Posted Nov 9, 2022

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11 Best Tips From Marketing Experts On How To Be Productive In Winter



11 Best Tips From Marketing Experts On How To Be Productive In Winter

Why Can’t I Be Productive During Winter?

According to the chronobiologist, Till Roennebery, the winter weather brings social jetlag along. Meaning, the internal clock inside the people or the workers does not sync with the 9-5 working schedule that is otherwise followed. This is why the best thing to do is to make sure to sleep early and work a little late.

Tips on Being Creative During Winter

To help those who want to be productive in this weather, we have curated some general tips below:

  • To help get out of the winter blues and combat the anxiety, make sure to get your daily dose of magnesium and vitamin D. This helps you boost your mood and uplift the energy to work.

  • People must prepare a to-do list of activities outside work. This helps you enjoy your work tremendously.

  • Try to get fresh air daily, not necessarily in the sun, even if that means you walk to the nearby coffee shop in the winter season. This will help energize the brain while you are working.

Top 11 Best Tips On How To Be Productive in Winter

1)  Keep a Check On Your Mental Health While Trying To Be Productive

Given the fact that the job of a creator isn’t to drive the leads or to generate the sales, but they are required to be creative consistently even in the lazy wintertime. They are to make a difference and help others even if it is about helping their co-workers.  According to the experts, it is perhaps found that being frustrated at some level helps spark the ideas out of you while you get onto the journey of questioning things like the status quo, or under-explored. This makes them a problem-solver with an evangelist for good ideas.

Tips on Being productive During Winter

Therefore, you must also not forget to keep a check on your mental health amidst it all. It is only when you have your mind sorted can you afford to question things and figure them out, creating and building the world you wish to be in. Although it might sound funny but, stay frustrated to a level of solving them and make a difference instead.

2) Have Your Work Environment and Goals Clear To Be Productive

The trick about getting and reaching your goal is to constantly see and think about it, this will in turn help you stay productive and keep you on your feet until achieved.

Start by tracking your goals even if it is in your diary or a paper pasted on your wall for a constant reminder. This helps you stay boosted and energetic even in the winter months. Record your progress daily, even the smallest of it, and watch those boxes tick across.  Feel motivated already? Wait till you have them done!

Tips on Being Creative and Productive During Winter

3) Embrace the still ways of the winter season

While you might have already heard a lot of it, it’s always best to learn to embrace everything while you have it. The stillness of the winter focuses you to stay at home, be productive and creative while you can, and make sure you get things done.

Do you know what’s the best part of the winter? There are many clients over on a vacation that gives you more time to enjoy and create, providing you with ways to stay productive.

Tips on Being Creative During Winter season

4) Take the Stressful Challenges and Transform Them Into Challenges To Be Productive

If we talk about the marketers, the holiday is quite a stressful time. However, the trick has always been to transition this stress into productivity levels.

According to Lauren Branich, the director of digital marketing and business development, “The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year that have elevated due to the global pandemic and accelerated deadlines, turning into a nightmare for a creative person.”

Haven said this, we can’t let the buzzing email address be an addition to the nightmare, but to transition it as a professional challenge especially in this time of year, and start fresh with a new set of creative ideas.

Tips on Being Productive During Winter season

5)Make Sure To Take Inspirational Breaks To Be Productive

With the filled inbox, deadlines to meet, or the newsletter to work on it is understood that you might be feeling heavy with a cluttered head. In such times the energy levels are low, taking a break is perhaps the best way to clear your mind and keep those creative ideas flowing.  

Start by scheduling your breaks from the day-to-day work. This will help you look for inspiration for the pending projects.  

Take inspirational breaks during winter season

6) Create a plan for yourself in the wintertime

How to be productive today? It cannot get easier than planning in general and expand it to your daily work routine. This will help you increase your creativity and productivity every day.

According to Heidi Cohen, the chief marketing officer at Actionable Marketing Guide, “Maintaining the  productivity and creativity in the holidays and other disruptive times like the pandemic could be challenging.”

Create a plan for yourself in the wintertime

7) Schedule Your Time To Be Productive

You might plan your day accounting every minute but that might not always work. At times things might just take more time than planned, leading to the whole schedule going haywire. This is why it is important for you to make room for delays and recreational activities too.

Schedule your time keeping in mind the unplanned breaks

To help you out with the planning of ways in the winter season, we could divide the time into two things:

  • Empty time: This means you must keep a schedule that allows you to breathe and do nothing. This time could be occupied by the walk to the bus stop, exercise, watch videos, looking out in the window, etc

  • External inputs: Make time to read about your competitor companies as well, be it on their site or reading advertising.

8)  Be Productive By Managing Your Energy

Also noticed by Marijana Kay, a freelance SaaS content marketer, managing personal time when working for longer hours is quite essential. It helps create a balance between working and relaxing with harmonized energy levels.

So, make sure to plan your everyday schedule to match a shorter day in winter and take time off around Christmas and New Year.

Manage your energy during winter season

9) Always take a break from being on the internet

It is a sure deal that people who tend to spend too much time on social media turn themselves into a creativity blocker that prevents them from being productive and creative. So, if you want to be productive, know when to stop and leave the room to do other things.

You may also want to turn off your notification during the holidays, saving time for you to do something else instead.

take a break from being on the internet during winter

10) Adjust your productivity to your natural rhythm

Know that focusing your creativity to be productive will simply not take you anywhere in terms of production and uniqueness. So, never overdo yourself and if you feel like taking a TV break-even before starting your work or talking to friends, go ahead and do it. This will help you refresh your mind from the difficult and time-consuming endless writing.

Adjust your productivity during winter

11) Build your time as per your energy

You may be a fun and active person, but not taking time off for yourself and overdoing the work schedule could turn out to be hefty especially during the time before the winter holiday.

Build your time during winter

To help you be productive, here are a few guidelines you could take note of:

  • Try assigning blocks of time to each task. This will help you get rid of the blame game with more time for you to read and stay busy.

  • Never ever try jumping between tasks when scheduled and avoid multitasking.

Following these simple rules help you have your tasks organized while having your departments sorted and easy that will also be visible to the entire team.

That’s all folks! These were our top tips on how to be productive in winter. To help you further we have curated an article about the best digital creative software for our creators.

To Conclude: How To Be Productive Today?

The secret to increased productivity has always been as simple as taking walks to clear our mind, taking breaks, listening to music to boost your mind, or even watching TV. But, they are sure your way to go in the winter holidays. They help maintain a good balance between work and enjoyment.

FAQs: 11 Best Tips From Marketing Experts On How To Be Productive In Winter

1. Is it ok to take a walk in the cold weather?

Yes, of course! There is no reason for you to worry about working in the cold weather. In fact, it helps you improve endurance, and boost the heart capacity. The body maintains the internal temperature at 37°C and increases the blood flow in the body as it pumps quicker. So, you’ll stay warm and in good health, productive breaks as yours to take!

2. What makes it difficult to wake up in the morning?

When you are asleep the body produces sleep hormones as it gets darker outside. And as you are not exposed to the early morning light of the winter that cues the body to stop the hormone, it gets harder to wake up.

3. Can I be productive in the winter?

Of course, you can! And all of this is as simple as taking breaks, scheduling time,  turning stress into productivity, and much more. To know more, check out the article above with more information and tips to provide.

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