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6 Features of Great Logo Design For Businesses

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

6 Features of Great Logo Design For Businesses

Why Is Logo So Important?

Did you know that 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo?

A logo uses colors, fonts, and shapes to represent your company's values.

It serves as a brand ambassador, meaning that customers can immediately associate an image with the brand behind it.

That’s why a logo can quickly attract the attention of potential customers and convey the company's values ​​in a creative way. 

Types of Logos 

Choosing the ideal logo for a small business owner is an essential phase in the entrepreneurial process because it marks the change from a written idea to a functioning business.

Here are some most common examples of different types of logos.

1. Wordmark/logotype logo

Typography takes center stage instead of images or symbols, and the stylized corporate name serves as a marker for the brand.

Wordmark/logotype logo

The benefit of wordmark logos is that they are simple to use across mediums and increase brand identification due to their simplicity and clarity.

Businesses frequently abbreviate their wordmark logo into an initial or monogram.

2. Monogram/lettermark logo

A monogram logo consists of one to four letters, most frequently the initials or first letter of the company.

monogra logo

Famous companies, such as Facebook, Chanel, and HP, use the Monogram logo with or without the complete company name under the logo.

If you want to use a monogram/lettermark logo across platforms, such as websites, apps, or social media profile pictures, make sure the typeface is the same in both versions.

3. Combination logo

A combination logo comprises a wordmark or lettermark combined with a symbol (often referred to as a logomark).

combination mark logo

Its versatility contributes to it being the most popular style of logo design.

When necessary, you can use the symbol alone or merely the wordmark or lettermark.

4. Brandmark/logo symbol/pictorial mark logo

A brandmark logo is a distinct picture or symbol.

The trademark may be visual and show an actual real-life item or object (for example, Apple or Twitter), or it may take the form of an abstract shape.

brandmark logo

Brandmark logos are great for already established and well-known brands.

Small businesses should consider adding a brand's name to establish recognition.

5. Emblem logo

Emblem logos are frequently complex, with a lot of detail. This can make it more difficult to reduce their size for usage on social media or business cards.

But, because of their shape, they look fantastic as profile pictures or printed.

Emble logo

They also look great as packaging stickers or printed on apparel.

6. Mascot logos

Mascot logos feature an illustrated character that serves as a brand's spokesperson. In addition, these logos frequently have a warm, approachable vibe that helps audiences relate to them and build connections.

Mascor logo

Maybe the most famous one, the star of many funny memes, is the Duolingo owl. 

6 Features Of Logo Design That Will Make Your Company Memorable

If you want to make a memorable logo, here are the most important features your logo design should have:

1. Identifiable

The logo should be relatable to the company, but it doesn't need to be an exact reflection of it.

For example, if you own a bakery, you don't have to put an image of actual bread on it. Instead, it can be related to it based on the service you provide.

bakery logo

The typeface must be appropriate for the brand's goal and desired impression.

bank logos

When you look at any bank's logo, you won't see any quirky, creative fonts because they don't align with the company's principles and don't emphasize professionalism and reliability.

And similarly, employing the clean, minimal font for kids' toys will not serve its purpose of representing the creative and playful brand.

2. Timeless

Some of the most recognizable logos were designed 60+ years ago and, with slight changes, are relevant to this date.

shell logo

When you look at some of them, like Nike, Adidas, or Shell, you can't pinpoint them to a certain decade.

If you follow hot, new trends when designing a logo, the chance is it will look outdated shortly.

Conversely, a strong logo will withstand the test of time, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and usefulness as of the day it was created and business logo maker can be helpful in those situations.

3. Simple 

One of the most important features of a logo design is simplicity.

Consider the principles of minimalism and negative space in the design. Minimalist logos, like flat logos, use a single, adaptable design that can be used on various backgrounds and across media.

Plain logos frequently consist of wordmarks (a business name without any images) or simple icon designs.

They will filter out any "extra" components, leaving you with a logo that works in all settings.

Nowadays, most consumers use mobile phones to surf the Internet. That's why it is vital that your logo looks good, even scaled down to millimeters.

social media logos

For example, when you look at your mobile screen, Google, YouTube, or Twitch thumbnails are easily recognizable when scaled down.

Note: Don't go overboard with colors. Using more than 2 colors can make your design cluttered or blurry when scaled down.                              

4. Legible

Legibility is crucial for many brands.

The company's name must be simple to read and easy to remember. If customers can't see your brand's name on the logo, you will most likely need a new one.

Here are examples of bad logos:

bad font examples

Legibility, spacing between the letters, and appropriate dimensions are all features of a good logo design.

Chosen typeface should go well with the brand's personality.

If your logo doesn't pass the test when scaled down, it will look smudged or disappear entirely.

5. Distinctive

While famous logos can undoubtedly be an inspiration, don't try to copy them.

 Starbucks and Starpeya

Your goal should be to make a unique and recognizable logo that will stand out among competition.

When you look at some of the most recognizable logos, you can see they are all unique.

6. Memorable

Many previously described features are combined in memorable logos. Still, they also strike the ideal balance between the textual and graphic elements.

More importantly, they effectively and consistently convey the tone and personality of your brand.

6. Versatile and Scalable

In addition to all mentioned characteristics, versatility and scalability are among the most crucial parts of a great logo design.

A versatile and scalable logo will:

  • Function well in various contexts and on all mediums. 

To test this, see how it looks printed on a pen, product packaging, poster, or billboard. By doing this, you can guarantee that the logo will stand out and be instantly recognizable regardless of the size, color, or material of the location it is used in.

  • Look great in black and white, one solid color or full color.

Having a range of configurations, or "lockups," is one way to accomplish this.

As an illustration, if the logo consists of a wordmark and a symbol, there may be two variations: one with the symbol to the left and the other with the symbol above the wordmark.

wordmark illustration logo

Suppose the company name consists of several words. In that case, you can have variants where the complete name appears on a single line of text in one and is stacked in another.

Therefore, to guarantee that your logo is readable at smaller sizes, zoom in and out as you design it.

Here is an example of detailed logos that look great when scaled down:

detailed logos examples

Testing your logo on mockups is also a brilliant idea to ensure it functions correctly on the web, mobile devices, and physical objects while remaining readable and recognizable from a distance.

How To Create A Logo Using Glorify?

With that in mind, here is how Glorify can help you create a logo that will be perfect for your business.

1. Select Brand kit from the Dashboard, and then Upload your image.

Glorify Brand Kit

2. Create a color palette by clicking on the selected hue. Name your palette, then save it, or edit it later.

glorify color palette

3. Choose a font from the Library or Upload your own as a custom font.

glorify add font

4.Customize text style and color.

glorify brand it

You can access every project from the dashboard, share it with your team members, or send it directly to email, social media or website.

A brand-new 3.0 version has recently been released, bringing exciting new features like Infinite canvas, where you can organize assets, develop marketing materials, and much more, all in one place.


As we said, a logo is an inseparable part of branding. 

And, to sum it up, here is how you can benefit from great logo design:

  • Your logo communicates ownership,

  • It attracts new customers,

  • It distinguishes you from the competition,

  • It facilitates brand loyalty,

  • It can boost brand awareness.

In addition, the design should reflect your company's image, whatever type of logo you choose.

Start your free trial today and see how Glorify transforms your company logo into a distinctive and loyalty-worthy brand.

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