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Emerging Importance of Facebook Ads Creatives in Advertising



Emerging Importance of Facebook Ads Creatives in Advertising

1. What are Facebook Ads Creatives?

Facebook ads creatives are the images and videos that you make to advertise your products or services on Facebook.

 Moreover, you use them to highlight your product’s features, tell a story, or convey a message. The key is to make sure the visuals are eye-catching and relevant to the target audience.

There are 3 main types of Facebook ads creatives:

  • Image ads

  • Video ads,

  • Carousels

Each of these creatives serves a purpose: images are great to raise brand awareness, videos are great to show the benefits of your products or services with the actual people using them, whereas carousels are great to showcase your product or service and highlight its main features. 

No matter the type, every ad should have a visual, copy, headline, and CTA button.

Before we describe each of these and show how easily and effortlessly you can create them, let’s see why these ads are so crucial for your eCommerce business.

2. Why do You Need Facebook Ads Creatives in Your eCommerce Business?

Although Facebook ads are just a fraction of a bigger picture that includes your webpage, eStore, and emails, they are essential. If nobody hits your ad, it is almost as if the other funnel parts don’t exist. That's why it's so important to put time and effort into creating high-quality ad creatives. 

Another crucial factor in determining the importance of Facebook ads creatives is the privacy updates on iOS 14. This has caused some problems for Facebook advertisers, who are now struggling with ad delivery and reporting since they lack some advanced audience targeting tools.

To compensate, advertisers should focus on creating strong ad creatives that will grab attention even if it isn't explicitly targeted to their audience.

And last but not least, according to eMarketer, ad revenue will top $58.1 billion in 2022. And these metrics are only for the US. 

Since standing out in the sea of so many other ads is crucial, let’s see how you can create scroll-stopping ads depending on their type.

3. How to Create Image Ads?

On a more general note, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating your Facebook Ads creatives:

  • First, make sure your ad creative is relevant to your target audience and your offer.

  • Your ad creative should also be visually appealing and easy to understand

  • Keep your ad copy short and to the point, and

  • Make sure your CTA is clear.

  • Finally, test different ad creatives to see which ones perform the best.

You can’t have a good image ad, or a solo ad, without a high-quality image. It needs to be attention-grabbing, but it also needs to meet specific technical requirements.

Although solo images are the simplest form of Facebook creative ads, they are by no means the least effective. Images are a great asset to raise brand awareness.

A rule of thumb is choosing images that blend with the other images people see on their Facebook timelines. This won’t immediately scream: “Here comes another ad,” which increases the chances of your ad actually being seen.

However, don’t mistake blending in with dullness. You should still pay attention to colors and contrast.

When it comes to colors, try choosing colors that complement your brand colors and your logo. The right choice of colors has a great impact on your marketing efforts. Also, don’t shy away from using high-contrast photos. The key is in the right balance.

Let’s check this in practice.

How to Create Compelling Image Ads with Glorify Tool?

Glorify tool was designed having eCommerce store owners with no or little design skills in mind. That is the main reason why both the tool and the platform are highly intuitive and user-friendly.

In our template gallery, you will see a section with Facebook Ads templates. They are already optimized in size, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Another treat is that they come in bundles, which means they are already optimized for other social media platforms, banners, headers, etc.

The following steps depend on your needs. You can either upload your own photo or choose a photo from our Free Images gallery. Regardless of which one you choose, the editing tools are the same.

You can add layers, remove background, add your logo, change colors, and play with shadowing and reflections. 

As you can see from the photo above, you can completely transform an image with a simple drag-and-drop. All the tools you need are on the dashboard.

4. How to Create Video Ads?

Video Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers on the social media platform.

By using creative storytelling and compelling visuals, businesses can grab the attention of users scrolling through their newsfeeds and get them interested in what they have to offer.

While there are many different ways to create a video Facebook ad, it’s important to keep in mind the campaign's overall goals and what will resonate best with the target audience. 

For example, if a company is launching a new product, they might want to focus on the features and benefits of the item in their video ad. 

On the other hand, if a business is running a sale or promotion, they’ll want to ensure their video ad is visually appealing and easy to understand so that users are enticed to click through to learn more.

Furthermore, educational videos do the trick if your main aim is to build an audience. Show how they can use your product or service and its benefits.

Another interesting observation is that the most engaging videos are those with actual people using the product or service. People love seeing faces in videos since eye contact can help build trust.

No matter what approach is taken, video Facebook ads can be an incredibly powerful tool for driving awareness and interest in a business. When done right, they can leave a lasting impression on viewers and help lead to conversions down the line.

5. How to Create Carousel Ads?

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is through carousel video ads. Using multiple videos in a single ad can tell a story that grabs attention and keeps people engaged.

Carousel video ads are especially effective for promoting products or services that have multiple features or benefits. You can use each video in the ad to highlight a different aspect of what you're offering.

The key to creating a successful carousel video ad is to keep the videos short, attention-grabbing, and relevant to your target audience. You also want to make sure that the overall story you're telling is clear and easy to follow.

If you're not sure where to start, try creating a carousel video ad that showcases your product in action. This is a great way to demonstrate how your product works and what it can do for your audience.

Once you've created your ad, test it out on various devices to make sure it looks great on all of them. Just like template bundles that are already optimized, Glorify 3.0 will soon have video editing tools that will enable you to create converting videos in already set formats and templates.

How to Create Engaging Carousel Facebook Ads with Glorify?

When you check all the templates in our library, don’t worry if you don’t see Facebook Carousel Option. You just choose the Instagram Square Post since the requirements are the same.

So how to take it from here? 

Very simply. Add new photos for your carousel by copying the chosen design. This will save loads of time because you don’t have to adjust every new image you add. An additional perk is that you can keep the same background while changing the product images.

After this more technical part, the time has come to unleash your creativity. Choose from our editing tools and features until you create the design you like. There is no need to leave the screen since everything is on the same dashboard.

Let’s Recap!

When it comes to Facebook Ads, one of the most important aspects is your ad creative. This is what will determine whether or not your ad is successful in grabbing people's attention and getting them to take action.

Key things to remember are to use strong visuals accompanied by a catchy headline, short and up-to-the-point ad copy, and a CTA.

Since visuals are the leading players and are inevitable in Facebook ads creatives, why wait any longer? Start a free trial and get down to creating stunning visuals that will help you stand out from the crowd!

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