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How To Make A Free Etsy Banner in 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

How To Make A Free Etsy Banner in 2023

What Is Etsy Banner and Why Is it So Important?

An Etsy shop banner is the image at the top of your online store page. It should represent what you sell and the things that make up your company.

You might also include information about your company, such as your store's name, website, email address, ongoing sales, or most popular products.

As a shop owner, you should invest in a high-quality shop banner that serves as a miniature billboard for your business. 

Banner Benefits

A well-chosen banner has many benefits:

  • It can enhance your shop's appearance and will make your shop look more professional.

  • It provides a positive first impression of your brand.

  • You can showcase your best-selling products or new arrivals.

  • A creative banner will make you stand out among the competition.

  • Ensure your banner accurately represents your brand and aesthetic.

Etsy Banner Sizes

If you set up your store under the Standard account, you can choose between the following:

  • Etsy mini banner and 

  • Etsy's big banner.

For an Etsy mini banner, your selected image must be at least 1200 × 160 pixels (px) and preferably 1600 x 213 pixels (px).

This is a good choice if you don't have various products and want to emphasize one. But be aware that it will only be visible through PC, not mobile devices.

Additionally, the minimum required size for big banners is 1200 x 300px. But, the recommended size is 3360 x 840 px

Choose a big banner if you want to showcase several products at once in high resolution.

Only sellers with an Etsy Plus subscription can utilize the carousel and collage banners. The recommended size for carousel banners is the same as for big banner images.

Depending on how many photographs you want in your collage, the suggested size is:

  • For 2 images, the minimum required size is 600 x 300px.

  • For 3 images, the minimum required size is 400 x 300px.

  • For 4 images, the minimum required size is 300 x 300px.

Keep in mind that one of these file types – JPG, GIF, or PNG – should be used for all photos in your store. Unfortunately, Etsy doesn't support transparent .png files or animated.gif files.

How To Make Free Etsy Banner Using Glorify

Nowadays, creating stunning visuals can be done without designing skills or premium subscriptions to graphic design tools.

Online tools, like Glorify, allow you to create highly customized images hassle-free.

Creating a free Etsy banner is very simple. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1. First, search for a suitable template. Then, type in the keyword "Etsy" and choose Etsy Cover Photo among other Etsy options for a faster search.

glorify dashboard

There are currently 231 free Etsy banner templates available, but Glorify's library is constantly growing.

glorify ETSY Banner templates

Step 2. After you've chosen the desired template, it will open in an editor. To replace the product image on the template with your own, right-click on the image and choose "Replace image."

glorify editor

Step 3. Edit the product image by Removing the background, adding a border, drop shadow, or effects from the right panel.

glorify background remover

Step 4. Edit text to match your brand's aesthetic. Choose among the offered fonts, or upload your own. Further edit it using a paragraph, letter spacing, height, and font style options.

glorify text editor

If you want to edit the background, you have the option to add your image to a Shape up to 4MB.

Or, from the left panel, choose Backgrounds from the Library.

glorify image editor

Step 6. Using the Brand kit, add a logo, custom color palette, or font to personalize your design.

glorify brandkit

Step 7. Further, tweak your image for a stunning design. You may customize any font, shape, graphic, or effect using Glorify to make a free and unique Etsy banner.

glorify editor

Step 8. Finally, share your design via email or link or export it as PNG, transparent PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, or SVG PDF file format. 

glorify export

Do’s and Don'ts For The Perfect Etsy Banner

If you are just starting or want to expand your Etsy business, take into account the power of your chosen images. Your photographs' chances of appearing in search results and drawing clicks from potential customers increase with their quality.

So, let's go over things you should implement to your Etsy banner:

1. Use high-quality images in recommended dimensions. This will ensure that your pictures will show correctly on every device without looking distorted, blurred, or stretched out.

2. Choose a simple over a cluttered design. Keep mobile users in mind and avoid busy patterns to ensure the best user experience. 

3. Include branding elements in your banner. Make sure your banner adheres to your branding concept even if you decide not to incorporate your logo or watermark. You can do this by combining the same color palettes, design styles, etc.

4. Use readable fonts. Customers should be able to quickly read the name of your store and all the relevant information (contact info, what you sell, etc.) from the banner.

Find legible typefaces that stand out against the background. Additionally, the text needs to be readable on smaller, scaled-down screens.

And here are some things to avoid:

1. You don't include banners at all. Etsy doesn't require users to have a banner. 

However, they are essential in developing a comprehensive brand. They aid in establishing a mood, aesthetic, and experience for your customers.

2. You don't keep your customers informed. A banner is a great place to educate your buyers about discounts, new upcoming items, or best-selling products.

3. You stick to one design and don't update it. Instead, be creative. For example, take advantage of numerous holidays around the year, and add a bit of sparkle to your banner.

Etsy Banner: 11 Best Practices To Inspire You

Etsy has 5 product categories, from Accessories to Weddings.

So, let's look at some wonderful examples and see what to take from them when creating a free Etsy banner.

1. Accessories Category

Banner Example #1 

This Etsy banner has a minimalistic design while still giving relevant information about this store.

minimalistic design

Banner Example #2

A great example of a collage banner, with product images combined with lifestyle photography. It perfectly reflects the dreamy, romantic vibe of the fairy-inspired jewelry.

collage banner

Banner Example #3

This is a solid strategy when attempting to establish and build trust in your brand.

It means that anything you have that provides you with social proof should be highlighted in your banner. In this case, "As seen on.." and displaying stellar ratings and favorable reviews.

social proof banner

2. Home & Living Category 

Banner Example #4

By looking at this Etsy banner, you can feel the craftsmanship that truly captures the essence of this brand, with a simplistic yet effective logo.

a simplistic yet effective

Banner Example #5

This banner jumps on the 2002 Etsy nostalgia trend, with natural and environment-friendly materials included in the product image.

Etsy nostalgia trend

3. Clothing & Shoes Category

Banner Example #6

The center of the banner is dedicated to the name of the shop and catching info about the free shipping.

clothing brand etsy cover

Banner Example #7

With the Christmas season coming up, this is an excellent example of a fun and engaging Etsy banner aligned with this brand's product selection.

christmas etsy banner

4. Toys & Entertainment Category

Banner Example #8

This collage banner combines high-quality product and lifestyle images to bring a festive and lovely atmosphere.

festive etsy cover

Banner Example #9

If you want to include text in your banner, this is a great option. All the vital information is shown without the design being cluttered.

chess sets etsy banner

On the other slide, the font is more decorative, which adds to the festivity of the occasion.

christmas etsy banner

5. Art & Collectibles Category 

Banner Example #10

A minimalistic design with a white background emphasizes crucial information highlighted with icons. In addition, the picture frames have a realistic feel with added drop shadows.

minimalist etsy banner

Banner Example #11

Another excellent example of complimenting a profile image with a banner photo. The nature-inspired watercolor illustration goes well with this brand's vision.

nature-inspired watercolor illustration


Even though an Etsy banner is not a decisive point when purchasing, it can be a valuable addition to your store's identity and aesthetic.

An effective banner may increase conversions (sales) and cultivate a base of prospective returning customers.

Because of this, you might want to give your banner some thought. A great banner will convey one of the following messages:

  • Discount opportunities, 

  • Social media reviews,

  • All the relevant information about the brand,

  • And the benefits your customers will get by buying your product.

Thankfully, with Glorify, creating a free Etsy banner is so simple that you can do it in minutes.

Start with selecting a template and editing it to your liking. Then, personalize it using the Brand kit – apply your custom color palette, font, or logo for a unique design.

Add icons, illustrations, or elements from a library with more than a million available assets.

And lastly, tweak your design to perfection using the Glorify editor, save it or share it using a link or email.

Glorify offers a free forever plan, so sign up today and design a stand-out free Etsy banner effortlessly!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here