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Free Icons Download - Where to find No Copyright Icons

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Free Icons Download - Where to find No Copyright Icons

But that’s not it! Besides websites and social media pages, you can also use these icons to enhance your presentations, improve the visual quotient of your business cards, menus, brochures.

While you can use most of the icons for free, some of them may require a credit or a link back in exchange for the icon. So, it is always good to check the usage terms and conditions before you download your favorite icon. These websites may keep changing the download and usage rules and regulations. Hence, ensure that you stay compliant while using the icons of any of the following websites to avoid any issues.

The mentioned websites below are listed randomlyby GlorifyApp, and the order does not have anything to do with their frequency of use, number of downloads, popularity, etc.

40 Best Websites for Free Icons Download

1. Freepik

Freepik, as the name suggests, is a huge pool of attractive and lovely free icons. It does not require attribution for every resource your use or download. While some require a credit, some are absolutely free.


2. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazines is one of the best websites for free icons download. It offers an extensive range of exclusive, high-quality, free icons for websites, free icons for PPT, and free icons for social media pages. The website allows you to download icons in a wide array of formats, including free icons PNG, PSD, and SVG. Nevertheless, stay mindful about credits and attributions, although yes, most of them don’t require a link back.

Smashing Magazine

3. Icons8

Icons8 is another useful website for free icons download. It offers a diverse range of icons from the most commonly used check and flag icons to extraordinary Star Wars symbols.But the website goes beyond icons and offers you a set of vibrant photos, UX illustrations, music for videos, etc. It also offers you handy icon packs to help you stick to your theme for any of the designs.


4. Behance

Behance is one of the largest collections of free icons designed by professionals. It offers a significant number of free, delightful, and humorous icons. Some of them are unique, and perhaps, you will not find them elsewhere on the internet. But, ensure you use some fancy words to find your icons to get results that are worth the search.


5. Flat Icon

Flat Icon is a superb product from the makers of Freepik. It is the largest database of free vector icons. The icons you get on Flat Icon can be converted into a downloadable font. These are a couple of factors that make Flat Icon an excellent internet resource when it comes to free icons. Nonetheless, these icons require attribution.(5)

flat icon

6. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a huge collection of precisely over 200,000 free icons for download. It is a community of artists that contribute to the graphic need of their users. Before downloading, make sure that you go through the attribution requirements that may vary from asset to asset. Some artists may also require you to become a member of the DeviantArt community to allow you to download an asset from the website.


7. Captain Icon

Captain Icon is another significant collection of lovely, vector-based icons. The icons on Captain Icon are available in different formats, including PSD, EPS, PNG, Web, and SVG font. Captain Icon allows you to personalize your icon on various fronts, including its size, color, etc. The website requires attribution for its resources. So, make sure that you comply with its rules and regulations.

caption icon

8. Good Stuff No Nonsense

The name speaks for the website’s objective. No nonsense, and you get what you want without having to go through a lot of unnecessary stuff. A unique feature of Good Stuff No Nonsense is that the icons are hand-drawn, and what’s even better is that the website does not ask any linkbacks. So, the resources are absolutely free!

good stuff no nonsense

9. GraphicBurger

Sometimes you don’t just need good icons, you need cute ones. And, when you do so, visit GraphicBurger for a range of incredibly and mind-blowingly cute icons. The website offers direct downloads, icon dimensions, and multiple file formats to suit your needs.

graphic burger

10. Iconfinder

When it comes to accessing around half a million free and premium icons, Iconfinder is the website to refer to. You’ve got a wide range of icons in multiple sizes and file formats on Iconfinder.


11. Dribbble

Dribbble is another popular website that offers a large number of well-designed icons for professional and personal use. Perhaps, the only concern with Dribbble is that of tagging the icons. Not all of them are correctly tagged, and hence, you may take some time to find the best match. Nevertheless, the results are worth the time you invest in searching for the best one for your use.


12. Oxygenna

Oxygenna is a collection of amazing, free graphic resources for a variety of uses. The website enables you to download the graphics in various formats, including PSD, AI, and PNG formats.


13. Designbeep

Amidst so many websites offering free icon downloads, you may end up spending time in finding the best website and, therefore, the best graphic suiting your demands. Why do that, when you’ve got Designbeep! The website helps you find icon sets from Freepik to Behance, and from everywhere else.(13)


14. Freebiesbug

Freebiesbug offers a range of the latest free graphic assets. The website boasts about a collection of several interactive and intriguing icons, ending your search for the best free icon downloads.


15. Dafont

Dafont is a unique virtual resource that provides over 50 icon fonts. These fonts easy to use, downloadable, and installable on your computer. However, ensure that you go through the usage rights to ensure compliance.


16. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is an important online resource. It comprises 60 pages of vector-based icons. Visit the website, and you will find how comprehensive the collection when it comes to serving the graphic needs of diverse projects.


17. Free Goodies for Designers

If you need free icons for your website, Free Goodies for Designers is the website to visit. Free Goodies for Designers offers a range of free icons for use in multiple downloadable formats, including PSD, SVG, etc. The website comprises groups of icons that help you streamline your search and reduce your time in finding the most appropriate icon for your needs.

free goodies for designers

18. Fribly

Fribly is a lively website, as you get something new on the website every day. It is an extensive collection of free icon sets contribute by various designers. So, while with Fribly, you stand a high chance of getting something apt for your virtual graphic needs.


19. PixelsMarket

PixelsMarket, as the name suggests, is a website that helps you find resources for free graphics on the internet. The website proves helpful, as it includes not only the most popular websites, but also the lesser famous ones so that you don’t miss out on any resource when it comes to finding the best graphic for your needs.


20. Icojam

Icojam is an excellent collection of icons from a highly creative team. The website welcomes you with a lovely and intriguing pinkish-red banner, and you get the best free, highly creative icons at Icojam.


21. GraphicsFuel

GraphicsFuel is a website for free icons downloads and helps you search a staggering 25 million + graphics. The site offers premium, colorful graphic resources across the web cosmos.


22. Creative Tail

Hand Crafted, Pixel Perfect Icons is what the website Creative Tail says, and that’s true. The website offers a range of free icons and sets that you may not find elsewhere across the virtual world.

Creative Tail

23. Icon Shock

If you need free icons for personal use, Icon Shock proves a useful resource. But people wanting to use the icons for professional use will have to pay a one-time fee for the download.(23)

Icon Shock

24. All-Free-Download

If you want a simple search and direct downloads, All-Free-Download is the website to use. The website provides access to a range of icons in multiple formats, including PNG, PSD, vector.

All Free Download

25. CSS Author

With CSS Author, you enjoy a weekly roundup of the best free icons on the internet. Searching for the icons is easy, and the website batches the set of icons based on their use, the year when they were released, etc.

CSS Author

26. AlienValley

The name may seem alien, but the website offers a broad array of paid as well as free graphical assets. The paid ones include a premium collection of high-resolution graphics for multiple uses.


27. Pixeden

If you’ve been searching for a massive number of free icons for your web design project in multiple sizes, Pixeden is the site to visit. The site offers several high-quality free icons in 16 X 16 to 512 X 512 in the PNG format and depending on the icon set along with a fully-layered adobe photoshop PSD in the vector shape.


28. 1001 Free Downloads

1001 Free Downloads is a website that specializes in flat icons. If you want to enjoy access to and download a range of free flat icons, 1001 Free Downloads proves a useful resource.

1001 Free

29. Ego Icons

With over 1500 premium icons and free 100 vector-based icons, Ego Icons offers icons that help you keep up with your brand’s charm and persona.

Ego Icons

30. Iconmonstr

When simplicity is the key, you need Iconmonstr. The site offers a range of simple designs, available in multiple sizes. The icons are free and don’t require any attribution.


31. NounProject

NounProject features easy search functionality and high-quality icons that you can download easily. You get free icons, and in return, you need to give credit to the icon’s creator. If you need icons quite frequently, get a free monthly membership, and enjoy access to unlimited royalty-free icons.


32. Glyphicons

Glyphicons is one of the best for monochromatic and minimalist icons and symbols. It offers several hundreds of icons in the PNG format.


33. Entypo

Entypo comprises over 400 picograms and icons that you need for your graphic designs. Although the icons are free to use, you need to give an attribution while using them.


34. IcoMoon app

IcoMoon is an amazing and user-friendly library comprising over 4000 custom-designed vector icons. Another unique feature of IcoMoon app is that the icons are flexible and scalable. So, you can optimize them for your use!

IcoMoon app

35. IconArchive

If you are running short of time, and don’t really have to the bandwidth to keep searching for icons, use IconArchive. The website helps you search for what you need in almost no time. It features a range of best and very well-designed public domain icons for use.


36. Fontello

Fontello is one of the most user-friendly icon-search websites. It allows you to pick the icon, and download it. The creators of the icon may have an attribution requirement. So, ensure you check it before using the icons.


37. Endless Icons

If you need graceful and simple icons for your website or social media pages, use Endless Icons. The website offers a range of such graphic resources in SVG and PNG format.

Endless Icons

38. MrIcons

MrIcons offers a range of various sets of icons used for websites and social media platforms.


39. Dryicons

Dryicons proves useful when it comes to choosing from a range of elegant, and lovely icons in several sizes and file formats. If you want to use the icons for commercial use, you must pay for it. The website offers regular and extended license options in this case.


40. Dreamstale

Dreamstale offers a range of free and premium graphic resources, including icons. However, the website requires attribution.

Hope this article was insightful enough to help you with 40 of the best websites for free icon downloads across the internet. Choose the best suiting one, and enhance the content appeal of your social media page, presentation, graphics, website, etc. through the best icons. We suggest that you visit the website for updated information on attributions rules, costs for premium icons, and other essential aspects.


Free Icons Download sites – FAQs:

1)Where to find the best free icons for websites?

There are over 40 websites that help you find the best free icons. However, a lot of them either demand an attribution or link back in exchange for the icon. If you need a premium quality icon, you have to pay for it.

2)Where do I get icons for commercial use?

A range of websites helps you find icons for commercial use. Some of them include DeviantArt, IconArchive, FreePik, 1001 Free Downloads, etc. Most of them either require attribution or need you to buy the icon.

3)What is an icon?

An icon is a graphical symbol that works as a replacement for a word. For instance, instead of writing Facebook, you simply show it with the help of an icon.

4) Does Freepik offer free icons?

Yes, Freepik offers free icons. But you need to attribute while downloading, and using the icon on your site.

5) Where do I find high-quality professionally-designed icons?

You can consider using Behance for professionally-designed icons.

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