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How To Write The Most Appealing Ad Banner Copy – A Comprehensive Guide



How To Write The Most Appealing Ad Banner Copy – A Comprehensive Guide

A lot of times & A lot of people tend to get rather casual about the text once the design is decided upon. If the text is given consideration, other minute details like the font might be ignored. However, let the small size of a banner ad campaign not mislead you. Ad copies are smaller in size than that of physical hoardings and so, every single thing that goes in a banner ad copy is of very high importance.

It would obviously be very easy if you could pop a pill and get yourself inside the head of a copywriter, but let’s not get to that discussion yet. When it comes to the text part of the ads, what sells is what is really read. The aim should be at offering something so well dressed that it cannot be laid out. Think of those ads that you have clicked on only because they were so appealing and asked to be opened. Though, you only realized later you didn’t even need that product.  A good value proposition attracts viewers and gets them to the path of conversion.

Unlike what is generally believed, a good Ad campaign does not necessarily need a copywriter or an ad agency. You can DIY and we are going to give you an in-depth explanation of how. Here are the steps to help you make your ad banner copy and identify the most important aspects of the banner that make could bring in conversions.

1. First Things First – Begin With What You Are Selling: Talk About Your Product

In more cases than not, the people who will be seeing your ads will be completely unaware of your brand.  They will have no idea of who you are, where you come from or what you have to offer that is better than what is already offered by someone else. So what is it really that your brand is selling – that should be the core of your banner ad copy. Now, this could be visual-centric or text-centric, which totally depends on you and is a different story altogether.

Talk About Your Product

Even if you are an established brand that is just campaigning for brand awareness and recognition, this still remains important. You might not be focusing on indirect response or conversions but even for recognition, what is recognized of Nike? It’s their high-quality products. So the product still remains the focus

If you are a service, the deal still remains the same. Talk about what services you offer. Create an elaborate vision of what your company does, it could be plumbing, interior décor, or even cleaning. An explanatory visual can really do a great deal. So start with making clear what your product is, what you sell, more than focusing on just the name of your brand.

Talk About Your Product 1

2. Secondly- Why Should A consumer Pick You: What Makes Your Brand Any Different?

No matter what you sell today, there will be someone on the e-commerce web selling the same product as you. And even if not yet, it will not take too long for someone to start the process. Hence, in a cut to cut market, how are you the Hershey of all other chocolates? Focus on targeting the unique selling proposition of your brand. Draft a clear copy that points out the characteristics that give you a competitive edge. It could be anything: design, price, shipping speed, novelty – anything.

What Makes Your Brand Any Different

If you are a service provider, how is your service better than anyone else? Is it your customer support team? or Is it the cash back guarantee? or Is it the delivery speed? Free shipping? Tackle the comprehensive attributes that make your brand stand out of the other brands offering the same or similar products. However, at this step, it is also necessary to not fabricate advantages to just attract buyers. You can lure someone into buying once but the negative reviews that those buyers will pass on to their peers will eventually do no good to your brand or company as a whole.

3. Next Up: How to say differently what you do differently

If you have been following our guide, or any pragmatic guide for that matter, chances are that you have a list of attributes for your company. But how do you put out those attributes without sounding redundant and actually making sense? This step requires creativity. You can also always look up for synonyms and ideas on Google or refer to a thesaurus. You could also do an extensive learning-research on the ads that have been created in the past and take on some inspiration. Though be sure to never copy anything as it is not just wrong ethically but can also land you in major suits.

How to say differently what you do differently

4. Lastly: Play with words and symbols for your Ad copy

After already listing down your product attributes, it is now time to get to the final banner ad copy. Take the product that you have already outlines and create combinations of attributes to display them as one. This will not only give you the opportunity to list more at once but also save up ad banner space and not make it too populated with text.

Play with words and symbols for your Ad copy

Banner Ad Copy Examples

Let us say you are a bakery that sells confectionery items online and you are called “crumbs,” can be visited on

1. What are you selling?

Cakes, muffins, cookies and maybe pastries

2. What makes your product/service/company different?

  • Free midnight delivery of birthday cakes

  • Free shipping

  • Vegan cakes

3. How to say this differently?

Delivery: “Midnight” that make one feel special
Cakes: Vegan for animal-friendly and diet-conscious

4. Banner Ad Copy:

Get Vegan cakes delivered to your doorstep even at midnight and give your loved ones the surprise of the year!

Some Brownie Points-

  • Do not look at fabricating your copies, look for simpler terms and texts. You will always have a huge audience base and your copy should be comprehensive for all. Unless you are targeting a special niche, try to speak as plainly as possible. Be vary of complex, uncommon terms.

  • Always add a call to action. With a relevant call to action button, you can measure the value proposition that you’ve. With such a feature, you can actually subconsciously drive your audience to do exactly what you want them to do – convert sales.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here