Posted May 1, 2023

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Create Eye-Catching Amazon Listings with High-Quality Product Images



Create Eye-Catching Amazon Listings with High-Quality Product Images

Images for Amazon listing

High-quality images for your Amazon listing in a crowded market place is a must.

We have all shopped on Amazon at one point and are well aware of how many brands, companies, and products are available, and how we are drawn to those products that have a pristine appeal factor. This comes from beautifully designed and executed product photography and is what makes a product listing pop out from the norm.

Wondering how to make your Amazon listing appear in the top tier is why we are here, offering guidance, tips, and even suggesting industry professionals that are masters in their field to help you on the right path.

How to create images for Amazon listing

Creating images for your Amazon listing is one of the most important aspects of selling online. In a world where online shopping is as dominant as offline purchasing, we need to make the most of what customers see when searching the results pages. This is where creative, high-quality imagery can take your brand to the next online shopping level.

You may well have the most innovative and highest rating product on the market or within your specialized category, but if the images that you use to sell them are less than optimal you are unlikely to get any sales never mind trying to increase conversion rates. Great product images also represent your brand’s image and portray how you want the world to see your company, so make it a great one.

Here’s what you can do;

A screen shot of a web page with a watch on it
  • Use high-quality images - Well-lit, concise product photos are naturally more enticing than blurry, pixelated, or awkwardly cropped photos. No, thank you. Customers need to feel confident and comfortable in their purchase and when they can see every angle and detail in clear images they have peace of mind in their decision-making.

A screen shot of a web page with a picture of two girls in a tee.
  • Include lifestyle shots - Your target audience will appreciate seeing the product in use so they can get a better feel for how it functions in a specific setting. Camping gear, or sports equipment imagery will sell better when photographed in real-life contexts.

 A screenshot of a bamboo cutlery product set
  • A+ content - The A+ Amazon content feature is a big perk Amazon offers to sellers. Product details pages can be enhanced and product imagery can have a uniform appearance with cohesive fonts, color palettes, and infographics. Using A+ content will create a harmonious appeal and helps to showcase your engaging, high-quality images.

  • Amazon Guidelines - Cohesiveness is a sign of quality, and because Amazon is proud to be a global brand they have strict guidelines and image dimension rules you need to adhere to. Sellers must meet all image requirements before being uploaded to the platform, this reflects well on you as a brand and instills trust in the customer which can help boost sales.

  • Bespoke product features - What is it you are so proud of in your product? This is where your love for the appeal factor and unique features can be showcased to show customers why your product is a must-have purchase over competitors. With great Amazon photography and bespoke elements, your product will sell itself.

  • Mobile optimization - It is no secret that people, especially the younger generation, are constantly with their phones in their hands browsing and shopping online sites. So, naturally optimizing your product images to suit smaller screens with better mobile viewing is a must. Be sure screen loading is quick to avoid frustration and potential customers scrolling to the next site.

Amazon product listing images design

Amazon product listing image design is not as scary as it may sound.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed when starting in the online seller world of the Amazon marketplace. Follow these quick and simple guidelines and your products and listing will soon be appearing on page one and conversion rates will be ticking over with product demand. Have a look;

  • Have a plan in mind, consider the magic of a pure white background, and ensure cohesive consistency.

  • Lighting is an essential component to highlighting your product’s best side. When the stage is lit, be sure to take high-resolution images so product images can be easily hovered over for full zoom to get a closer look at bespoke features and details.

  • Product size needs to be accurate. Customers want to see a product on screen and expect that same quality delivered. Showcase it from multiple angles, use all the image slots available, and implement Amazon’s 3D-design feature tool to elevate your overall online appearance.

  • Don’t try to balance your product on additional items in the image shot. Free the space from clutter so your product is the main focus, and use a camera tripod to take steady photos. Your product should be 85% of the image frame.

  • Lifestyle photos will take your product to the next level. Customers enjoy seeing it in use by ordinary people so they know it works, and that it’s the solution they have been searching for.

Amazon listing images services

Amazon listing image services are for those who don’t have the professional touch they envision so reaching out to industry experts is a great alternative. It is no secret that great quality photos will drive customers to your site and not only have them browse your product listing but ideally encourage them to purchase your products.

Many companies are offering Amazon listing image services which we have narrowed down and curated into the top firms to consider if you want to level up your Amazon product images.

1. Glorify

The landing page for Glorify

A design software company and graphic maker that specializes in creating professional, high-quality media posts, infographics, ads, presentations, and more. Working with Glorify will help you be successful in creating your high-converting marketing content to drive sales where you need them most.

2. AMZ Graphic Studio

A screenshot of the landing page for Graphic Studio

An online graphic design studio with a focus on helping online sellers, especially on Amazon, create quality content and product image galleries to increase revenue for your e-commerce business. A team of designers will work with you and your product images, all of who are well-versed in Amazon imagery requirements and guidelines.

3. The NetMen Corp

A screenshot of the landing page for the Netmen Corp

If you are looking to boost sales with eye-catching, high-quality product photography and convert your Amazon images and storefront into sales and revenue, then consider The NetMen Corp. An experienced company with more than 20 years in the graphic design industry.

4. AMZ One Step

A screenshot of the landing page for AMZ One Step

AMZ One Step prides itself on the finer details of Amazon image listings and works with you until you are satisfied with the final design. A team of Amazon product-versed photographers, and an account manager all work with the client offering professional input and bringing home a high-quality image for your product listing.

Amazon 3D product images

3D product rendering for your Amazon product images can be transformational for your brand and product awareness.

An animated gif of an Amazon product listing with a tripod on it

Making the most of 3-dimensional imagery will allow the customer to enjoy a more immersive experience by seeing the product in essentially high-definition close-ups and multiple angles. When a product or photo looks professionally appealing we are instantly drawn to it and want to look further into the rest of the product information and photos. See these quick notes on how 3D rendering is that step up to make you stand out from the rest of the pack;

  • When shooting on a plain white background your product pops. Simple as that. No fuss, no fighting for attention, and the customer sees what the customer will get.

  • Adding value with 3D images is elevated that much further when you include what is known as ‘exploding’ images and every fine detail is honed in on for an up-close and personal, somewhat surreal experience, into the hidden components of a product.

  • Everyone selling an item on Amazon is using high-quality, professionally taken photos, but 3D is what will bring your uniqueness to the top of the crop. Standing out is what will cinch the purchasing deal, and is a must-have shot in your image gallery.

  • Accuracy cannot be mistaken or covered up in these 3D images which only increases the trust customers will place in your product. You aren’t trying to hide anything and you have no issue zooming in for them to see the magic details that make your product superior to competitors.

Best product images on Amazon

The best product images on Amazon aren’t necessarily of the most expensive products, but rather those sellers who took the time to invest in professionally photographed imagery, whether they did it themselves or hired a professional, the investment is worth it.

Great product images aren’t fussy or overly designed, but rather clean and simple with quality rather than quantity at the forefront. A few pointers to consider, implement if possible, or use as editing suggestions for existing content;

  1. Infographics give the customer enough information and descriptive details about the product so they are well-versed in what it entails, but don’t overwhelm it with heavy text or endless bullet points.

  2. Competitor comparison charts are a game-changing design element that is not utilized to its full potential. You have bespoke and unique features in your product that you know make it better than what is currently on the market, why wouldn’t you showcase this? Fare your product against current market content and show customers what they have been missing out on. Until now.

  3. Lifestyle imagery is a big appeal factor these days and even more so as online shopping has increased so significantly. Everyday use of your product is a stand-out image that will evoke emotion in your customers and lead to increased sales. You have instilled trust and shown them your product makes everyday life easier, and simpler when they use your product. Show the item in use, in action, and as a common lifestyle necessity.

  4. Instructional imagery can prevent a lot of frustration and bad reviews from customers who can’t figure out how to use your product. While the item may come with instructions they may get lost, damaged, or not packaged, to begin with at the warehouse, this is why including an instructional photo imagery option will save you a lot of headaches.

A quick roundup

Making notes and ideally implementing these tips into your Amazon product image gallery will help you better execute a more appealing and engaging product listing filled with professional-looking photography.

When products are well laid out and informative customers are more likely to purchase and this will drive conversion rates and increase your ranking on the search engine results pages. Investing the time and effort will leave a lasting impression on your customers, remember your images are their first interaction and awareness of your brand, and when they are high quality it will pay off.

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