-based app.

✅ Easy and intuitive to use.

✅ Numerous integrations with social media, organizing, and sharing apps.

✅ Content publishing options.

✅ Engagement tracking tool.

Unlimited creations and visits using any plan.

Offline mode with downloadable HTML format within pricing plans.

✅ Privacy control and password-protected content.

PPTX files import available.

Brand personalization.

✅ Display and Viewer Behavior Statistics.

✅ Massive library with media and resources.

✅ Integrated SEO module.

✅ Available in 6 languages.

✅ Online training academy and Advanced training are available.

✅ Customer support via email or chat.

Genially Cons

❌ The free plan is quite limited in options.

❌ If you need to remove the Genially watermark and apply brand kit, subscribe to the most expensive plan.

❌ With the Free and Student plan, your creation is always set on public.

❌ You can only use View mode with the Free plan.

❌ Statistics and reports are within the Master plan.

❌ There is no free trial for paid plans.

Canva Vs Genially – Pricing

Canva Pricing

Canva has a Free plan and 2 pricing plans – Canva Pro and Canva for Teams.

Canva Pricing

Genially Pricing

Genially has a Free plan and 3 pricing plans – Student, Edu Pro, and Master.

Genially Pricing

Which One Is Better For You?

Ok, let's sum this Canva vs Genially comparison.

Canva is a popular tool with thousands of templates and millions of users. Unfortunately, the features that make this tool popular are, at the same time, its biggest drawback. Since so many people use it, you need to go out of your way to customize a template to be original.

Genially has a fun concept for creating interactive visuals that catch everyone's attention.

But, it could be more suitable for everyday design needs.

So, why not try a mix of the two?

Glorify is the ultimate design tool and editor in one. You can enjoy a free or premium content library with hundreds of images, icons, graphics, illustrations, shapes, and more. 

Use these resources to fully customize any of the hundreds of available templates for:

  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.),

  • Ecommerce (Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.),

  • Business and marketing (Ads, banners, ebooks, LinkedIn, Twitch, Fever, etc.)

With Glorify, you can create, personalize, collaborate, save and export your design – all from one place!

Some of the most powerful features Glorify has to offer are:

Start your journey to stunning images today and create original designs that stand out!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here