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Graphic designer salaries: How much does a graphic designer earn? - Glorify

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Design & Inspiration

Graphic designer salaries: How much does a graphic designer earn? - Glorify

graphic designer salary

So, what is an average graphic designer salary? A normally skilled designer receives an average of between $45,000 and $55,000 in the US. But in graphic designer wages (not to mention nation or nation), the skills, expertise, and degree of responsibility play a significant role. Therefore, the salaried graphic designer will vary significantly between 30 K and 80 K according to sources including PayScale, Glassdoor, and SimplyHired! This isn’t normal to “graphic designers,” but wages can also differ considerably relying on your field of design (especially if you’re a web designer or art director).

Fortunately, we are here to help you figure out where you might fit on the fast-changing wage stage.


First of all, let us look at how expertise influences the average graphic designer salary.
Please note: the study shows averages in all design areas, including logo, site, etc

Graphic Designer Salary with 0-2 years’ experience:

This will include creators who have barely started self-employment, just completed a design school, or just started a design business or company. In many design programs, designers in this range are usually competent, but they must develop their style or make themselves a skilled name. In business, you would expect these designers to be notified periodically by a supervisor.

entry level graphic designer salary

The entry-level graphic designer salary, or a graphic designer starting salary, as per, is approximately $49,000 (or about $24 an hour), while reports that entry wages are nearer to $40,000 (or approx. $20 an hour).

Graphic Designer Salary with 2-5 years’ experience

With this skill level, you can expect designers to have complete portfolios that represent both ability and personality. As freelancers, they also have a website with clearly defined activities and terminology for freelancing. They usually need less training from superintendents and have additional abilities in a business, such as teamwork and networking.

2-5year experience graphic designer salary reports that a junior graphic designer salary range, that is, the salary of a designer with an average experience of 2-5 years is about $57,000 (or about $27 per hour) and that mid-career salary is measured at nearer to $45,000 (or about $22 per hour) by

Graphic Designer Salary with  5-10 years’ experience

In this area, expert designers who are well-known as entrepreneurs or are senior graphic designers in a company where teams of designers are managed may expect you. They will be firmly aware of technical innovations in design, innovations, or patterns in the world of design and of how to successfully build a specific demographic goal.

The annual senior graphic designer salary, that is, for the group of designers with high experience, is calculated at approximately 71 K (or approx. 33 dollars/hour), and late-career wages at are valued at $51,000 or about 25 dollars/hour).

top level graphic designer salary

We need to understand various positions in graphic design to reduce these wage figures a little more.

The following helpful figures are given by

  • Graphic Design Intern – $25,291

  • Graphic Designer Salary – $38,310

  • Senior Graphic Designer Salary– $55,149

  • Senior Designer – $83,312

  • Art Director – $76,602

  • Creative Director – $108,833

  • Instructional Designer – $60,294

  • Web Designer – $61,970

  • Visual Designer – $77,109

  • User Experience Designer – $89,061

  • User Interface Designer – $80,712

We may begin to see from this calculation that compensation rises not only because of experience but also because of the need to know the expertise and obligation. Take art management at $76,602, for instance. In certain instances, this function helps you to organize several design teams so that an entire company looks at each other. This is much of a burden, and this is expressed in the salary estimation above.

Graphic Designer Salary with  5-10 years

What about crowdsourcing and freelance graphic designer salary?

The salaries of freelance or crowdsource designers are difficult to estimate since they are paying job by job. Furthermore, the enormous time variable is usually commensurate with sales, so a creative individual working 10 hours a month is considerably less than a person working 100 hours a month.

This ensures that a highly talented designer can make up $10,000 every month by crowdsourcing competitions and appointments. This is not unlikely. This isn’t evil! According to the above figures, a Web designer will only contribute half of this—$5,000 per month.

average graphic designer salary

Not every designer has a constant customer base, of course, and the demand for free work will fluctuate. So, you could choose between a flood of customer requests and choose between the instant ramen flavors for dinner next month. You will want to brush up on some best practices to be autonomous if you are experiencing the above.

How your position influences your salary for graphic design?

With the world of design increasingly complex, the fields of graphic design have in recent years increasingly specialized. Graphic designers advanced categories include:

  • UI designer: Focusing on games, websites, TV networks, game consoles, and the creation of user interfaces. Typically, you work together with designers from UX (user experience), who help to transform your designs encoder.

  • Designer of the Editorial: Based on book formats, magazines, journals, etc.

  • Packaging designer: Concentrated on producing print-ready packaging designs

  • Motion designer: Focuses on production for pages, TV Identifiers, TV credit sequences, feature films, illustrating videos, etc of straightforward and easy animations based on graphic design concepts

  • Environmental designer: Concentrated on physical space graphic design, such as meeting space, shop interiors, galleries, public transport, etc.

salary for graphic design

For example, if you work as a publishing designer, do not assume that your salary matches that of a UI designer, because this kind of job would usually pay a lot more.

The next move is to begin to find comparative positions with your present (or sought-after) work in your field so you can get an idea of what salary is meant to be.

Summing up-

It’s worth becoming a designer

Feeding a decent, sustainable price for design is not an exact science, but the above figures ideally give you a sense of what sort of compensation is supposed to be. It can be difficult to know where you will fall when you begin as a designer. You will make sure you do not pay for less than you deserve by knowing the rate of design work in your field and with your experience.

In your work search and future career, Glorify wishes you great success! We hope these articles will prove helpful when you start your journey.

Graphic Designer Salaries FAQs

1. Being a graphic designer is a good career option?

The skills of a great graphic designer could be used in most businesses and, considering that many of the positions are digital, remote opportunities are abundant. When you learn skills and experience, as a designer, you will become marketable and will be able to find additional possibilities, including front end creation and UX design.

2. Is drawing necessary for being a graphic designer?

Graphic designers need to create attractive designs with pictures, forms, diagrams, etc, rather than drawing. An illustrator, on the other hand, focuses on drawing to express a message.

3. How much time does it take to learn graphic design?

On average, it is about 4 years before you study graphic design and get a Bachelor’s degree from a conventional university. While some schools offer 5–6 years of Master’s degree, most students don’t want to spend too many hours behind a desk.

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