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Printing Advertising Ideas - 50 Genius Creative Print Ad Ideas With Brilliant Design Techniques



Printing Advertising Ideas - 50 Genius Creative Print Ad Ideas With Brilliant Design Techniques

But how many of them do we connect with? Not many! Most advertisements, especially creative print ads, are those we see and forget. Although the primary purpose of an ad is to be informative, and create awareness among the target audience, conveying information alone does not work. The advertisement needs an element of attraction that triggers interest and engages people with it.

When it comes to applying creativity in advertisements, the sky is the limit. Nevertheless, the only thing you must remember here is you don’t go overboard with creativity and say something offensive about a peer, an individual, or anyone. That may put your brand into a negative light, let alone your statements, taglines, and images creating other sorts of troubles.

The key is to strike a balance between the various elements involved in an advertisement to ensure that people like the creative print ads and that it strikes the chord that helps you engage them with your brand.

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Now, when you sit to create an advertisement for your brand, sometimes you think, think, and think, but still don’t get the right idea, which you feel will make the required impression. In such a case, what do you do? Give up? Not at all. Giving up won’t help, but reading this article, which compiles 50 great and inspirational advertisement ideas, certainly will. So, get ready while we take you through some innovative printing advertising ideas for your brand.

50 Brilliant Printing Advertisement Ideas with Smart Design Techniques

Whenever you think of creating an advertisement, no matter the design you use, make sure that you incorporate certain elements. Your ad must include accurate information, insights, the right use of text, and graphics (balanced use), the perfect color combinations, and then combine printing advertising ideas that catch the attention of the onlookers, and establishes an instant connection. A blend of all the elements can create the desired effect.

1. Creative Print Ad Ideas – Make your Audience Think!

Some advertisements require brains to understand. They aren’t as apparent and are intriguing enough to stimulate the audience’s thought process. Some of the most common and engaging techniques involving asking a question to the audience, putting forth an interesting fact that keeps lingering, or creating a graphic that makes them look twice thrice at it, and encourages them to think what it is. However, ensure that you don’t make it too difficult to understand what the ad is about. Too much intricacies may lead to a loss of interest!

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2. Creative Print Ad -Showcasing the Benefits Creatively

People don’t buy products. They buy their benefits. So, when that’s the case, why not highlight the benefits that catch the target audience’s attention? For instance, if you’ve got to advertise a non-stick pan with a sturdy handle, you may want to create a billboard in the shape of the pan, and its handle, wherein the pan is placed vertically, and the handle is bearing the load of the pan! Creative, isn’t it? But that conveys the message also.

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3. Creative Print Ad Ideas – Leverage the Fold

If you want to publish your advertisement in a magazine, you may use the fold. Folding works well for fitness brands, wherein you can pan the full-size vertical or horizontal image of the model on adjacent pages. So, when the reader folds the magazine, the image spread across both the pages gives an illusion of the model doing crunches or performing a pec-deck exercise. Here, the idea involves a CTA and also engages with the reader.

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4. Creative Print Ad -Make Animals the Center of Attraction

Animals have an exclusive emotional appeal. A cute dog, a sweet kitten, shown doing some activity, for instance, or in a conversation about something trending, and somewhere relating to your brand, may work out well. Cute pets catch people’s attention, and the right and responsible use of animals in the advertisement can work wonders for your brand. A lot of them convey messages with deeper meanings and create an impression.

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5. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Make Emotional Appeal

Emotional appeals work the best when they are put up through a creative that talks to great lengths about someone’s condition, and what you do for them. For instance, if you are an NGO sitting in it), with texting conveying the message that such corners are home for many, and we must donate to build a home with roofs and walls for them.

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6. Creative Print Ad -Depict the Existing Situation through Magazine Front Cover

For example, if global warming and a recent conference on it is the primary attraction of your magazine, you may show the page burning through the right use of colors and vibrant graphics to signify it. A strong message indicating the emergency to act on global warming and controlling the globally rising temperatures can create the right effect, and engage people with the concept, and the article written inside.

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7. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Convert the Brand Name into an Adjective or a Verb

Using a relatable word and converting it into an adjective or a verb works well for many brands. While turning the word into an adjective describes the brand’s effectiveness, transforming it into a verb may create a call to action, and encourage the audience to connect with the brand. These words may not be grammatically correct, or the spellings may not be right. But they are your brand names, and through which, you connect with your prospects.

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8. Creative Print Ad -Tell a Story

Telling a story, and that too through a print advertisement, wherein you’ve got too little space, and attention span is an art. It takes time to weave your thoughts into a story that connects with people, and moreover, which associates with your brand. For instance, if it is your anniversary, you may celebrate it through a story that involves the use of attractive graphics, and short, yet beautiful words that describe your journey

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9. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Leverage Colors into your Advertisement

Colors are an effective medium of communication. For instance, if your brand color is sky blue, you may keep every element of your advertisement sky blue, conveying the message that you love blue, and you see it in everything. That helps you create your brand image through colors that become your brand identity.

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10. Creative Print Ad -Emphasize the Significance of your Brand

One way of giving people a reason to buy your product is to emphasize its place in your routine. For example, a spice brand may show a creative with a partition showing a sad emoticon without the spices, and a drooling one with the spices included in the food. This is just an idea, though. You may use your creativity to make it more attractive, appealing, engaging for your audience. Using GlorifyApp for the intriguing stock images and graphics can help you in this regard!

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11. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Show your Product as an Inspiration

One of the best forms of advertising is to portray your product as an inspiration for everyone and to encourage people to do good things. For a writer, using a particular pen may prove inspiring to write something great. An animated image with the writer and the pen arranged in a way that depicts the pen helping the writer to generate ideas may prove intriguing for the target audience. People want value, and an inspiring product delivers it.

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12. Creative Print Ad -Add a Ting of Humor

Humor works when you wish to incorporate two ideas into one. For instance, jeans arranged in a caricature form to show a style icon of the 50s and 60s can attract the onlooker’s attention and intrigue them into your brand. You may use your creativity to work humor in your way, without hurting anyone’s emotions.

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13. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Let your Product Charge!

This idea can work well if you are into health drinks. You can install mobile phone charging points with humorous taglines indicating that your product charges your body, and charges your mobile phone as well. This has a dual effect. First, it increases product awareness, and second, it creates trust among your target audience, gives them something engaging and intriguing to remember you.

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14. Creative Print Ad -Use Old Video Game Peculiarities

While some video games have been popular, some became a part of everyone’s life. For instance, as a healthy ice cream brand that doesn’t add to your calories as much, you can use the character Mario from the game Mario. Mario used to grow on gulping the ice cream. However, with your ice cream, your consumers won’t! They’d only be delighted after having the ice cream!

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15. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Use Routine Examples

Routine examples too work and create an emotional appeal. For instance, if you are a home appliances brand with a new product that simplifies and expedites work, you may make an emotional buying appeal by using a homemaker’s example who works day and night tirelessly, and buying your product can help simplify her work. The creative must speak for the concept, with a tagline that connects at the emotional level with people.

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16. Creative Print Ad -Use a Comparison

If you are an optometry brand, using a creative or a graphic that shows blurred vision without your brand, and a clear vision with your brand can convey your brand’s utility, and give out a positive vibe about your brand. Besides, it also talks about the product’s quality, and how using the product benefits you.

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17. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Convey an Indirect yet Strong Message

While, at times, direct messages work, sometimes, an indirect message proves more effective. For example, conveying a socio-ecological message wherein an unnecessary use of papers is like wasting trees and contributing to global warming. You can make the use of bold colors to further strengthen the message’s impact.

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18. Creative Print Ad -Show People Stuck in Wrong Jobs

If you are an online recruitment company or job portal, you may show people stuck in wrong jobs, and in stressful situations, wherein they cannot do anything about it, but keep working. And then complement it with the main message indicating that you help them find the right job and while with you, they won’t have to regret.

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19. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Use the Global Map

As a global logistics company, you can make the use of the global map, wherein you show your service makes international frontiers disappear, and that it is lightning quick. Using a global map can also help if you are an advertising company that takes brands across the globe.

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20. Creative Print Ad -Use Indications to Denote your Brand’s Efficiency

As a fitness brand, using two doors – entry and exit, wherein you show a wider entry door, and a narrower exit door indicates that you enter the gym as a fat person, but step out as a fitter and a slimmer one. You may not need a tagline here, as the doors convey the message, and can instantly connect with your brand.

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21. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Use Festivals

Using festivals is one of the most popular forms and printing advertising ideas. A product with a Santa Claus cap on it can help you tap the festive demand, and pull some festive sales out of it.

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22. Creative Print Ad -Exaggerate!

Of course, exaggeration is humorous, and hence, it can convey your advertising message in a funny, yet effective manner. For example, to prove the strength of your slippers, you may show someone holding the rubber handle of the slipper while hanging on a cliff, signifying the strength, durability, and quality of the slippers! The advantage of exaggeration is that it instantly catches the onlooker’s attention.

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23. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Thinking and Dreaming

Creatives showing people dreaming about your products is one of the best ways of denoting its popularity. For instance, as a noodles brand, showing a curly-haired man annoyingly looking upwards at his hair in one image, and in the other him happily imagining cooked noodles on his head, instead of his curly hair, can prove a compelling message. It is all about creating awareness and indicating your brand’s popularity creatively.

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24. Creative Print Ad -Show a Compelling and Tempting Image

If you are a food brand, showing a tempting, juicy image of your food item can arouse the onlooker’s taste buds, and he may rush to your food outlet to grab a bite or at least plan to do so!

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25. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Create a 3D Image

A 3D image for a soon to be launched product, with a message that it is about to come your way, can trigger interest among the target audience. However, make sure you employ professional 3D graphic designers to create the right effect and produce the launching feel.

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26. Creative Print Ad -Create Something Instantly Useful for your Prospects

Here, your product or service does not matter. You could be selling anything from hairpins to airplanes. What matters is how instantly useful you are. For instance, at a place where there’s no place to sit, you may create a billboard in the form of a bench to allow people to relax for some time and then continue. That’s innovative, and at the same time, helpful. As a result, people may start looking up to you as an empathetic brand!

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27. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Tell People you are Near to Them!

Many of them don’t go to fitness clubs and gymnasiums, as there’s none near them. So, when you open up a fitness center in a particular area, you may announce your arrival there, with a friendly message conveying that people can’t excuse from going to the gymnasium, as you are now near them, or creating a bond through a message saying that no one, not even distance can stop from them from meeting you! Of course, you may figure out the message in your picture.

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28. Creative Print Ad -Comparing your Service with Nature’s Elements

If you are a food delivery company, and if fast service is one of your exclusive service propositions, comparing yourself with light, and conveying that your food delivery service speed is only second to the speed of light can prove an engaging message. The right creative, and the right tagline can give out the message that you an express food delivery service provider.

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29. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Highlight the Main Feature of your New Food Item

If your new food product is based on varieties of chicken blended into one single package, highlighting those varieties of chicken, and its abundance is one way of promoting it within chicken lovers. As the concept talks about their favorite food, and assures them that there’s a lot that they can get it here, it can instantly connect with the foodies, especially the chicken guys, create an engagement.

30. Creative Print Ad -Asking People Questions

This one is popular on social media, but you can try it out in print. For instance, if you are a fitness brand, looking forward to engaging with your prospects in a particular area, you may ask a question, for example, how much weight do you want to lose? SMS your answer in kgs to this number, along with your name. This has two benefits. One, you get the coordinates of the people interested, and next, you get insights on the types of weight loss programs that you may need to design to ensure you meet your prospects’ requirements.

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31. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Indicate the Loss

Sometimes, making prospects realize what they will lose works better than showing what they will gain. As a real estate brand, for example, a simple comparison between the rates with a discount during the offer, and the prices without discount after the offer is over, can work wonders to your sales. Prospects get an idea of what they lose, or how much of an extra amount will they have to pay if they don’t avail the offer in time. Quantifying the profit or loss can boost engagement, and therefore a lot of it may result in sales if converted well.

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32. Creative Print Ad -Give out a Straight Message with a Classy Image of the Product

At times, you’ve got to give direct messages, especially when you cannot play around, and need people to look at what your product offers, or its benefits. For example, as a laptop brand, you can create a print graphic that displays a classy image of the laptop involved, its features stacked, the offer price with the applicable discount, and a CTA. Besides, the offer’s availability on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. can also form a part of the message.

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33. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Use Optical Illusions

Creating optical illusions are a fantastic way of giving out a strong message, provided the illusion isn’t as complicated and doesn’t take a lot of the viewer’s time for him to understand it. For example, indicating global warming with penguins losing their habitat, and the fear of drowning due to the melting of the ice, with a scary look on the face, coupled with a tagline appealing everyone to do something about the situation, can give out a strong message.

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34. Creative Print Ad -Strike Out your Uniqueness

When you want to highlight your uniqueness amidst the crowd, a graphic showing a bunch of brands, emphasizing discounts, and yours in the center with a focus on uncompromised quality can signify the difference.

However, you may want to ensure that you keep the target audience and their buying psychology in mind. In a market with a discount as the only demand, yours with a focus on quality may not stand out unless you want to change the psychology. In such a market, you may emphasize on uncompromised quality, coupled with competitive prices to ensure you resonate with local market demands.

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35. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Show your Brand as a Savior

If your brand is a sugar-free health drink with several benefits for the diabetics, and the health-conscious people, you may dress it up like a superman, or any other fictional superhero. You may portray your brand as a superhero or a savior for everyone from the target consumer segment.

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36. Creative Print Ad -Show Happy Couples

Happy couples are one of the most popular forms of print ad graphic ideas. A smiling couple, with a vibrant background, and a fantastic message continues to work for brands from various industries, including health insurance (wherein, you can also show a family (if it is a family insurance plan), senior citizens (if is a senior citizen plan, and so on), homes, a big family car.

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37. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Show a Real-Time Achievement of your Brand

While some brands showcase their milestone sales figure, some, for example, orthopedic hospitals, may show the number of patients they’ve cured to date from say, knee pain, arthritis, successfully conducted hip bone replacement surgeries, etc. Figures represent the popularity of the brand, and also signify people’s trust in the brand. People trust a brand when it delivers results, and nothing speaks as much about a brand’s achievements as numbers do!

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38. Creative Print Ad -Use an Influencer to Endorse your Product

Earlier, it used to be celebrities endorsing the products. However, now, you’ve got local influencers supporting brands. For example, you can have a local beauty pageant winner advertise your beauty product on a hoarding in a particular area. Instead of global celebrities that may not necessarily have a local appeal, leveraging influencers can work well, provided he/ she is adequately popular. Sounds conventional to some extent, but that’s a proven formula!

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39. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Use Famous Filmy Sentences

Filmy sentences are known to almost everyone. People remember them, and seeing them on a print advertisement helps connect them with a brand. However, ensure that you use sentences relevant to your product or the product’s objectives to ensure you connect and engage with your target consumers.

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40. Creative Print Ad – Use Cute Children Conversations

Diaper brands use cute children to promote their products. As a child care product, the use of children becomes evident. You can showcase children indulged in a conversation. Keep the conversations simple, and relatable, while, at the same time, highlighting your product during the interaction.

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41. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Show an Extreme Close Up

As an eye care brand, you may show an extreme close up of an eye. You can highlight the reasons for eye damage, including stress, exposure to computers, mobiles, laptops, insufficient sleep, etc. in the pupil of the eye, indicating the urgent need for getting the best eye care.

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42. Creative Print Ad -Tell About the Expected or Guaranteed Performance of the Product

A few years ago, precisely around two decades or so, a leading pen manufacturer had related its pens with the distance the refill can travel while in use. For instance, the refill was guaranteed to go up to 5 km. It means that the total length of the text you write can reach a distance of 5 km with this pen!

This is one indirect way of talking about your product’s performance. Similarly, a battery company, or tire company promoting the duration and the distance until which their products can last is another way of attracting the target consumers. For example, the battery can last for four years, or the tires can serve you until 100,000 km, and claims alike can give the prospects a clear idea of the utility of the product.

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43. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Show the Capacity of your Product

For example, a commercial vehicle can create a print advertisement highlighting the total payload capacity of the vehicle, which could be 2 tons, 3 tons, and so on. Such figures attract the target buyers if they’ve been looking for a product with a load-bearing capacity.

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44. Creative Print Ad -Portray your Product as the Consumer’s Friend

Taglines such as your friend for a lifetime, your companion for life, etc. with a creative that shows a happy family, or a delighted businessman, and alike fall under this category. Here, the idea is to promote the long-lasting quality of the product that works as a companion, friend, and partner of the consumer.

45. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Create a Concept, Graphics, and Tagline around a Superhero

As a clothing brand with a range of extreme-sized clothing, you can show an enormously large superhero, or a fictional character like The Hulk, for example, wearing your shirt and trouser. It can convey the message that he wears your clothing brand after work and talk about the range of the extra-large sizes you have.

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46. Creative Print Ad -Leverage Imperfection to your Brand’s Benefit

Things need not be perfect all the time. Imperfection also has a charm that makes people fall for it. For example, as someone selling a medicinal skincare blend from imperfect looking herbs, you may want to promote the benefits of imperfect looking herbs for the perfect, and beautiful skin.

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47. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Create a Tricky Image

A tricky image often intrigues people into the brand, as they spend a few seconds wondering how to see the picture, thereby making your graphic successful. Nevertheless, don’t overcomplicate the image. People either won’t look at it, or forget to connect with your brand in pursuit of understanding what the image is all about.

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48. Creative Print Ad -Create a Visual Taste

Highlighting fruits as the main ingredient, accompanied by a glossy, juicy image, creates a visual taste. For instance, a beauty face wash that’s a blend of several fruit ingredients can be promoted through a picture of a girl diving in a pool full of juicy and colorful fruits! It does two things. First, the image becomes visually appealing, and second, you also tell your consumers that the face wash is loaded with the goodness of fruits.

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49. Creative Print Ad Ideas -Put up an Intriguing Fact

Whether funny or scary, an intriguing fact connects with people easily. For instance, a fitness club may put up a fact relating to the number of diabetics in the world by 2025, or the number of high blood pressure patients, etc. Further, asking a question, or creating a call to action to start exercising can make people think, and connect with you for more details on your customized training programs.

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50. Creative Print Ad -Making a Bandwagon Appeal

Consumers often choose to buy a particular product only when the product has been tested and proven, and purchased by a lot of other people. If that is the case with your product, you can use the popular bandwagon appeal, and put up your sales, for instance, saying 1.5 lacs are already benefitting from the product, when are you going to benefit from it? It creates a sense of urgency, and at the same time, convinces the onlooker about the credibility of the product, thereby encouraging them to buy it.

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Hope these 50 printing advertising ideas stimulated your thought process, and you are all set to create your own print advertisement and skyrocket your product’s popularity! Signing up with GlorifyApp opens access to a lot of engaging print media stock images to help you with creating amazing print media ads for your brand.

Creative Print Ads design techniques FAQs:

1) What does a good print advertisement comprise?

An excellent print advertisement comprises elements such as a catchy tagline, vibrant background, appropriate placement of the product within the banner space, clear message, and color combinations according to the subject matter. Proper justice to each of these elements helps you convey the right message to your audience.

2) What are the three types of print advertisements?

The three types of print advertisement include newspapers/ magazine ads, posters, and mailers.

3) What are the advantages of print advertisements?

Some of the advantages of print advertisements include.

–      Print ads are flashy. They catch onlookers’ attention.

–      They are an easy medium to spread the word.

–      They increase brand visibility.

4) How do I start with creating a print media ad?

If you don’t know from where to start, or if you want to access millions of print media stock images for your brand, sign up with GlorifyApp, and personalize your advertisement.

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The path to Glory begins here