Posted Jun 19, 2023

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Deep AI-Powered Image Generation in Glorify App via Text Prompts

Company News

Company News

Deep AI-Powered Image Generation in Glorify App via Text Prompts

Unleashing Visual Potential: Deep AI-Powered Image Generation in Glorify App via Text Prompts

Transform Text to Stunning Images: Choose Style, Generate Exceptional Results

Digital Marketing is a continually innovative and evolving industry that is shaping the future of graphic and digital design.

With top-quality visuals in collaboration with your digital marketing campaigns, you will better capture the attention of your consumers and more importantly, your target audience.

With visuals in play, you have a better chance of not only promoting your products but conveying the message you have for your brand. Visual content and image generation through videos, infographics, images, and other multimedia forms is an essential part of marketing and brand awareness.

The Glorify app, while already an industry leader in design and creation has taken things one step further with the soon-to-be-launched AI image generator tool feature to elevate all aspects of your website, brand, and products. When you have a design platform like Glorify in collaboration with an AI-powered image generator, the design world will be yours to conquer and make your mark.

The Power of AI in Image Generation

What do we know about AI, artificial intelligence?

Cognitive functioning is a natural human function and when this is replicated through machinery by actions such as reasoning, learning, perceiving, and problem-solving we delve into the world of AI, artificial intelligence. It is essential, and in the most simple terms, human intelligence simulation processes.

Artificial intelligence works by following a set of rules for computer programs to either perform a task or solve a problem, these rules are what we call algorithms. Algorithms act as an exact list of instructions that pertain to specific actions executed step-by-step in either software or hardware-based routines. With increasing popularity and functionality AI is widely used throughout all departments of the IT world.

We see artificial intelligence come into play in everyday tasks by the computer software coded program being triggered, or shall we say ‘activated,’ and this then prompts the tech to spring into action to complete the task or solve the problem.

When it comes to content creation AI can be a big help and can take on a whole host of tasks that may be tedious or seem mundane, but then also add a little something extra when we need it most or even in a creative slump.

By using natural language processing (NLP) AI tools can offer copywriting skills, generate ideas, edit, and even analyze audience engagement. AI continually learns natural language generation (NLG) techniques from our existing data and can then produce content that suits our user preferences. The positives are increasing daily and we have narrowed down the list of advantages so you can see why AI could be just what you need for your content creation and to take your brand to the next level;

  • Speed - When you use AI tools for editing, writing, and optimization you can do a lot in a small space of time, whilst maintaining a high-quality product.

  • Efficiency - Creatives are more efficient when they have time to focus on strategic and content creation aspects, therefore integrating AI to tackle the more time-consuming and repetitive tasks will greatly increase workflow efficiency.

  • Cost-effectiveness - We all know manual labor hours can quickly add up financially, by automating tasks that would normally take long or the need for additional personnel we can reduce costs significantly.

  • Consistency - Keywords and phrases across the website need to be cohesive and consistent and thus result in the efficacy of content, artificial intelligence can help.

  • Accuracy - By generating insights AI tools can help with content strategies ensuring content is optimized and easily understood by the target audience.

  • Personalization - With data analysis AI can personalize content to make it more relevant, engaging, and customized to user preferences.

  • Scalability - Creators have an opportunity to create a larger volume of content within a fraction of the time therefore ultimately scaling up their content and operations.

An AI image generator is simple and effective, and it gets the job with a professional touch, all with a few quick and easy clicks (some practice is required) and you can create images that look like they were taken on location by professional photographers. No longer are days filled traveling from spot to spot hoping to find the perfect shot, now, you simply ‘create’ your perfect spot, and often better with more details and creativity.

There are a lot of positives that come with utilizing artificial intelligence in image generation, see here for a handful of benefits:

  1. More control over your images

  2. Increase in productivity

  3. Your imagination is your only limit

  4. Uniqueness

You can spend hours playing around with various editing tools and trying new styles and editing features so be sure to consider it next time you are looking for a one-of-a-kind image.

Understanding Glorify App

Glorify. Glorify. Oh, Glorify. Your digital design dreams coming to life.

 Glorify - The Best Design Tool: Flexible, Trustworthy, and All-In-One Solution

If you have been searching for the perfect design tool and platform to bring your creations to life then look no further. Glorify has been rated and considered an industry leader in the digital graphic design world with a platform that is not only easy to navigate, but comfortable and flexible to make customization quick and easy and suited to your brand.

It is no secret that to make great content you need some form of skills or at least design experience, but too often some people are creative and artistic but not necessarily book smart or studious and then feel they are limited in their creation and vision. Not when it comes to Glorify. A graphic design tool that lets you be yourself, allows for creative freedom, all the while utilizing and playing around with high-quality, professional editing tools and features. It’s essentially the best of both worlds, right?

And, when starting out you also don’t want to splurge on design platforms that cost an arm and leg and you have no idea how to use half of the tools. Glorify does have a paid subscription once you have built your experience and skill repertoire but until then make the most of their free profile.

Yes, free.

And you are more than welcome to use the free version forever, but do note that it does have limited editing tools and features for those designers who are used to the more fully-stocked tool library, but for beginners and those new to the graphic design world it is perfect and has everything you need to create your designs with a professional aesthetic.

Glorify has many elements to bring to the design table, as it were, we have curated a list of some of the features you will be enjoying when using Glorify for your content creation;

  • It can be used across multiple platforms so you always have an option for designing, whether at home or on the go.

  • The user interface is beginner-friendly and offers a whole host of ready-to-use templates and stock images to get the ball rolling all while playing around with the editing features to take your image to the next level, such as;

  • Shadows and background remover

  • Smart resizing and Blob maker

  • Reflections and New design creations

  • Its usability is instantly accessible with a minimal learning curve

  • Your designs have a professional edge without the hefty price tag, and the tools allow comprehension of your design ideas so you can easily tailor them to your style or target audience

  • As a system-based app, no one won’t be able to use Glorify. Readily available to work on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, if that isn’t enough then nothing will be.

  • The free plan is perfect to use for all demographics, and if you are considering pricing up you are looking at a mere $9.99 for the pro plan. Win-win

When it comes to the business side of things you are looking at one of the top marketing tools in the industry, with customizable marketing campaign templates ready to integrate and create a cohesive brand look across your products, creations, and website.

At the end of the day, the design tool that fits your goals is always going to be the best, but Glorify is certainly up there with the best of them, if not the best. It is flexible, trustworthy, and has everything you could want for your design under one roof.

Deep AI-Powered Image Generation in Glorify App

Transform your ideas from Text into Stunning Images with Deep AI Technology

Now that you have had a taste of how Glorify can transform your digital design world and experience into a life-altering adventure, buckle up because there’s more.

Glorify is collaborating with an AI-powered image generation feature that is sure to steal the show and blow the competition out of the design waters. This soon-to-be editing and design tool is everything you could want and so much more, and the options for digital design, content creation, and product image generation will be limited only by your imagination. This is an editing tool you do not want to miss, the last thing you want on your content creation journey is to be left behind when technology is taking us forward with continuously innovative tools and features.

Be sure to keep a lookout for the up-and-coming AI-generating power team that will skyrocket your skills and creations.

Once the AI has been integrated Glorify will be on top of the graphic design world. Text prompts or text input allows AI to generate and create an image based on specific commands and text input. Now there is an incredible tool we can not live without.

Practical Applications of Glorify App's AI-Powered Image Generation

Edit and create images in seconds by entering a single prompt with Deep AI Technology

When it comes to digital marketing staying one step ahead of the crowd is a must, and with AI you can do this continually b making the most of its innovative, never-tiring work module. You can strategize, implement, and sit back and watch how AI is the ultimate assistant you never knew you needed or wanted.

Here are some examples of how it will be to your digital-marketing advantage.

  • Text and content generation

  • Image and Video Generation

  • Marketing Automation and SEO

  • Customer Service

  • Enabling a Cookieless Future

It is no secret that artificial intelligence is bringing a revolutionary element to the marketing industry, and while it is not completely flawless considering components like emotional intelligence are non-existent, we do see its vast list of positives.

By creating highly-targeted content to personalize customer engagement AI has shown itself as a force to be reckoned with, we just need to ensure that force is working toward our benefit. As we see the evolution of technology unfold we can enlist AI to take on more prominent roles in our businesses and brands, taking on tedious, time-consuming tasks, and leaving the designers and creatives to do what they do best.

Create great content.


As brands and marketers we are always looking for the next best thing to elevate our websites, products, and content, and the latest generative AI tools will do just that. We at Glorify have taken the next step in innovative design technology and thus are launching our soon-to-be enjoyed AI interactive editing and design tool and image generator giving your creative skills a motivational boost to challenge yourself and think completely out of any box society tries to place you in.

By analyzing consumer preferences and customer behaviors AI can help brands personalize and tailor their products and content creation to specific demographics and target audiences. This only makes customers feel more valued and listened to, it’s a win all around.

The time is now

If this all sounds overwhelming fear not, Glorify is here to help. Our team of design experts will help you get started on your design adventure and journey and together you can create professional-looking product images with a cohesive aesthetic across your website. Everything you need under one banner.

So, be sure to check out Glorify whether you are a beginner or digital graphic designer looking for something more elevated and become the household name you have always envisioned for your brand. And with the soon-to-implemented AI-powered image generator the possibilities are endless.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here