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Fotor vs Pixlr: Which Is The Right Tool For You

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Fotor vs Pixlr: Which Is The Right Tool For You

Fotor overview

Fotor homepage

Fotor is an online photo editing platform that allows users to edit images, add effects, and apply special touch-ups to make their photos more attractive.

It offers a variety of free online photo editing tools so you can simply crop, resize, text-annotate, and create picture collages.

While Fotor can be used online, you can also use it on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Pixlr overview

Pixlr homepage

Pixlr is a tool for designing and editing photos. You can use different image-altering tools and features to enhance your photographs and make beautiful creations. 

You can start with a blank canvas, a photo, a video, or one of the hundreds of available templates.

Additionally, you can edit images and create outstanding graphics for free on your browser, phone, or PC.

Fotor vs Pixlr: Let The Competition Begin

Both of these tools offer a variety of tools for creating stunning designs in minutes. Since every user is different, we will compare in-depth to help you decide which one is just for you.

Let’s get straight into it!

1. Fotor vs Pixlr: Ease Of Use

An excellent user interface should be simple, efficient, and easy to use.

It should deliver the most incredible user experience possible as you navigate around it.

Fotor’s Ease Of Use 

Fotor has a playful and bright interface theme. Uncluttered design, with a lot of white space, looks clean and easy to use.

Straight from the main page is an overview of popular features with a brief explanation.

Fotor’s Ease Of Use 

Also, you can see a quick tutorial on how to edit images from the same page.

fotor tutorial

When using it, the Fotor tool allows you to drag and drop an image to open or select one from a library. You can see an Image editor on the left, with all the important editing options plus Beauty enhancing tools, Batch (an option to edit multiple images simultaneously), AI art, and NFT Creator.

fotor editor

All the options are free, but if you wish to remove the watermark, you should subscribe. Thus, they are labeled with an orange dot.

fotor editor

Also, if you want to download your finished design, you should sign up for a free trial.

Pixlr’s Ease Of Use

Pixlr has a futuristic, dark-themed layout. From the main page, you can see all the Pixlr editors available at the moment – Pixlr X, Pixlr E, and Photomash Studio.

Pixlr’s Ease Of Use

From the Home page, you can also see a preview of some of the popular tools Pixlr offers, like Filters and Effects.

Pixlr filters and effects

Selecting a Pixlr X, a photo editor opens up. You can see all the important features on the left, like Templates and Images. You can upload a new image or use one of the existing templates from the library.

pixlr editor

The layout is quite simple, with all the tools on the left. In addition to basic editing features, there is a Liquify tool, a Retouch tool, and Elements.

Additional features are available after upgrading your plan.

pixlr tools

You can save your design as JPG, PNG, WebP, PXZ, or PDF, without watermarking using the Premium plan.

2. Fotor vs Pixlr: Features

There are so many photo editing apps on the market. They are constantly improving and adding new features to meet the growing needs of users. 

Now, let’s see what makes these tools stand out.

Fotor’s Features

Fotor has many powerful features designed for simple and quick use:

  • Photo editing features – Enrich your photos with a wide range of photo effects and editing tools like 1-Tap enhance, AI photo effect, Background remover, Overlay images, Stickers, and more.

  • Portrait retouching – Beautify your portraits with numerous tools like – Teeth whitening, Blemish remover, and Photo retouching.

  • Batch Editor – Edit multiple images at once.

  • Photo Collage – Use 80+ exquisite collage templates to create artistic or funky creations.

  • Brand kit – Create a kit that represents your brand.

  • 1000+ design template dimensions – Use them to create flyers, banners, ads, social media posts, and more.

Pixlr’s Features

Pixlr X offers a variety of picture editing and graphic design features:

  • Photo Editor – It allows you to crop, trim, merge, draw, resize, color-adjust, and add text, frames, or stickers to modify your image.

  • Portrait retouching tools –  Create aesthetic portraits using Effects, Filters, and tools like Red-eye removal, Picture overlay, and more.

  • Pre-built Templates – Find the perfect template for every occasion, from business and social media to lifestyle.

  • Batch Editor – Crop, resize and apply the same effects on hundreds of photos in minutes.

3. Fotor vs Pixlr: Templates

Pre-made templates are a lifesaver when you don’t have time or design knowledge to start from scratch.

Fotor’s Templates

Fotor has 300,000 templates suitable for every occasion and need.

Fotor templates

Find a template within the following categories:

  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.),

  • Marketing (Poster, Logo, Flyer, Coupon, Media kit, etc.),

  • Education (Yearbook, Report card, Class schedule, Lesson plan),

  • Events (Invitation, Program, Plan),

  • Ads (Instagram ads, Facebook ads),

  • Documents (Presentation, Id card, Resume, Certificate, etc. ),

  • Life (Calendar, Postcard, Book cover, Planner, Label, etc. ), and 

  • Photo Collage.

You can search templates by Keyword or by Category. For example, by typing in the keyword ‘Fall,’ all the available templates will appear in the center of the page. You can see to which category a template belongs on the left.

fotor templates

Ultimately, you can share your design via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or a link. 

Pixlr’s Templates

Pixlr also offers numerous free and customizable templates for:

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. ),

  • Business (Business cards, Cv-resume, Invoice, etc. ), and 

  • Ads.

Pixlr templates

Find the template you need by entering the Keyword in the search box, i.e., ‘Fall.’

Some templates are free, while others require a Premium subscription.

4. Fotor vs Pixlr: Pros and Cons

Now, let’s compare Fotor's and Pixlr's pros and cons.

Fotor’s Pros

✅ Beginner-friendly interface.

✅ Extensive library of free templates.

✅ Drag and drop editor.

✅ Various photo editing tools.

✅ Batch editor.

✅ Web and mobile app (Android and iOS).

✅ Available tutorials and blog resources.

✅ Interface is available in 3 languages.

✅ Cloud storage.

✅ Collaborative editing.

✅ Free trial available.

Fotor’s Cons

⛔ Free plan covers only basic editing options.

⛔ Only JPG and PNG image formats are supported in the Free plan.

Note: Fotor is suitable for beginners, less experienced designers, and anyone looking for a fun program for quick edits.

Pixlr’s Pros

✅ Easy to use interface.

✅ Library with hundreds of free templates.

✅ Drag and drop editor.

✅ Basic photo editing tools.

✅ Batch editor.

✅ Web and mobile app (Android and iOS).

✅ Interface is available in 29 languages.

✅ Video tutorials, live webinars, and design courses are available through Pixlr         Community.

✅ Frequently updated software.

✅ Free trial available.

Pixlr’s Cons

⛔ Cloud storage is not supported.

⛔ There is no option for teamwork.

⛔ Number of editing tools is limited.

Note: Pixlr X is great for simple editing or some last-minute photo retouching.

5. Fotor vs Pixlr: Pricing

Fotor’s Pricing

Fotor offers free and two pricing plans – Fotor Pro and Fotor Pro+.

Fotor’s Pricing

Pixlr’s Pricing

Pixlr offers free and two pricing plans – Premium and Team.

Pixlr’s Pricing

Fotor vs Pixlr: Which one wins?

Hopefully, this article helped you to decide between these two tools. However, you won’t make a mistake by choosing any since they serve the purpose of quick photo editing and picture enhancement. Furthermore, additional features like templates, background remover, filters, and effects will surely help you to create stunning designs.

While on the topic of creating beautiful visuals, how about exploring another alternative to Fotor vs Pixlr competition that can fill the gap between these two?

Glorify is a free design software and photo editor in one. 

While other tools are designed for amateurs or professionals, an average user may find them too basic or complicated. 

Glorify is a perfect mix of the two – an intuitive interface is ideal for beginners. 

At the same time, a wide range of features will satisfy even the most demanding user.

You can see all the major categories from the Home page, such as Features, Templates, an overview of the most prominent tools, reviews, and quick tutorials.

glorify homepage

After logging in, a Dashboard opens up, showing Projects, Uploads, and Start a design button on the left. 

In the center of the page, you can see recommended templates divided by categories (Adverts, Headers & Covers, Posts & Content, Products gallery, and Ebook).

glorify templates

Search for a template by typing in the Keyword or by Niche and Theme.

glorify templates

After selecting the template, it will open in a photo editor. Every template is fully customizable. 

For example, on the left side of the editor, you can see:

  • Basic editing tools – Add text, images, backgrounds, shapes, or icons. Additionally, apply your brand’s logo, custom font, or colors using the Brand kit.

glorify editor
  • Tools – Customize your image by adding color palettes, blobs, or annotations.

  • Free photos – Use free images from Pixabay or Pexels, or create your own image using Photo Creator.

  • Icons,

  • Effects and Textures – Make your image unique using different textures and effects like smoke, wind, dirt, etc.

  • Graphics and illustrations – Add a twist to your photo using Pixabay Graphics from the library.

By clicking the image, the additional editor will appear on the right. You can edit every element, layer, or page of your design.

glorify editor

Change the font, colors, hue, capacity, border, and transparency, and add shadows and reflections to enhance your image further.

Another helpful feature, especially for product images, is a Background remover.

glorify editor

Select the element and click on Remove background. Additional editing options are available for the seamless removal of the background. 

glorify editor

Let’s say you are happy with the design but have changed your mind about the template format. 

In this case, we have an Album cover, but we want to use this design as an Instagram post

So, simply select the Smart resize feature and choose the format you need.

glorify resize

And in a few seconds, you’ll have the perfect design optimized for a different platform without compromising on the picture quality.

Ultimately, download your design, and share it via link or email.

glorify editor

Glorify has hundreds of free templates suitable for:

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

  • Ecommerce (Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Woo, Shopify, etc.),

  • Labels,

  • Ads, and

  • Ebooks.

So, if you are looking for an all-in-one image editor and the ultimate design tool, start your free trial today and bring your A-game.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here