Posted Nov 9, 2022

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How to Increase Sales By Using Better Images



How to Increase Sales By Using Better Images

Have you started your online store only lately and have been wondering how to increase sales? Glorify brings you 7 tips for great photography to help you through this!

1. Film against a white background

The secret to gorgeous product images is taking shots against a white background. The white reflects the light on your product and gives you a bright, realistic color image. Such an image grabs the attention of potential customers and converts them into real buying customers for increased sales.

A move, which smoothly transfers (or sweeps) the vertical face over to the horizontal surface, is the best white background for us. You can create your own DIY table the best way to do this. A table, two wooden scrap pieces (about 2 ft tall), spring pliers, and cleaning material are required. You should use something clean and white – white wrapping paper works beautifully for its reflective nature.

white background images

It offers a great deal of versatility and experience when it comes to designing a shooting table. You need to edit and tape a white sheet to something if you need a bigger background. Conversely, you can purchase a professional photography booth that saves you a lot of time when you plan to shoot routinely.

2. Established near a window

Simple to use, accessible, and much lower than ambient light are natural illumination. You must use it adversely to take natural shots of your product. This will not only increase sales by having the product look natural and appealing but will also reduce your post-production work.

Natural light images

3. Using a reflector or glow fill

Since there is only light from one side, the light and shadows on the other side have to even out. You could do this with a reflective surface, or by folding a piece of cardboard card into half to create a full light. You will have to practice the perspectives differently.

reflector or glow fill images

Try to disperse the light through the window with White Paper or a White Sheet if your items appear overexposed. Conversely, attempt to switch the rig from the light source or shoot another day.

4. Take pictures from various angles

If they are able to perceive it evidently, customers to your eCommerce shop are much more likely to buy a product and to increase online sales. It is a simple way to enhance the consumer shopping experience by providing images from various angles.

pictures from different angles

5. Offer close-ups

Provide closure or two to unique attributes, patterns, or textures. And if you can zoom in, it will tell the customer what to look for when close-ups are presented.

Close up images

6. Discard the background

Let your brands speak through a clean, white background. This will bring attention to what you offer and give a polished look to your online marketplace.

Discard the background for an image

7. Make the right photo

All the items should typically be focused, taking 80-90% of the canvas. There may be not enough room around the product when you view it in a program for photo editing, but note that when the website is released a lot of time padding and time margins are applied.

make a right photo

Concluding thoughts-

So, before you ignore your product photos, take our ideas a go and watch as the effectiveness of your product images increases. The standard for product photographs has been set significantly higher today, and you have to go above it.

You will also have to consider your product presentation in addition to showing high-quality well-captured images on the e-commerce product listing. Wondering how to increase sales lead? Market your product through photography so that your future buyers will be inspired and will help you increase not only sales but also to increase your lead sales!

FAQs – How to Drive More Sales with Better Images

1. Why do you need an outstanding e-commerce product presentation?

In short: people are judgemental creatures who easily create first thoughts. And your best impression is to pin down the introduction of your brand and to get you on the journey to increased sales. First impressions aside, it also helps create more sales for your brand with a compelling product presentation.

2. What is product photography?

Evidence of the product characteristics is product images. Many purchasers first look at product photography and then read the summary to check if the product is accurate. A lot about scale, form, color, and even how this is used in product images is told through product photography.

3. What is the underlying sales strategy?

A fundamental technique for increasing sales is to ask consumers what they want or want what they get and what they like as an answer to the compelling question of “how to increase your sales lead.” Simple input from consumers will dramatically enhance goods because they eventually produce profits from their consumers. Today, consumers are better product experts than corporate product managers.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here