Posted Jan 25, 2023

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Social Media

The Perfect Facebook Event Photo Size & Best Practices – 2023

Social Media

Social Media

The Perfect Facebook Event Photo Size & Best Practices – 2023

First things first: What is the Facebook Event Photo Size?

The wide spot for a Facebook event photo is a spot that needs to be considerably looked at and should never be filled with a picture just because there needs to be a picture. Aim at finding a picture that best defines your business and is in sync with your brand. Also very important here is the size and dimensions of the Facebook event photo. The correct Facebook event photo size has the dimensions of 1920 x 1005 pixels.

first things first What is the Facebook Event Photo Size

If you use a picture that is smaller than 1920 pixels wide, the picture will be automatically increased to scale the correct dimensions which will result in a low-quality, expanded and stretched picture. If the picture is too wide or too tall, Facebook will crop it. When it comes to your business, it is the best to keep your page professional and not give out a careless image. This is the first thing a visitor will be looking at when they visit your Facebook event page. Hence, the right way to do this is to upload a cover picture that is just the recommended size.

For an easier way out, you can also use Glorify to find yourself the best-looking, perfectly-fitted Facebook cover photo. Glorify offers designs that are made exclusively for e-commerce businesses. Our Facebook event cover templates also offer full customization so you can actually choose to tweak it to your liking unless it syncs with your thought process.

How to create a Facebook Event?

So, you have your basics about a cover photo sorted and it is now time to discuss how to even get started on setting up your event.

  1. Navigate to the far-left menu on Facebook and find the Events tab

  2. Click on Create Event. You will be asked to choose if you want to keep your event public or private; take a call and pick accordingly

  3. A new window will now open up asking you to fill in more details about your event. Be sure to fill these details with great care

  4. Upload your perfectly-sized event cover photo created on Glorify

  5. Name your event. It would be the best to spend some time on figuring out a name that is not commonplace and so catchy that it is remembered by all

  6. Write a brief yet informative description

  7. Choose the accurate start and end time for your event

  8. Always include the full address and possibly, also provide a landmark to the invitees

  9. If your event is public: Pick some keywords and tags so that your event is discoverale and can be easily found by those who might be interested

How to create a Facebook Event 1

And you are now all set to start sending your digital invited for your event!

Best Practices To Make Your Facebook Event A Huge Success

Now that you know how to create an event, let’s talk about the best practises that you may want to follow for your event to shine!

1. Partner With Other Brands & Businesses

A Facebook event, since it is so easy to create, can be set up by anyone. Facebook also allows the main event creator to add more admins for the managing of the event – this could be your opportunity to build credibility for your businesses.

Venture out and look for possibilities of partnering and inviting other brands or businesses for your event. Having other brands on your invite list will help show the said credibility and drive more people to RSVP to your event. This also helps you access the network of the partnered brands and eventually curate a larger invite list for yourself!

Partner With Other Brands Businesses

2. Stir Curiosity with Discussions

Facebooks offers a fully dedicated section on the Facebook event page for discussions around the event. This feature should be exploited by you, as a host, to stir two-way discussions about the event and keep your invitees engaged and interested in showing up for the event. Try to keep your discussions minimally formal and more fun to gather the attention of the invitees.

You can also use this section to post information about your business. Concert hosts and artists like comedians and mimics often use this section to post event posters and short snippet videos to build anticipation. Also be mindful and remember to be responsive to the queries that might come your way in this discussion section.

Stir Curiosity with Discussions

3. Set Expectations for Your Event

Do not make promises to your invitees to lure them to your event, but instead give them a glimpse of what the event may look like. Events can be a foundation for a long-term relationship with the invites and hence, be very sure that you do not bite more than you can chew.  If an event goes wrong, you could end up getting some nasty reviews all over social media and obviously would not want things to go down that hill for you.

Just give you attendees a basic idea of the day’s schedule, an insight on the activities you may have planned and basically any information that you believe could draw them to attend the event. Pictures from previously held events or reviews from the attendees of those events can also be used. Such visuals can sell your event faster as the invitees know exactly what to expect by looking at the pictures or videos from the past.

Set Expectations for Your Event

4. Godspeed!

Hosting a Facebook event is so simple and making it successful takes only so many efforts. Hence, the chances of such events not being successful are very thin. Just ensure that you have read up everything you can to educate yourself. Knowledged and some belief can really take you, your business and your event to places!

Always remember to use the right Facebook event photo size, which is so easy now with websites like Glorify!  Come up with an attractive name, give out the right details, do not indulge in over-posting or spamming, do not be vague, engage and interact with the invitees – and that should be your path to a successful event right there!

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