Posted Jan 9, 2023

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13 Best Photo Editing Apps To Edit Your Photos in 2023

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Design & Inspiration

13 Best Photo Editing Apps To Edit Your Photos in 2023

Best Editing Apps for Photographs in 2021

When it comes to photographs, good editing techniques can definitely boost their aesthetic appeal. Having said that, while photo editing is necessary, using sophisticated software may not be everyone’s cup of tea. That's where easy-to-use photo editing apps come in!

Here are some free and affordable tools that are the best apps for editing photos.

Best Photo Editing Apps That Can Be Used On Both Android And iOS

1. Glorify

Glorify is an easy-to-use design tool that is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals. With this efficient tool, you can upload your photos and make edits in a few simple clicks. The best part is, Glorify isn't just a photo editing app. Once your photos are ready they can be instantly resized and shared across a number of social media platforms.

They also offer other useful features such as a background remover tools, bundle kits, mockups and thousands of pre-designed, customizable templates. With Glorify, you can easily repurpose your edited photos for email banners, social media profile and cover images, ads and more!


Glorify offers a free plan for those just getting started. Monthly subscriptions to their Pro and Business plans run at $39.99 and $99.99 respectively. However, if you choose either plan as a yearly subscription, you are entitled to a 25% discount.

2. Afterlight

Afterlight is a rudimentary tool that provides all the features one would need to make basic photo edits. From adjusting the brightness and color tones to rotating or straightening a photo, this app has everything you need for great lighting and color fixes.

They offer about 74 filters that include a fusion feature to create new filters and textures. Added to this, Afterlight also has a choice of 128 frames, perfectly suited for Instagram.


This can be downloaded for free but has certain in-app purchases that can be made.

Afterlight Editing App for Photographs

3. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam has a wider set of editing tools compared to most editing apps. Their filters have a softer and more authentic look resembling real film as opposed to the over-saturated looks on Instagram filters.


The free version of VSCO Cam offers limited editing features. You can make use of their 7 day free trial and there after purchase a membership for an annual price of $19.99.

VSCO cam Editing App for Photographs

4. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is one of the best apps for editing photos. This app is especially used for creating collages to instantly share photos on Facebook or Instagram. The “Decorate” setting also allows annotating the photo using digital stickers before saving and posting them on social media.

The best thing about this app is that it is easily accessible, carrying the natural limitations of a mobile app like uploading a JPG file that is smaller than 16 megapixels (MP).


Photoshop Express can be used for free. However, their premium features can be purchased at $9.99.

Photoshop express Editing App for Photographs

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is another cool editing app that works great especially for basic image enhancements. They provide users with classic adjustment tools that provide features including tuning, cropping and straightening photos. The sharpening tool is extremely effective since it enhances photos without producing a grainy look. Another great feature is the “Selective Adjust” tool that allows pinpointing an area in a photo to adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast.


This is a free app.

Snapseen Editing App for Photographs


This photo editing app helps adjust the perspective of photos, making the lines look clean, square and symmetric. It also has a powerful lens distortion correction feature which makes it ideal for adjusting minor errors.


SKRWT is a free app.

SKRWT Editing App for Photographs

7. LiveCollage

With over 10,000 aesthetic layouts, this app helps create fun, attractive collages. LiveCollage contains many options for photo organization with interesting and colorful backgrounds. You can also customize texts using different fonts, colors, and sizes.


Can be downloaded for free.

Live Collage Editing App for Photographs

8. Instasize

Instasize offers various photo-editing tools with additional features like manipulating exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, tint, warmth, shadows and highlights. They also have a wide selection of photo filters to choose from. Instasize offers robust beauty editing tools with unique borders, a collage creator, and customized texts that make it easy to use.


The app can be downloaded for free. They also offer a premium version which can be purchased at $4.99.

Instasize Editing App for Photographs

9. Foodie

As suggested by the name, this app is custom made to spice up photos of food. Foodie offers more than 30 filters and numerous other editing features that produce high-quality photos for various social media platforms.


This is a free app.

Foodie Editing App for Photographs

Best Photo Editing Apps That Can Be Used Only On iOS

1. Camera+2

Camera+2 is the latest variation of the original Camera+ app. The difference between these two is that Camera+2 provides all features without the need to purchase them separately. Their latest features include Monuments Mode, Social Filter Pack and Favorite Edits. Users have complete control over their capture which takes in precise, crisp details.


Camera+2 can be purchased from the App store for $7.99.

Camera+ Editing App for Photographs

2. Mextures

Being an advanced tool, Mextures is one of the best photo editing apps on this list. Their layer-based editing allows you to stack different adjustments with layers over each other by editing them individually and allowing limitless creativity. Users can also add multiple filters, textures, and blending models to a photograph to create a unique look.


This app can be purchased for just $0.99.

Mextures Editing App for Photographs

Best Face Editing Apps

1. Facetune

Facetune is one of the most popular apps for editing photos, especially selfies. They offer eight types of enhancements that can be made to a person’s face including the hair, eyes, skin and smile.


This app can only be used on iPhones and costs $3.99.

Facetune Editing App for Photographs

2. Visage Lab

Visage Lab works best as a makeup editor allowing instant retouches on photos. Users can instantly remover lines, blemishes and wrinkles from photos while preserving a natural look. They also offer special effects like the “Pop Art Style” filter.


This app is free for both iOS and Android users. However, certain features such as interesting backgrounds and color features can be purchased as additional tools.

Visage makeup editor Editing App for Photographs

Key Takeaways

Images and photos are an important part of your online presence. There are countless apps out there, but keeping in mind the functionality, effectiveness and ease of use, Glorify comes out on top. With their vast range of features, you can center al your design needs in one place. There will be no need to use other apps to resize your images or keep it on-brand using your brand colors. Glorify does it all!

Explore Glorify Now!

Best Apps For Photo Editing: FAQs

1. What is the best photo editing app for beginners?

Glorify's range of features are easy to use, yet provide high-quality, professional images. This makes it ideal for beginners who do not have the time to learn complex procedures but do not want to compromise on quality either.

2. What is the best free photo editing app?

LiveCollage is a popular free photo editing app. The ability to make collages is hugely appealing today. With over 10,000 different layouts, users have plenty of options to choose from and there's something in it for everybody!

3. Do photographers use editing apps?

Yes! Photographers do use apps to edit their photos and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their clicks. Each image requires a lot of hard work. They usually spend long hours trying to capture the perfect photo, then choose the best of the best and further edit it to make it ideal for their audience.

4. Can I work as a professional photo editor?

Editing photos takes an ample amount of time and patience to get it right but the key lies in persistence. Apart from an artistic eye, you also need to become familiar with the more technical aspects of photography. Editing requires working on every point of a photo, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun and exciting journey.

3. Are older versions of Photoshop free?

Adobe allows a free download for older versions of Photoshop, namely Photoshop CS2, which was released in May 2005.

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