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9 Wicked Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Spooky Online Sales!



9 Wicked Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Spooky Online Sales!

Halloween Marketing Ideas

Glorify has brought 9 Halloween business marketing ideas that are going to do far more to frighten the sales of your competitors!

1. Customize Your brand image With Halloween features

Halloween is not as popular as Christmas, but this can not be used as a reason to not add something to the marketing. Having said that, for the Halloween marketing activities, people shouldn’t have to go all out and spend a ton!  

The most noticeable adjustment is to make the cover and profile photo on social media as halloween social media campaigns where your brand is involved. Try changing the main display images into something spooky and fun.

Customize Your brand image With Halloween features

2. Startup a social media focused marketing project

A must adapt to your social media marketing plan through the halloween social media campaigns is to include a Halloween theme promotion to bring upgrades to your social media image. It is a smart move to have one or two Halloween updates per week in October:

  1. You could be either fairly quirky or somewhat funny, based on your business.

  2. Arts, crafts, and supply shops could share small tips on how to decorate for Halloween.

But not just these one or two Halloween inspired posts should be your concept project. If you have ads live around  Halloween, all daily updates and as well as the usual social media publicity should also be relevant to the season.

halloween social media campaigns

3. Don’t trick but treat your Google Ads

Halloween is also a perfect way to upgrade the version of your ads in the course of Google Ads. Halloween is a major event for a few companies and it may be a tad bit costly of what you’ve been used to, particularly if you use Halloween-like terms, but that should not stop you from upgrading your published copy while still pursuing your normal collection of keywords.

In order to change your Halloween Google Ads, some tips to remember are-

  • Analyze keywords

  • Tweak your original copy on the basis of the analysis

  • Encourage promotional discounts

halloween google ads campaigns

4.Add spooky components to your mobile application

Halloween, like Christmas, is a great chance to incorporate some inspired elements to your application whether your company has a smartphone app or Progressive Web App (PWA). Don’t only introduce Halloween features to the mobile app form, but also try offering your app icon a dark Halloween theme. Such an icon will pop out on mobile devices by modifying the application icon to attract people to open it to see what’s different. These halloween business marketing ideas will help you make unique deals or advertisements that are only accessible via your mobile app if you want to run a particular project with mobile applications.

Also if someone has a  QR code where people can scan to install and update the software instantly, create a personalized QR code that looks like Halloween and feels for October exclusively.

Add spooky components to your mobile application

5. Location-specific promotions

Mobile app-linked notification alerts are an excellent way of reminding people at any time about promotional deals, discounts, and celebrations. While not all smartphone users have push notifications activated, a quick data analysis can show how often consumers view or react to notifications. Integrating push alerts with geotasking makes them even more effective if you have a physical address or store.

halloween marketing ideas for mobile

6. Recreate the good times with Halloween competitions

Large companies around the world have used the power of content created by users (UGC). Users can work as strong marketing resources sans strong investments that makes this trend ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. Besides, there is always a fun element around  a conceptual competition! Encourage your users to interact with pictures of their Halloween decorations and efforts to create Halloween delicacies such as cupcakes, cake-burners, etc. To encourage brand recognition, execute these competitions on your main social channels, and make your event conditional on the use of a certain hashtag.

Halloween competitions

7. Halloween promotion.

If you are posting Halloween DIY guides on social media – relating to décor, costumes, or even treats and baked goods – any products used in these guides that you sell should be grouped in a prominent tab, since in many instances it would be the guides that bring some customers to your business.

Go with the decoration about vacation.Decorating the Halloween store is a bit complicated, as it is not an experience that suits all companies well.  

Design a Halloween ‘place’ – instead of remodeling the whole store, shift every Halloween-specific range to one busy area over Halloween. The Halloween décor would then be commonly used in this special edition-store. Consider integrating all the Halloween goods to a single thread store to help customers locate things – either Halloween things or products with deals associated with your website.

Halloween promotion

8. Release of a special edition range for Halloween

Halloween gives you the ability to release a product range once a year-one that can also be used in the more-busy following up Christmas season. It may be a bit late for you to take this into account before Halloween this year, but there’s plenty of opportunities to pursue the idea to get your special limited edition Halloween merchandisenext time. This doesn’t have to be a new commodity that is new to your company but something you can customize around the season.

Release of a special edition range for Halloween

9. Heat the iron to the right spot with these Halloween advertising ideas

These Halloween advertising ideas, as per the Google Trends reveal, that people check the word Halloween for the week before Halloween, but also that it starts as easily as round later part of august. This means you have a minimum of the last week of October to make some sales and exclusive Halloween promotions. Two weeks before Halloween, you might have a little more detail on your plan. Halloween blog messages, social media advertising, and email commercialization can all be started early in October.

As a seller, you can dedicate a portion of your store, put together a few Halloween marketing campaign ideas, or your website to Halloween decorations, home-made supplies, and costumes from August to start building an early stir.

Halloween decoration

Concluding Thoughts-

Much of the celebrations around the family and loved ones are held across the year, but Halloween is all about festivities-from small kids to elders to get decorated up and take part in a more grownup Halloween event. As a company that is looking to advertise and monopolise with the halloween theme, you don;t always need a lot of money to plan a few Halloween advertising ideas. Just put together Halloween marketing campaign ideas and plan well ahead and you can still do a lot to get noticed!

9 Wicked Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Spooky Online Sales! FAQs

1. Why is Halloween a smart option for marketing?

Halloween marketing ideas give organizations a rare chance to open engaging and enjoyable marketing strategies. The stylistic advertisements at Halloween will boost your sales to draw new clients and get them through.

2. Is Halloween an exciting vacation?

Halloween is a festival of entertainment and excitement and this period of year many people love being crazy. Besides the fun of selecting the right outfit, hoping to party and sweets, blogging about this freaky event can be a wonderful visual medium for kids of different ages.

3. When is Halloween celebrated?

Many people worldwide start celebrating Halloween on October 31st every year. It is the day preceding the Day of All Saints and also is named the Eve of All Hallows and the Eve of Hallowmas.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here