Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Combating Covid-19 with kindness, and compassion.



Combating Covid-19 with kindness, and compassion.

While illness and death have plagued our globe, more so has fear, anxiety, and paranoia. Governments are in a state of chaos, businesses are taking a hit, the education system is scrambling to keep up, and the economy is floundering.

How long this will go on is something no one can really say definitively. But what’s crucial is that while we wait, we cannot stagnate. We need to keep moving forward.

Team Glorify’s Response to Covid-19

We at Glorify have been quick to jump into social distancing, better being safe than sorry after all! We’re all working from home, and have bid adieu to co-working until the pandemic eases!

We’ve made sure that our team is comfortable at home, with flexible working hours taking into consideration their need to run out for supplies, take care of family, spend more hours parenting, help family, and so on!

Team Glorify’s Response to Covid-19

Adding a touch of color where we can

We believe that a little bit of kindness and consideration goes a long way. And we want to make sure that we can extend a helping hand to the wider community.

If you’ve been following us, you’d know by now that we’ve been involved with a number of charities, offering both donations and free accounts. And we intend to continue doing so throughout this crisis.

Here’s how we intend to add a touch of color to people’s lives during these somber days.

  1. Focus our donations towards charities that support vaccination/ treatment research and medical aid for patients

  2. Help organizations that are raising funds for Covid-19 relief by offering FREE Glorify Pro account to create their required designs assets

  3. Increase our free trial from 14 days to 30 days.

  4. Allow 10 background removals for the FREE trial

  5. Allow 10 uses of icons8 icons and photos on the free trial

  6. And lastly, to help you out during this challenging time, we’re lowering the annual price of both PRO & BUSINESS plans by 60%!

We understand that Covid-19 has created a drastic impact on the world, and that most eCommerce businesses are probably facing really high overheads due to this.

We also understand that these businesses just require a slight helping hand and we hope that by having access to more features on our free trial, and with a massive discounts on our paid plan, businesses can benefit immensely in the creation of their images and marketing assets.

On a final note, if you know of any Covid-19 related charities or organizations that support Covid-19 victims/research, please do drop us an email at

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here