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5 Tips To Create Social Media Banners Online in 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

5 Tips To Create Social Media Banners Online in 2023

What Is A Social Media Banner?

Banner advertising uses Flash, animated GIFs, and static images. You can usually spot them in prominent places on a website or across social media platforms.

Google Ad banners are most common, but Facebook cover pages, LinkedIn background images, and Instagram or Twitch banners also fall into this category. 

It serves as a visual representation of you, your brand, who you are, and the products and services you provide. 

Whatsmore, a unified look across all social media platforms will make people recognize you easily, promote interaction, and boost conversion.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Social Media Banners?

A great banner will truly represent what your brand is about. Investing time and effort into creating eye-catching social media banners has many benefits:

  • Creating a strong first impression,

  • Extending your reach and building brand awareness,

  • Boosting sales,

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

Make Social Media Banner That Stands Out

To make the most of your social media banners, you need to do them correctly.

So follow these tips for a banner that will catch anyone's attention.

1. Correct Banner Size Is Important

Making a banner with the correct dimensions and resolutions is necessary if you want it to appear effectively across platforms and on all devices. 

Because the size requirements for each social media platform vary, your photo may seem great on one platform but entirely off on another.

Below are some of the most used banner sizes.

Social Media banner sizes

Additionally, Facebook has a requirement of 820 px x 312 px for desktop computers and 640 px x 360 px for smartphones.                

LinkedIn has different size requirements, depending on your profile. And Instagram seems to change its sizes quite often.

Too much information to keep up with?

girl thinking

How to Create Perfectly-Sized Banners Using Glorify

Well, you don't have to be good at math or take notes about different size requirements every time you need to create something.

Simply type in the keyword, or scroll down the drop menu from Glorify's dashboard.

glorify dashboard

For example, let's choose a Facebook cover image. After that, it opens all the templates available. 

Then, they can be filtered by Niche (Home, Arts and crafts, Beauty, Pet supplies, etc.) or Theme (Rustic, Organic, Minimalism, Fun, Retro, Romantic, etc.).

glorify templates

The fantastic thing about Glorify's templates is that they come in bundles. So, if you like this design, you can use it in 60+ different formats hassle-free.

glorify templates

This feature allows you to be consistent across platforms without compromising picture quality.

Pro Tip From Glorify

If you are happy with your finished design but want to use it in a different format, you don't have to go back and start all over. 

Instead, simply use the Smart resize feature and resize to any other format in seconds.

glorify resize

2. Be Concise

Think about the amount of text you want to incorporate into your banner. An ideal ratio would be 20% text – 80% image. 

However, don't overpower your image with loads of text. Instead, use 1-2 sentences that highlight your message.

glorify templates

This banner  is an excellent example of contrasting white font against the black background that summarizes the message of this banner into one sentence. 

In addition, it contains all the relevant information about the product without taking up too much space.

Pro Tip From Glorify

Many fonts are available for free, and many are trending right now. However, that doesn't mean you should use it. 

If a font doesn't match your brand aesthetic, don't use it for the sake of it.

For instance, Glorify allows you to upload your own font or choose among many available fonts from the library. Change the color, style, letter spacing, or line-height to your liking.

glorify templates

Play around, choose the one that will look great, and also represent your brand in the best way possible.

3. Don’t Forget CTA

It is important to guide your audience on what to do next with a straightforward CTA. You want your audience to buy, subscribe, book, or engage in other actions that advance the brand's goals.

glorify templates

This simple ‘’Buy Now’’ CTA in vivid color stands out and guides a customer to visit their shop.

Pro Tip From Glorify

You can also customize your CTA button using the Tools feature from the left panel.

glorify templates

This tool allows you to edit your CTA button by typing the desired action you want your audience to take.

4. Be Relatable

Try to evoke an emotional response by making your content valuable to your audience. The worst mistake you can make is to create a banner that makes people indifferent to it.

To catch people's attention, you should make banner ads visually appealing.

Social media banners can stand out using elements like animation, faces, brand colors, and clear text.

For example, suppose you are trying to advertise pet supplies. In that case, the good idea is to incorporate a cute picture of an animal, right?

pet bed template

Pro Tip From Glorify

Linkedin banners are distinctive from other social media banners because they must also complement the profile picture. For example, you can use humorous images, matching colors, CTA, or quotes to represent your brand in the best light.

To create a Linkedin banner, find Categories on the left side of the Glorify’s dashboard. Then, choose Headers & Covers, and lastly, LinkedIn Profile BG.

glorify Linkedin banners

These banners are perfect for communicating professionalism and creativity.

5. Brand it

Be sure to follow your branding guidelines and highlight the services you offer.

If you wish to be easily recognizable, apply your logo, brand colors, or custom font to any social media banner you create.

Proper branding has many benefits:

  • Builds customer recognition,

  • Increases customer loyalty,

  • Keeps the brand’s consistency,

  • Builds credibility and allows you to connect with your audience,

  • Improves your brand’s values, and

  • Makes your brand stand out among competitors.

Pro Tip From Glorify

Be unique! Do not try to plagiarize other brands’ designs, no matter how much you love them.

Glorify lets you create a Brand kit – your own color palette, custom fonts, and logo.

Easily personalize any template by applying the Brand kit feature from the menu.

glorify templates

The best thing is when you create it, you can go back anytime and edit it. You can access your Brand kit whenever and add it to your design within seconds.

Bonus Tips On Creating Engaging Social Media Banners

We covered the basics of creating successful social media banners, and now let's put a cherry on top. Here are some extra tips that will make your visuals stand out.

1. Pay close attention to how the profile picture's positioning affects the cover or banner header

This is especially important for Linkedin profiles. 

Don't let a profile photo overlap the cover image and hide the important information. Instead, make your banner image's main content easier to view by tilting it more to the right than the left.

2. Make sure your designs follow the guidelines for each platform

Each platform has its own set of rules that prohibit the certain language, design, or use of copyrighted images.

3. Make your visuals appealing to the eye

Your goal should be to interact with your target audience and persuade them to share your content, including the banner picture.

If you have engaging content and exciting visuals, users will likely share them, generating more interaction.

4. Use high-quality images

High-quality images not only look professional, but are easy to work with. 

Additionally, you can easily change the size or elements of your image without looking blurry, overstretched, or in poor quality.

5. Use a good photo editor

To make eye-catching images, you should use every help available. Add elements, icons, shadows, or quotes to make your visuals memorable. 


Suppose you wish to have the perfect social media presence. In that case, you should pay extra attention to details when creating your social media banners.

As we mentioned above, it is vital to find the ideal image size, choose a clear CTA, add a compelling image, and convey the right message. But we all know that sometimes we just don't have enough time or skill to do that.

Well, Glorify can do all the hard work for you. Simply choose among hundreds of templates created for any occasion and every platform, and customize it to fit your needs.

Whatsmore, a powerful photo editor has all the tools you need to create a work of art. You can change the background, apply effects and filters, or otherwise enhance your images.

Start your free trial now and create captivating visuals in no time!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here