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Social Media

15 Top Free Facebook Video Downloaders in 2023

Social Media

Social Media

15 Top Free Facebook Video Downloaders in 2023

Facebook Video Downloader

Regardless of why to keep the videos, you’ll need a facebook video downloader. But how do you know which one is secure with so many choices?

For this reason, Glorify has created a list for 2023 of the top free Facebook video downloaders.

Let’s hop right in without any further talks!

Based on your needs, you can use any of the following facebook video downloader apps to download Facebook videos:

1. fbdownloader

Beginning the list with the easiest (and probably most famous) tool.

Fbdownloader is a secure site for Facebook downloading videos with such a self-explanatory title.

You do not have to download any extra files on your computer in this it is a ready-to-go Facebook video downloader.

Just copy and paste the video URL into the area, press the ‘Go’ button, and download your favorite MP4 FB videos.


You can download SD and HD-quality videos with this app. There is also a specific download option for private videos. Furthermore, Facebook videos downloaded via this free facebook video downloader can be converted to MP3 files.

Overall, it’s a good tool that takes a few quick actions to reach the mission.

2. 4K Video Downloader

Developed by 4 K Download, an application that specializes in free video holder tools, 4 K video free facebook video downloader earns the second spot. The software is compliant with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu for now.  The app also acts as a YouTube downloader and can also get media files from Vimeo. Concerning the download of videos from Facebook.

4K Video Downloader for facebook

The app also acts as a YouTube downloader and can also get media files from Vimeo. Concerning the download of videos from Facebook.

This app can also import 3D and 360 videos in addition to the regular videos.

3. is yet another simplistic downloader for Facebook’s video that requires no file formats to be downloaded. One of the best free facebook video downloaders, like the fbdownloader, the video link is just what you need and you’re ready to go.  can be used via the web or the Chrome extension can be downloaded.

Like the fbdownloader, the video link is just what you need and you’re ready to go.  can be used via the web or the Chrome extension can be downloaded. facebook video downloader

The whole procedure should be very easy when you’re using Chrome with Android or Windows.

You will however need to right-click the download key and select “save” to download videos if you are on any different browser.

4. GetfVid

GetfVid is another platform for Facebook on-the-go downloading plug-and-play. You can not, therefore, download private videos from this specific facebook video downloader. You will need to use a private video downloader to do this, by clicking there. The remaining characteristics are pretty much the same.

GetfVid Facebook Video Downloader

On any device, you can use the application. There’s even an extension to Chrome that makes it easier to download.

5.     BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Downloader

BitDownloader is third on the list as a quick and convenient way to use the facebook video downloader for PC. The application provides more than 800 different websites, among them are Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, Coub, and V Live other than Facebook.

BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Downloader

This tool has an interactive design that functions like most online downloaders.

6.     KeepVid

KeepVid (a free facebook video downloader with a large list of functions) is an iTubeGo device. KeepVid also provides the option of downloading videos from Instagram, Dailymotion, YouTube, and over 1,000 other websites, in parallel to Facebook videos.

KeepVid Facebook video Downloader

The platform is SSL protected and the number of videos you can download is not restricted.

No browser extensions for KeepVid are currently available. The desktop edition can, however, be downloaded for free.

7.     ClipGrab

The most widely recognized facebook video downloader for ClipGrab is YouTube. You can also download Facebook videos (with numerous other websites). It is also very convenient.

The software provides numerous formats, such as MP4, MP3, FLV, and more.

ClipGrab facebook video downloader

It can also be used to transform downloaded videos to your favorite formats such as   Windows, Mac, and Linux, ClipGrab is easily accessible. Sadly, there is no software for the iPhone / iPad that allows you to download videos instantly to your Apple mobile devices.


The list also has – another platform (and extension) for online videos to be saved and downloaded. Like in every other site the Facebook downloader works accurately. It is equally effective when run on pc as a facebook video downloader for PC with most of the big browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, and also has a browser plugin called “ Helper.” facebook video downloader

It is equally effective with most of the big browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, and also has a browser plugin called “ Helper.”

Besides, the platform includes video quality at all stages.

9.     iTube

iTube (by Aimersoft) is a very strong facebook video downloader. The business claims to be able to download videos on more than 10,000 websites (which include, of course, Facebook).

iTube video downloader

The tool itself is not 100 % free. You can also import Facebook videos using the free trial edition.

Besides uploading videos, iTube can also capture and convert and share videos to smartphones.

It’s accessible for both Windows and Mac.

10.  FB Video Saver

The FB Video Saver is an online facebook video downloader that is quick and trusted. FB Video Saver can also import private videos from Facebook, like a couple of the resources mentioned above.

FB Video Saver facebook video downloader

The source code of the page is everything you need, and you are great to go.

You can also download Facebook videos live with this software (of course you will have to check for the live video stream to finish before the video can be downloaded).

11.  SaveAs.CO

If any of the free facebook video downloader listed above are unavailable, SaveAs. CO is possible.

You can import high-quality Facebook videos using only their URLs with the online app. No new app needs to be downloaded and installed.

SaveAs.CO facebook video downloader

All computers, including desktops, mobile telephones, and tablets, can use SaveAs. CO.

12.  iDownloader

You can import Facebook videos in full HD quality from iDownloader, another popular free facebook video downloader. Only click the “Go” key on the URL of the video and the software begins to download your video. The framework operates on mobile and desktop computers (Windows, Mac, Linux).

iDownloader facebook video downloader

Only MP4-format files are eligible for iDownloader.

13.  FileVid

FileVid is also another valuable facebook video downloader. – the last Facebook plug-and-play video downloader in the series. Like every other tool, copy, paste, press the download button, and this is what happens. The application runs.

The tool also gives you the standard of your preference to download the files.

FileVid facebook video downloader

But only MP4 videos (similar to iDownloader) can be converted. We recommend using an external application if you want your videos in FLV, MKV, or some other format.

14.  Social Video Downloader

The Social Video Downloader is an upgrade to Google Chrome, enabling you to download on-the-go Facebook clips.

You can get the videos you want, both in regular and in top quality, with a single tap.

Social Video facebook video downloader

The Social Video Downloader is secure, compact, and does not play havoc in browsing hours.

15.  Facebook Video Downloader (for Firefox)

When you look up for ‘facebook video downloader app for free’ on firefox, the Facebook video downloader by Firefox is sure to rank on top and for all the right reasons. If you’re a user of Firefox, you can download your favorite videos from Facebook via a Facebook Video Downloader designed for the Firefox extension, or “add-on,” if you like. Only launch the video on your screen to import and tap into the toolbar on the download key.

facebook video downloader

Closing thoughts-

Now that you have a list of the best free facebook video downloaders, you can simply import Facebook videos with a couple of easy clicks by selecting any of the above-listed apps. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Free Facebook Video Downloaders FAQs

1. Is it acceptable to Download Facebook Videos?

It is not necessarily advisable to import Facebook videos except:
You are expressly allowed to use it by the owner
iYour original videos created by you    
It’s a free video that anyone can watch.
Just make sure you don’t commit copyright infringements of any kind.

2. How do I install a Facebook video from my work group

1. Search your group chat for the Facebook video.
2. To access it, click the video.
3. In the upper right corner of the site click on the 3 dots button.
4. Press download.  

3. Is Facebook videos reliable to download?

If you are using the right app, you can easily import Facebook images. We recommend you look at the resources linked to the connected URL. We advise you to not download the video until you agree to this from the owner of the video, though these downloads may be secure.

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