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How to Create A Brand Kit For Your Business in 2023 [Ultimate Guide]

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

How to Create A Brand Kit For Your Business in 2023 [Ultimate Guide]

What is a brand kit and what is its purpose?

Having a business brand kit means that anyone that will be creating content for you in the future will be able to keep it on-brand. Logos, colors, and fonts will look cohesive.

When you give your audience that consistency in your branding, they are able to recognize and react to your content instantly, and that builds trust between you. They’ll trust you to keep delivering reliable, consistent, and meaningful content.

So, let’s summarise here’s how brand kits help your business be memorable:

1. It presents your brand identity to the audience

What makes a brand identity strong is its ability to create awareness and help with the interaction between your business and your audience. Clearly and consistently communicated values, intentions, and goals make your audience take in your content right up, and can influence them to take certain actions or to buy your products.

So, if you wish to build a strong brand, you need a branding kit that delivers your values to your target audience. And to know how to present your business, you need to know your target audience well, to be able to build your brand and reputation consistent with their values.

You need to merge every aspect of your business into this cohesive whole, that means your website, social media, e-mails, business cards, etc.

2. It helps give your brand recognition

Think carefully about what is it that gives your business distinction, and what you’d be recognized for. You need to know what kind of identity you want to portray to the target audience via products, logos, colors, fonts, and slogans. 

So what are the preferences of your target audience?

Branding kits that are distinctive and memorable can help your business in maximizing your marketing efforts. In competitive markets. The competition has never been harsher, so anything that might help a brand stand out is considered a must-have.

The best example of that might be Coca-Cola’s brand. Their principle is “brand over product”, meaning they focus on the feel-good story behind their product rather than the product itself.

In fact, their branding is done so well for so long that the red color usually reminds people of their brand. Their famous logo brought them fame and is still the most recognized logo in the world, and their slogan revolving around gathering friends and family together with the help of their product has turned their customers into loyal followers.

Your audience may look at your business branding many times before they choose to get involved with you. If your branding is on-point across all marketing platforms, it helps customers be familiar with the message and values you’re trying to convey, and the purpose of your business. That might sway them to your corner faster.

3. It helps connect your brand with your audience

Successful brand kits can help catch the attention of your audience by sparking an interest or invoking a feeling of connection. So by knowing your customers well you can design brand kit elements that are visually on-point with your target audience.

Market research of the preferences of your target audience plays a very important part when it comes to decisions in brand kit design. If you understand what your audience thinks and feels, it will be easier to create a design that will speak to them.

How to create a branding kit?

Let’s see what’s included in a brand kit and follow the step-by-step guide here:

1. Choose your color palette

First decide what colors would go with your type of business, and the preferences of your audience. That means that you should first do research on the meaning of different colors, how well they go with other colors, and how the audience perceives them.

For instance, businesses that want the audience to perceive them as strong and trustworthy choose a blue color, for creativity and imagination - purple, energy and boldness go with red, etc.


You should use a uniform color palette for all elements of your business’ design. Choose a branding kit palette that will represent your business, but also the ones that are visually pleasing for your intended audience.

What you can also do, is research the colors your competition uses and find out if their audience likes or dislikes those colors and why. That might help you get ahead of the competition.

Here’s how you can do that easily with Glorify.

All you have to do after you click “brand kit”, is to choose colors for your brand’s palette.


 Give your palette a name, and click “Save”.


What’s great about this is that you’ll be able to use this color palette anytime and easily implement it into any design according to your branding colors. 

After you decided on your colors it will be much easier for you to create your logo.

2. Design your logo

A logo is the first thing that introduces your business/company to your audience. It’s the symbol of your business that consist of the image, design, and/or text that give your audience a message of what your business is about. 

When you create a logo icon use your brand kit colors and make sure that it's clear and holds importance and relevance to your business. This helps you when it’s changing sizes across different devices.

Branding kit templates have a logo design part to better convey your brand's image, values, and story. Sometimes logos contain subliminal info about company values and goals represented through colors and slogans.

Here are some of the most famous logos in the history of branding - you don’t even need their name written to know what brand they are.


If you want your business to become recognizable and relatable to your audience, you should do what big brands do - routinely link your logo with an intended branding message. That way your audience will subconsciously link it too.

When it’s up to Glorify in the brand kit feature, you can see the section about logo design, and options you can choose from here.


There is a larger section “Main logo” where you can upload or drag&drop your main logo that will serve as a default, and an “Upload logo”, a smaller section in the bottom left corner where the simple, smaller version of your logo would be uploaded.

Your logo will be a symbol of your business wherever you put it. For example, a smaller version for your business cards, and a larger logo version across the banner on your website.

3. Choose your fonts and text style

The right font and text style can only help your brand kit be more effective. There’s a window of opportunity of only a few seconds for your visuals to draw in a potential customer. So don’t waste this precious little time - choose the clear and easy-to-read font(s).

That means no matter how pretty cursive fonts might look, don’t choose them as your primary font. They are less noticeable and harder to read than clear print-type fonts

You should decide between Serif and Sans-serif type of font. They have different benefits and they each bring transparency to different mediums. Your choice between these two will affect the perception of your business in different ways.

Serif usually goes with more serious businesses, it’s more traditional, established, and trustworthy. Sans-serif has a more relaxed feel, it gives a touch of fun, relatable, yet modern and clean.

Finding the right font and style for your brand kit is very important. It will help your audience recognize your brand immediately and interact with your business faster. Text style choice should help convey the message and feel of your business identity.


As you can see, on the right side of the brand kit panel you have font options. If you already have your fonts designed, you can click on “+add font” option, and then upload your custom font (must be a .ttf file). Or you can use the section below to choose fonts from Glorify’s ever-growing font library.

Your fonts (even initials) can be your calling card. It might be even more recognizable than your logo, or can actually be part of your logo, like with Coca-Cola. Their font is distinctive and helped make them popular, as much as their name and color. Maybe even more so.

4. Get feedback and make changes

When deciding on a final design, you should seek some feedback from people around you. Varying opinions (from coworkers, friends, and family) on your branding kit element choices can give some insight into how it’s perceived, the good and the bad.

Make changes in your brand kit design in accordance with the feedback you've got. For instance, if you’ve got feedback about your logo being confusing, the text being less readable, or the color being too vivid you can tweak that. Once you've made changes to your brand kit design, ask for another feedback, and keep going until you’re satisfied.

Branding template

Once you perfect your brand kit, you should design branded marketing materials for your campaign. Using your chosen template across marketing platforms can help you get recognized by your intended audience and lead to an interaction between them and you or your business.

After you merge your template with all your marketing materials, the next thing you should think about is an advertising strategy, while your band kit design elements keep building awareness of your brand.

So where can you use your brand kit elements?

  • On your website, landing pages, and blogs

  • E-mail campaigns

  • In advertisements

  • On social media

  • On business cards

  • Printables (brochures, posters, flyers)

  • On merchandise

  • On packages


As you can see, creating a brand kit can be quite fun, and you don’t have to give yourself a headache or hire an expensive professional to do it. 

You can do it yourself since you know your business and intended audience the best.

Glorify is there to help you every step of the way. 

Just keep in mind the things we’ve said in this article, and follow the tips and guidelines we summarized here for you, and you’ll be able to create a great brand kit in a flash.

So, if you want to start creating your brand kit right away, you can do it easily with Glorify. 

To do so, sign up for free, and after you choose the Brand Kit feature create your brand kit in a matter of minutes!

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