Posted Mar 16, 2023

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Earn a Passive Income by Selling Digital Wallpapers

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Earn a Passive Income by Selling Digital Wallpapers

Digital Wallpapers that speak to your Personality

When you sit down to work on your laptop or desktop do you feel inspired? Are you filled with the motivation to be your best creative self? If not, why not? 

Everyone has a unique personality and shines in their own way, and your wallpaper screen should reflect that. You may be an avid art lover who enjoys being surrounded by anime and manga characters with their big, doe eyes and bespoke fashion, filling the space with fun and colors.

Digital Wallpapers that speak to your Personality

Perhaps you prefer the more technical aspect and lean towards scientific and universal elements, a well curated Star Wars background could be just the answer to send you into your creative ‘space,’ and who doesn’t love seeing the architecture of the Millenium Falcon and wished it were real. 

Or, if you fall into the category we like to call hidden treasure then an ambient, somewhat mysterious color palette will speak volumes. Subtle hues with intrinsic lines and ombre gradients leave the mind wanting more, it sparks an intrigue that gets your creative juices flowing, who knew a well-designed simplistic wallpaper screen could be so powerful, right?

We have all, at some point in our lives and on one or other electronic device, downloaded and added a wallpaper to our screen. And the practice is still as relevant and evolutionary today as it was many decades ago. You just need to make sure you choose something that represents who you are and speaks to your personality, you are after all, the star of your show. 

The history behind the iconic digital wallpaper

The history behind the iconic digital wallpaper

Since as early as 1975, when a trial project was designed and launched for the office environment by XeroxPAC, we have seen a significant turn in styles and curated elements that are now combined to create the overall look we see across screens worldwide. 

What is a computing wallpaper?

This may sound like a basic question to many people, but too often, PC users are confused as to the standard screen that comes with built-in animations considering it their wallpaper, as opposed to a digital image used as a decorative background of a graphical UI on the smart device.

The word ‘wallpaper’ was initially used by Microsoft Windows (before Windows XP) whereas other brands such as macOS refer to the chosen image as the ‘desktop picture.’

In older computers, the ones most of us grew up with, let’s face it, weighed more than us, the pictures and patterns created were made up of a simple combination of gray dots that were highly pixelated. 

Fast forward a few years and with the introduction of the color monitors we have the pleasure of using today, we have the luxury of better quality pictures and backgrounds due to the higher pixel count. With that being said and as we know the world of technology is ever-advancing, the wallpapers we see adorning computers, laptops, and mobile phones today have evolved to a realistic 3-dimensional animation which was once only simple dotted drawings. 

Expanding your creation

If you are naturally creative and have a flair flare for design, and even more so for digital designing and creating custom mobile and computer screen wallpapers then you need to put your talent to good use. Designing a personalized, one-of-a-kind digital wallpaper that represents who you are as an artist is something that is always encouraged, and the world always needs more color and vibrancy.

Expanding your creation

You may have once-upon-a-time thought about taking your design skills to the next level and making it your full-time job, but it comes with risks and is not something many of us are willing to jump into with both feet when we have a stable 9-5 we can rely on to pay the bills. But that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t still earn money from your creations on the side; passively. 

Earning a passive income is like taking a paycheck with minimal effort (if only everything was so easy, right?), it takes little to no effort to maintain, and is more often than not a venture run alongside your full-time job. 

When you know you have the talent but not the time to create a marketing, strategy, or promotional campaign to boost your products, then simply creating the designs and selling them via different methods and across social platforms is the next best thing. All you need to know is how best to move forward with your curated pieces, and this is where we come in. 

Creating your wallpaper

Learning is a process we can successfully achieve every day, there is always something new to learn, no matter how big or small, we just need to push ourselves to continually want to experience, gain knowledge, and ultimately better ourselves. 

And when it comes to creating your newfound love for digital desktop or mobile screen wallpapers it is no different, and Glorify can help. A platform that allows you to effortlessly create compelling graphics designs in a few simple steps, it is free (always a perk), and it is great for all skill levels. 

Before we jump into a simplistic version of how you can create your wallpaper using Glorify you should know all the benefits there are that come with the platform, a few of the top handpicked reasons why designers, artists, and digital creators are opting for Glorify over Figma, Canva, or Photoshop. 

Glorify has proven to be not only quicker and easier to use, but you can be up and running with a better quality product in less time. Win-win.

  • Once you have created your design there is a limitless canvas to test your variables out on, this way you have the opportunity to play around and fine-tune your piece before settling on a final layout.

Creating your wallpaper

  • The ready-made templates allow you to instantly preview your choices or changes you have made to your creation with instantly available Mock-up previews so you can see what others will see when they purchase your product.

glorify mockups

  • You have the luxury of browsing and using a vast library of designs and formats to get you started and ample stock assets to get the ball rolling on your creative adventure.

glorify smart resize

Now that you know Glorify is the platform for you to begin your design journey, with these simple steps you will quickly see why it is considered the best and easiest program for beginners and those looking to refresh their skills. 

  1. Go to the Dashboard, find and choose a template that resonates with you, or search for something more specific in the relevant theme or niche.

glorify dashboard

  1. Then you want to decide on the background you want your brand or image to represent and be recognized for. You can use watercolor backgrounds, blurred background images that offer a calmer, softer overall effect, or a simple gray and white backdrop that gives a design a slick look without being flat.

glorify editor

Some people also prefer to go for a single color as a background design, this allows the product to be front and center and essentially the star of the show.

  1. Next, you may want to look at adding a few (or many) geometric shapes to make for a more eye-catching design and to add visual interest. 

glorify editor

What not to do

Believe it or not there can be creative no-no’s when it comes to creativity. Ideally, you want to keep in mind that less is more and keep the focus on the product or message, if there is too much to look at the customer becomes confused and overwhelmed. 

Use colors that complement each other, work well when paired together, and ultimately work on the color wheel.

By adding layered images your design can become too cluttered and you lose sight of the main object. Consider the blur tool as your friend to keep more important aspects in the front without compromising on losing an image you like. 

Selling like a seasoned pro

So you have your creations, now what? Well, you need to show the world what they have been missing out on, and you need to get your images out into the digital marketing industry, and to do this we have curated a bespoke few options to help get the ball rolling and to get your new venture off the ground. 

How to sell;

  1. Selling on the top industry marketplaces and their specific platforms.

    Sellfy, Envato, E-junkie, SendOwl, or Creative Market

  2. Customizing and creating a store on e-com platforms such as Shopify.

  3. If you don’t have the finances as of yet to go all in from the get-go, consider free platforms such as Gumroad. 

1: Selling on the top industry marketplaces and their specific platforms

  • Sellfy – A good platform to sell downloads, suited for beginners


Sellfy is home to over 32,000 creative souls who have been successful in selling their products and making money online. Its eCommerce platform is simple to navigate and has ease of use with agile and smart tools that not only promote products via social media but enhance sales. Sellfy has been considered the number one platform for selling digital products without a website.

  • Envato – A marketplace community with creative assets for creative artists


Envato is a place where you can instantly feel like you belong and you can bring your creative ideas to life. The platform has smart design templates making it easy to use for newbies or those who have had some time in the field but need a fresh outlook and is a great place to find inspiration so you feel empowered to do what you love.

  • E-junkie – The affordable choice for selling digital products


People love E-junkie because other than the flat monthly fee you pay for using the platform services, there are no added or extra hidden fees. Those interested in the marketing and business world find everything they need to create and sell within the platform from inventory management to an overview of your sales from an analytical perspective. 

  • SendOwl – A good starting point for beginners looking for an affordable platform


The best part of SendOwl is that it can be used by anyone, experienced or beginner, and is conveniently operated through the cloud rather than your server. The free plan has no account limits and you can start selling your digital products for free, but each transaction does come with a 5% transaction fee. Or, opt for the regular plan at only $19/month with no transaction fees. 

  • Creative Market – The top choice for designers selling graphics

Creative Market

Creative Market, while they do have a thorough approval process for those looking to create, sell, and upload on their platform, it is home to more than 10,000 artists who sell bespoke and uniquely beautiful work. The features are what draw designers and creators in with templates and textures of all kinds to add to your designs or find one-of-a-kind photography to take your project to the next level. 

2: Customizing and creating a store on e-com platforms such as Shopify

In just a few quick steps you can create, upload, and start selling your products on your store all in one day, and the process is easier than you may think. You could be up and running in under 30 minutes and what’s even better is you can begin with a free 3-day trial to see if it is everything you had hoped it would be. 

Essentially, there are different payment tiers to consider, and you would upgrade them as you see fit and suited to your business, but keep in mind transactional fees and monthly payments when first starting. But you can have peace of mind that when you create your online store it will be suited for all users from desktops to mobile customers. Here are a few quick steps to setting up your new business venture;

  • Start by choosing your e-commerce platform

  • Upload the products you want to sell

  • Your store will need key pages for customers to easily search and find what they want

  • Creating your brand by picking a theme and customizing the store to your taste and aesthetic

  • Customize your shipping and delivery settings

  • Configure your tax settings

  • Customize your payment gateway, customize how customers will pay

  • Once you are set up, get ready to launch your store and products

  • Believe in yourself and launch your dream business adventure

3: Cost-efficient beginning


It is no secret that starting a business or any project is a financial leap of faith, but as the old saying goes, ‘without risk there can be no reward.’ Be that as it may, not everyone looking to make a passive income on the side is willing to fork out thousands in cash to get off the ground, which is why finding free, minimal-fee platforms is your best bet.

Platforms such as Gumroad are a good place for digital creators to sell their products via social media, and we are well aware that social media platforms are the quickest means of getting your brand out there or known.

Gumroad is a simple, easy-to-use platform that is navigable for all experience levels. All you need to do is upload your beautiful designs or products, set your pricing, and let Gumroad do the heavy lifting. And it offers an embedded widget so you can integrate it into your website and easily manage how you sell and promote your digital products. However, it is more commonly used as a standalone platform where artists sell their products by promoting them on social media. 

Marketing your Wallpapers

We all know the importance of marketing and how valuable it can be to the success of your products and brand. A well-marketed item makes customers aware of services and products, engages them, and ultimately encourages (with subtle persuasion) them in the buying decision. If you are looking to showcase your digital screen wallpapers to the world then making marketing an integral part of your business plan is a must, it helps not only to maintain demand and relevance but keeps you ahead of your competition while keeping an eye on what they are up to. 

Marketing campaigns may not always be in your budget, and as effective as word-of-mouth is you still need to essentially spend money to make money, and a strategic marketing plan can help you achieve that. Here’s how; 

  • As a small upsell to an existing main product line

  • As a merchandise item for your personal brand, fun accessories

  • Promoted as a freebie to build your email customer list

As a small upsell to an existing main product

When it comes to killing two birds with one stone this is the way to do it, by essentially upselling and cross-selling your products on your website you save on time and cut significant advertising costs. If, for example, you are looking to sell your newly designed desktop screen wallpaper collection to a customer, then pairing it with a logical connecting product would make sense. 

For instance, if your customer has added a new keyboard and headset to their basket, this is where your website would pop up an add-on accessory such as the latest in wallpaper screen designs to include in their basket and which ties in nicely with their bundle. This way you not only continue to sell your products but begin to showcase what’s new, often customers may not realize they needed or wanted the extras and they can now enjoy a full-package deal. 

As a merchandise item for your personal brand; fun accessories 

You could use the designs you have painstakingly created so beautifully and spread them across multiple items for people who love your creations. Ideally, working with your demographic in mind would determine the products you could consider, but if it works, the possibilities are endless. You could create anything with your brand and color aesthetic on it and make it work, and when people see it they will immediately recognize the patterns or gradients that are so particular to your style. 

Promoted as a freebie to build your email customer list

We all love a freebie, even the richest people enjoy getting something for nothing, and it is the quickest way to grab someone’s attention. By offering an exclusive design drop to the first 100 email subscribers you not only draw them in to peruse the rest of your items they otherwise would not have known about, but you also have the chance to build your client list so when you have promotions or specials you can add them to the mailing list so they are always aware of new products. 

email customer list

And, if those email customers refer your brand to their friends and so forth, you will soon be a global household name and paving the way for the future of desktop and mobile screen wallpapers. 

The world of Social Media and Influencers

While the world of technology, and many other industries, have significantly evolved over the last decade we can say without a doubt that social media platforms have skyrocketed and revolutionized the way the world and the younger generations operate. 

And not to mention the people running these accounts and profiles while being ambassadors and spokespeople for brands and products, and this is where you want to get your foot in the door. Influencers are people who are considered industry experts in their chosen fields, who have a deep passion for what they do, and who have built a reputation based on their knowledge, they can influence their followers and their purchasing decision-making. And it works too. 

When it comes to mobile and desktop screen wallpapers there is a long list of influencers making waves, but we have curated the top 3 profilers in their genre to see what they are about and how they have made their success a way of life and ultimately a passive income.

Rad Bali

Rad Bali

A Slovakian designer living in Denmark, Rad Bali is the epitome of living design. He loves products, creating them, and eating others (keen burger lover), all the while hitting the open road in his downtime on his motorcycle. 

Rad Bali began selling his digital products with the intent to have it as a side activity to initially use it as a creative outlet, but as his Instagram following quickly increased within 6 months and his influencing become an integral part of his lifestyle, he is now the Head of Design for Uizard with his wallpaper creations his passive side income and successfully holding their own. 

He believes wholeheartedly that to be successful in business or in anything you want to achieve consistency is key, focus to get the job in front of you done (not getting distracted), and be persistent, what works for some may not necessarily work for you. This is where you re-evaluate, pivot, change niche if need be, learn more about your field, and try again. Valuable advice from influencers who have essentially made it a success, built from the ground up, is priceless. Take a moment to check out an interesting video interview to learn more about his life and climb up the influencer and social media ladder. And most importantly, his expert advice on creating and selling wallpapers. If you’d rather read about it, you can dive into it here

Leo Keller

Leo Keller

Focusing his work on a beautifully minimalistic approach, Leo Keller is a filmmaker and digital creator from Germany taking the digital world by storm. When asked how he keeps his creative juices flowing he replied saying that changing up his desk and workspace environment every so often helps him to stay inspired. 

As a growing Instagram influencer it can be tough finding the right social media, work, life, and school balance, so making time to regularly meet up with friends or disappear into a good book keeps him grounded.

Tom Noske 

Tom Noske

Tom hails from the greater Melbourne Area and as an experienced business owner, he has successfully demonstrated his creativity and skill in both photography and film productions, and social media marketing with a strength in digital design. He enjoys exploring and discovering new avenues in his creativity as a budding entrepreneur, and when he is not designing all these picturesque art pieces he is training as an ultra-endurance triathlete. 

Tom Noske believes in a single piece of advice he was once given, and it still rings true to this day. Instead of trying to be creative in something new every single day making it the hardest job possible to think of what to do when you have zero limitations, consider doing the same thing every day. 

Seeing it from a different angle, a different perspective, or discovering it using a new medium such as painting, drawing, or photography, but remaining within the boundaries of that genre. This way you are forced to expand what you think are your limits and you end up discovering a new side to yourself. 

A final thought on it all

Now that you've explored the world of digital wallpapers and discovered the endless possibilities for expressing your creativity, it's time to turn your passion into profit with Glorify. As an AI-powered design tool tailored for e-commerce businesses and digital marketers, Glorify empowers you to effortlessly design captivating graphics and videos that resonate with your audience.

With Glorify, you can bring your unique vision to life and create custom wallpapers that reflect your personality and style. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting out, Glorify's intuitive interface and extensive library of templates make it easy to design graphics and videos fast, at scale, with minimum design skills required.

Imagine being able to showcase your digital wallpapers on your own e-commerce store or across top industry marketplaces like Sellfy, Envato, and Creative Market. With Glorify, you can seamlessly integrate your designs into your online store and reach a global audience of potential customers.

But that's not all. Glorify also provides you with the tools and resources you need to market your wallpapers effectively, from social media promotion to influencer partnerships. With Glorify by your side, you can elevate your brand awareness and drive sales like never before.

So why wait? Start your design journey with Glorify today and unlock the full potential of your creativity. Whether you're looking to earn a passive income on the side or build a thriving e-commerce business, Glorify is your ultimate solution for designing graphics and videos that make an impact.

Ready to transform your ideas into stunning visuals? Sign up for Glorify now and take your digital wallpapers to the next level! 🚀✨

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here