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Cool Fonts For Banners: 35 Best Fonts To Make Attractive Banners



Cool Fonts For Banners: 35 Best Fonts To Make Attractive Banners

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In this article, we’ll show you 35 of the best banner fonts handpicked by Glorify, and tell you exactly why they will make attractive banners!

The 4 main types of fonts

While there are thousands of fonts to choose from, there are four main types of fonts that serve as the base for all other fonts. In other words, every other font is said to be derived font from this 4 member category:


The Serif font is the most traditional typeface that is used. A well-known example of it would be ‘Times New Roman’, where the letters have extra little lines along the ends of them. 

Sans Serif

This word literally translates from French as “Without Serif”. The style is a regular typeface, quite similar to Serif, but without the extra little lines. A common example of this would be Calibri or Arial.


Better known as cursive, Script is any font that resembles handwriting. An example of this is ‘Lucida Handwriting’. Although usually, they tend to have the word ‘script’ as part of their name.


Display fonts involve big, bold designs that stand out. Their purpose is to draw attention to the text and make an impact. Often used for shorter phrases of text, a known example would be ‘Algerian’.

Cool banner fonts

Having covered the 4 main types of fonts, let’s move on to our 35 handpicked fonts you can use to make your banners stand out!

35 Cool fonts to spice up your banners

1. Volkhov

This Serif typeface follows a more modern, sleek look, making it perfect for banner designs and adverts. Its easy-to-read finish not only makes it a good headliner but also doubles as a font that can be used in body text.

2. Source Serif Pro

Thinner than Volkhov but similar in style, this modern-looking Serif font is perfect for a professional finish. If you want something elegant and straight to the point, this font is for you.

3. Advent Pro

Need a modern Sans Serif font with a twist of its own? Then Advent Pro is for you. It provides a legible, well-spaced typeface. One of its quirks is the design of the letter Y, adding a notch of playfulness to the overall finish.

4. Allura

This is an elegant script font with a fresh, stylish look that's still easy to read. Allura is perfect for your ad banners whether your brand identity is sophisticated or laid back.

5. Open Sans

Open Sans is another font widely used for websites and is even one of Google’s favorites. Its clean finish and legibility make it perfect for all the small-text descriptions. It really does improve your user experience.

6. Playfair Display

This well-renowned font is a Serif often used for titles and headings. The clean look makes it easy on the eyes. Although not a commonly used font, it derives its name from being developed for use on large displays.

7. Rock Salt

This out-of-the-world display font is perfect when making a statement. Coming in all-caps, it provides the right bit of oomph with its marker-written look. You can use this when you need a less professional title font.

8. Sacramento

This is another script font that can be used for both the title text and the body text. Being a stylish round-looking font, Sacramento is easy to read. Added to that is the traditional handwritten imitation which will make your designs stand out.

9. Ultra

This display font is a personal favorite. The character given by the little curling flicks with the tail of the ‘t’ and ‘a’ gives a soft playful addition to its overall sharp blocky look.The strong nature of this typeface is bound to have your posters draw eyes.

Ultra makes a dramatic headline, but only if used wisely. Using this font for longer phrases may remove the element of impact from its overall use.

10. Veteran Typewriter

This display font, sometimes mistaken for Serif, gives you the olden days, traditional look of typewritten text. Although it’s a tricky one to use , we assure you that if there was a cross between playful and professional, this would be it.

11. Short Stack

This display font is the perfect one if you are looking for something like Rock Salt but with lowercase options. Its rounded edges provide a playful look bound to make your brand stand out.

12. Quattrocento Sans

The best characteristic of this Sans Serif font would be the squiggle below the ‘Q’. It adds a dash of stylishness to the overall look of this font. The easily readable typeface can be used in conjunction with a script font in a title.

It matches elegance and professionalism while being legible in any size and form.

13. Poiret One

Minimalistic, geometric and modern. This font is everything you're looking for and more. The subtle thin weight of this typeface still provides an impact through stylish design. It’s as they say, less is more!

One great thing about Poiret One’s design is its effectiveness in both title cases and all caps. It is not only perfect for titles and headlines but also works great as logo text. 

14. Pinyon Script

Its refinement and readability are like none other. Minimally intrusive in design, Pinyon Script adds the perfect touch of elegance and sophistication to your designs. 

This script font is perfect for titles, as we recommend using it in larger font sizes.

15. Nobile

Nobile is suitable for both body and header fonts of banners. It is an open-source Google font. It looks great and reads well across all devices, which is the major highlight of this font. It also comes in six styles: regular, italic, medium, medium italic, bold, and bold-italic.

16. Luckiest Guy

The playfulness of this font is unmatched. If you are looking for something lighthearted and fun, this is definitely what you need. It easily catches the viewer's attention but is limited since it only comes in capitals.

17. Knewave

With an overall fun vibe, Knewave can be everyone’s playful go-to font. Its rounded, italic nature gives a sense of safety. It also comes in an outlined version in case you feel the bold look is too prominent!

18. Montserrat

With 18 different styles, no font family provides quite the versatility as Montserrat. Its fierce geometric look makes it a reliable font for professional use. But if used right, it can also help you stand out.

The sleek finish makes it perfect for just about any use: as a headline font, body text, footer, you name it!

19. Parisienne

Derived from handwriting, this script font is a little harder to read than the ones we've covered so far. Nonetheless, it will add that perfect cursive touch of elegance needed by your brand.

It's recommended that you stick to titles when using Parisienne. However, there are instances where it could serve as a subheading font too. If you’re looking for a rounded, stylish look, this is the one for you.

20. Francois One

This Sans Serif font comes in only one regular look but is the perfect go-to font for screen text. If you’re looking for smartphone compatibility, this is the font for you.

21. Helvetica

Another reliable classic used by many. Helvetica is a smooth, professional font perfect for a wide range of purposes. One of its more notable uses is as a common website font, but it also works great for resumes!

22. Univers

This font is very similar to Frutiger. With very little difference and still a huge variety of typefaces within this font family, Univers is one of the most -used font styles in advertising and media.

23. Frutiger

This font was exclusively designed by Adrian Frutiger for the directional sign system at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. This is a highly legible font with an easily visible lowercase typeface.

It comes with various weights, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. Part of its unique characteristics is the little flick of ‘Q’  that sits on the baseline.

24. Futura

This typeface font is ideal for any form of advertising in posters, magazines, books, etc. With stellar connections from the commemorative plaque left by Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon in 1969, this font is quite popular. It can be used in even the tightest spots and still be legible.

25. VAG Rounded (VW)

Initially designed for Volkswagen, this now Adobe-owned typeface provides a smooth, corporate Sans Serif look to your poster designs. The rounded edges add to the simplicity, reliability and safety.

It’s perfect for designs with limited space and provide an easy-to-read effect. This font doubles as a fun and playful typeface if used with the right colors.

26. Gill Sans

This famous font was initially created based on the font of the London Underground. In 1948, it officially became the face of the Railway, being used in all the posters and timetables.

It was later adopted by Penguin Books as their top choice for titles and currently remains the font used for the BBC logo. If this doesn’t solidify your belief in it I’m not sure what will! This font's simplicity and clarity make it the perfect choice for any poster or banner.

27. Avant Garde

As its name suggests, Avant Garde is truly a breakthrough in typefaces. This display font is bound to add an edge to your designs. It’s perfect for magazine covers, as it originates from the Avant Garde magazine, but could just as easily be effective for any title.

The geometric design with hard angles gives it a futuristic look that will truly take your designs to the next level.

28. Meta

This font plays a strong Sans Serif. The wide set of the lower part of the ‘M’ and the little wedge at the top of the 'F' make it stand out from traditional designs. 

The subtle characteristic differences in this font set it apart from other traditional choices such as Helvetica. We recommend using this in your titles or logos, just as The Weather Channel has!

29. Avenir

Even though it is classified as a geometric Sans, it does have a human touch to it. This is one font you absolutely need to experiment with when designing your banner.

30. Times New Roman

This hard-to-beat timeless font is the one if you're looking for something professional and reliable. Times New Roman will never disappoint. Another positive aspect is that this font is readily available for everyone everywhere.

31. Knockout

Just as the name suggests, this font truly is a Knockout. It comes in 9 different widths all of which provide a space-effective finish to suit your needs. It's perfect for professional headings, subheadings, body text and even footnotes! 

32. Akzidenz Grotesk

This font screams commercial. The large difference in weights between the regular and bolded versions makes it perfect for interchanging between title font and body text. The very prominent thickness of the bold text will easily make your headings stand out while the narrow, regular version of this font really adds versatility to the spectrum of this font's abilities.

This font can easily be used on posters and adverts, but it's also a very good, strong accessible font for screens. 

33. DIN

A widely recommended professional font, FF DIN is bound to help your clean and simple logo design stand out. The font offers some really useful features such as case-sensitive forms, fractions, superscript and subscript characters, and stylistic alternates.

34. Franklin Gothic

This font received a lot of attention as the perfect newspaper headline font. Its bolded nature allows it to stand out well. When people see it they know you’ve got something to say!

35. Minion

This Serif font barely fits into the category. Its slight little lines on the edges make it perfect for retaining the traditional look of Serif, without being overwhelming on the eyes. Although designed to be a body font, this classic look could be used in any part of your typography and still be effective. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it - 35 amazing fonts you can experiment with to spice up your banner designs. Although we focus solely on fonts in this article, there are many other aspects of a banner that need attention. These include the color palette, dimensions, pixel density, layout, elements and more.

If you aren't used to creating designs, keeping all this in mind can be a little overwhelming. That’s why using Glorify is an ideal option for anyone looking to design effective yet attractive banners, ads, social media posts and just about any visual asset.  

With pre-designed, 100% customizable templates you can easily find inspiration for all your design needs. If you're ready to experiment with all the fonts we've listed in this article, get started with Glorify today!


1) Which font is best for signs and banners?

Any Sans Serif font, as they tend to be more legible and easier on the eyes. The most popular go-to's in this style are Helvetica, Futura and Frutiger.

2) Which font is ideal for the human eye?

Helvetica is considered to be the most easily readable font and is preferred by many individuals all over the globe on both digital and printed media.

3) Are all fonts free to use?

Not all fonts are free to use. Some of them have to be purchased but buying different fonts individually is a bad idea. The best option you have is to subscribe to a third party design app like Glorify that offers a huge inventory of stylish fonts along with several other features.

4) What is the most calming font?

The Serif family usually wins in this category.

5) What is the font ideal for seniors?

The Sans Serif family is usually determined as the best font for readability.

6) Which font is most attractive?

Display fonts are most attractive in terms of aesthetics. But the top three best fonts to use in body text are Roboto, Playfair Display and Helvetica. They’re easy on the eyes yet stand out from the rest.

7) What is the coolest font style?

While this is subjective, the coolest fonts are the ones that really catch the eye with vibrancy and eloquence. This would include Frutiger, Knewave and Akzidenz Grotesk.

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