Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Instagram Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce: Learn From The Best Brands



Instagram Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce: Learn From The Best Brands

As for the business statistic on Instagram, as per,  Omnicore Agency, about 75.3% of US businesses are supposed to have an account on Instagram by the end of 2020. It is also a fact that at least 90 percent of accounts on Instagram follow at least one business account if not more. To build your brand a name on Instagram and to see a boost in your e-commerce business on Instagram, it is only imperative that you step up your game. Engaging with the followers, consistently posting relevant as well as authentic content, and maintaining an aesthetic feed are some important things that are expected out of brands on Instagram. Talking about aesthetic feeds, Glorify, as a leader in designs exclusively for e-commerce businesses, always got your back when it comes to the perfectly-sized and phenomenal looking templates for a consistent Instagram feed for businesses.  

Building Your Small Brand A Big Name On Instagram-

To talk facts here and provide some context to what you, as a relatively smaller e-commerce brand, can do on Instagram to help your business, we have analyzed some big (daddy) brands on Instagram. Here are some insights on what you can learn from famous brands on Instagram to boom your e-commerce business-

1. Daniel Wellington (@danielwellington)

For a brand that is rather relatively new, Daniel Wellington has, hands down, taken Instagram by the storm. In days when they were just entering the market, you would have also noticed how they were everywhere on Instagram. Ads, sponsored posts, influencer collaborations, and even in the explore feed! There was hardly an influencer on Instagram that did not own a DW watch.

This, actually, worked great for DW. By using people to display their products, they went against the traditional and simpler strategy of product images. The viewers and the followers saw what the watch actually looks when worn by a real person. The content, the feed, the aesthetics – everything about their Instagram is commendable, albeit, most of it is user-generated content.

Daniel Wellington

Take-Away from Daniel Wellington? You, as a business and as a brand on Instagram, need to find ways and methods that let you involve your audience. By reaching out to real people, you let the others relate to your content and it sub-consciously works just like ‘refer a friend’ works.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

‘Like me or hate me, either way, you recognize me.’ With Gary, in all honesty, that is how it works. Gary really has nailed all aspects of Social Media, Instagram is no exception. Gary is always so brutally honest and straight forward with his content that you really cannot pay attention to what he has to say. Apart from being absolutely bluff-free and genuine with his followers, Gary ensures that he is consistently connected to his followers by responding to their comments and DMs; further getting him more brownie point.

Gary uses quick-to-grasp methodology with his content by creating stuff that is highly shareable, easy to understand, and just the right length. Gary’s Instagram video-making skills and implementation could really be studied and understood in-depth if you are a brand that is looking at video as a way to boost engagement (and eventually, sales).

Gary Vaynerchuk

Take-Away from Gary Vaynerchuk? Be real, raw, and genuine. A lot of times some brands and influencers try to build a relationship with their followers by portraying themselves as something they are not. This only works short term, because, well, that is not you and there’s only so much you can fake without being caught – and then, forgotten. Actively engage with your followers and as mentioned, learn from Gary’s video-making skills that yield easy-going, shareable content.

3. National Geographic (@natgeo)

Well, National Geographic has earned itself some massive credibility and respect in terms of their content. Nat Geo on Instagram, obviously, is not left behind. Apart from the obvious fact that they generate some of the best pictures from across the world, what really sets them apart is their story-telling. With each image that goes up on Nat Geo’s Instagram, so does a story. With even simple, minimalistic, and one-liner captions, they almost always succeed in grabbing the attention of anyone who stumbles on the post – regardless of age, interests, and other demographics.  They educate their followers and give context to each image without coming across as boring.

National Geographic

Take-Away from National Geographic? Add value to your otherwise simple images and posts. Just a good picture might not always make a cut. Try to educate your followers with relevant information or fun facts that could be relevant to your brand and industry. Engage, really, is the keyword here.

4. BarkBox (@barkbox)

As the name suggests, Barkbox is a dog company. And if you are a brand that operates around products like that of Barkbox, which can create engaging content just because it is for a loved-by-most market, your job becomes 50 percent easier just like that. Bark Box does a fabulous job as they do not only market their products in an insanely cute manner but they also consistently use memes, visuals, and GIFs that incorporate pets. Even for their stories, they are supremely active with awwww-worthy pet pictures. Their captions remain very catchy, relatable, and impossible to be ignorantly scrolled by.


Take-Away from BarkBox? Brakbox is exploiting and not using Instagram’s features. Though they could have, they do not want to minimize their efforts by just using cute dog pictures. They go a step beyond by using captivation, quote-worthy captions, and even utilize hashtags with their posts. Their stories are consistently posted, they are always trying to engage more with their customers, they have established themselves as a brand that you would follow even if you don’t want to buy dog products or own a dog in the first place. They have aced Instagram entertainment – with some efforts, research, updating self and inspiration form brands like Barkbox, you could too!

5. HubSpot (@hubspot)

Following techniques similar to that of Gary’s in terms of creating short-form, easy to retain, shareable content, HubSpot has also made a great mark on Instagram. If you are a brand owner with too much on your plate, read on. Not willing to go out there and capture pictures of your brand’s products on your own? Not even willing to hire a professional and outsource the job? HubSpot should be your inspiration. HubSpot’s Instagram feed makes use of quotes and famous sayings to create content that still remains relevant and engagement-worthy. HubSpot changes simple quotes, adds them to stock photos or other random images, and makes it into really cool social media graphics!


Take-Away from HubSpot? Text-content is not always boring. You really can turn around your text content into visual, graphic content, and boost engagement. Besides, at times, you can even take a break from your product pictures and instead talk one-on-one with your followers in the form of questions on your stories and accelerate the engagement and brand liking to another level. Do not have your brand appear as something that cannot be reached. Be grounded, be real, and capture interest from people who can potentially boom your business.  

All Said and Done-

There can never be a solid answer to how to boost your brand’s engagements. There are some guidelines in the form of rules, some examples like that of these brands, and some recommendations by experts like creating consistent content that can get you started. It is how you really bring together all the aspects of promotions and boosting engagement is what really sets you apart – the implementation of the knowledge, so to say.

Consistent posts can also be generated by using Glorify – your one-stop solution for not just Instagram, but also all Social Media and e-commerce design needs. Bring more attention to your posts by choosing our professionally designed Instagram templates that cover any and every purpose your brand might have on Instagram. Use hashtags, create Instagram stories, engage, and involve your followers with interactive, comment-worthy posts. Keep the conversations two-way. Have fun with your followers. Focus on grabbing attention and engaging your follower- when it is otherwise so easy for them to just scroll past you and ‘heart’ your competitor’s posts!

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