Posted Aug 10, 2023

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The Importance of High-Quality Product Images in Dropshipping



The Importance of High-Quality Product Images in Dropshipping

The Importance of High-Quality Product Images in Dropshipping
The Importance of High-Quality Product Images in Dropshipping
The Importance of High-Quality Product Images in Dropshipping
The Importance of High-Quality Product Images in Dropshipping

How to Create Eye-Catching Product Images with Glorify App for Dropshipping

Does your dropshipping venture fail to catch the attention of prospective customers due to uninspiring product images? Wouldn't it be great if you could create striking pictures that not only attract clients but also convert?

Gilles Peress says, “I don't trust words. I trust pictures”.

And so do your customers!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the kind of business that relies heavily on crisp, attractive product images. It is a business model where owners act as middlemen between buyers and suppliers. These retailers do not stock products themselves. They create partnerships with different suppliers who then deliver the products directly to customers.

Dropshipping’s claim to fame is due to many reasons. It does not require a heavy initial investment, is completely online, so retailers can easily add or remove any product from their lists, and is not restricted to a single location.

At the same time, buyers enjoy the luxury of shopping from the comfort of their homes!

In such a scenario, high-quality, striking images not only help capture attention but also ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Statistical data claims that 93% of customers are attracted by and respond to images rather than descriptions. So in this highly-competitive space, the significance of attractive product images for dropshipping can not be overstated.

Isn't it amazing there is a game-changing tool, the Glorify App, that caters specifically to the design needs of dropshippers? This app will take your dropshipping business to a whole new level!

A high-quality image grabs attention.

The Power of Visuals in Dropshipping & E-Commerce

Are you willing to buy anything online just by reading its description? Will an online marketplace even hold your attention without any product images? We are sure it would never!

Captivating images for e-commerce dropshipping go a long way in attracting customers because we, as humans, are known to process visuals much faster than words.

With a multitude of options available, customers are drawn only to visually appealing images.

Since they are unable to touch and feel your products, images are the next best thing. And this is where the quality of your product images can play a big role.

High-quality, captivating images will induce curiosity in customers, making them look for further details. Once you have your customers’ attention, the clarity and quality of the picture will play a big part in reeling them in!

The Importance of Product Images in Dropshipping

So how can engaging product images for dropshipping help build customer trust in your brand and pave the path to success?

  • Captivating images give an impression of professionalism. Seeing that you have paid attention to detail, your customers will trust your brand.

  • Customers will be emotionally involved if your images can target their needs. They will know to rely on your brand to understand their requirements.

  • Captivating visuals will stay in your buyers’ minds. So, at the time of making a purchase, these customers will remember your brand.

  • Product images that are consistently of high-quality help in establishing a trustworthy brand identity. Customers will gain confidence that they are making a purchase from a reliable and reputable brand.

And these are the reasons your customers will not just make that first purchase but will keep coming back for more!

Benefits of High-Quality Product Images in Dropshipping

Engaging visuals rather than text will make a remarkable impact on your dropshipping venture. These images will:

screen showing high quality designs
  • Grab Attention

Captivating product images will attract the attention of buyers. They will make your products stand out in an overcrowded market, giving you an edge over your competitors.

  • Invoke Confidence in buyers.

Customers value the opportunity to see the product before buying it. High-quality pictures will give them the assurance they need before making a purchase.

  • Appear professional

When pictures are of superior quality, they look professional. Customers will perceive the brand as trustworthy and reliable and will be more inclined towards making the purchase.

  • Drive high conversion

Buyers will gain confidence in your products if they see crisp, clear images. This will induce more customers to buy the product leading to higher conversions.

  • Have a stronger social media presence.

High-quality images are shared more frequently. Your dropshipping business will gain more will gain more social media coverage if your pictures are captivating and engaging.

  • Showcase the details of your product.

The chance to examine the products in detail and from all angles will allow customers to confidently take the next step! As a business owner, your top priority is to drive conversions and make a profit. Engaging images will help you do just that.

How do High-Quality Product Images Impact Customer Trust and Loyalty?

In the dropshipping world, high-quality images reign supreme. Images that catch your eye and clearly show product details leave no room for doubt in customers’ minds. Buyers will feel they are making an informed decision when clicking on the product.

Undoubtedly, online marketplaces are crowded, and the competition is stiff. Superior images are the secret ingredient to set your e-commerce dropshipping venture apart. Each engaging image you use will help build trust with customers, contributing to the overall credibility of your business.

Prospective buyers captivated by your professionalism will become loyal customers. They will choose you over your competitors every time!

Dropshipping Best Practices for Creating High-Quality Product Images

Let us guide you on the steps to take to create high-quality images.

  1. Source your images from the suppliers. Make sure they are of an enhanced quality.

  2. Use adequate lighting.

  3. Take multiple images. Include different angles to showcase your product from all sides. This won't leave your customers wanting.

  4. Take close-ups. Allow your customers to zoom in or view close-up pictures of the main features of products.

  5. Maintain a style consistently. A consistent visual style, following the same pattern and colour schemes, will create a professional look and reinforce the identity of your brand.

  6. Show the product in use. This will allow customers to envision how well the product will fit into their lives.

  7. Make sure the image is of a high-resolution

  8. Ensure optimum image format and size. Images that do not load properly lose customers quickly.

  9. Include images of packaging to reinforce credibility.

  10. Touch-up and edit images to enhance quality.

  11. Include watermarks or logos in the images to reinforce your brand’s identity.

Visually appealing images created this way are sure to give your business a boost.

Simple Tips to Get Extraordinary Visuals

Now let us show you how to transform your product visuals from ordinary to extraordinary. It isn’t that difficult!

Glorify beautiful dropshipping template
  • Take advantage of soft daylight, avoiding shadows. In the absence of natural light, invest in good quality, artificial lighting. Use diffusers to set up a well-lit scene.

  • Try taking pictures from different angles, such as eye level, top-down, etc., to add interest to your pictures.

  • To keep the focus on the product, keep the surrounding space empty and the background clutter-free.

  • Using props can demonstrate product functionality. Choose props smartly.

Taking good-quality pictures is not enough. Postprocessing is an essential part of creating captivating product visuals.

What Next?

Here we have shared some post-processing techniques using photo editing software.

  • Remember to refine your image quality by adjusting brightness, sharpness, contrast, and colours.

  • Always highlight product details making sure they stand out. By adjusting the lighting, the textures and finer elements of your products can be emphasised.

  • Make sure to correct imperfections from the original image. Remove unwanted elements or small flaws in the appearance of your product.

  • Establish a consistent visual style. A cohesive look for your brand will build a sense of familiarity with your customers.

This consistent style throughout your images will help customers immediately recognise your brand. The continuity in colour schemes, fonts, and overall styles will build familiarity.

The online marketplace is flooded, and your visual style will give you a unique identity that your customers will easily pick out. It will provide them with a well-rounded shopping experience, ensuring their loyalty in the process! And photo editing softwares will make your job even easier.

Which image editing software or tools are recommended for enhancing product images?

We have prepared a list of the top three editing softwares for your convenience.

Glorify App

Glorify homepage

Glorify is an outstanding tool that will help you unlock visual brilliance!

It comes with an array of features, such as an infinite canvas, realistic mockups, smart resizing, and template bundles. These, along with many more editing options, make Glorify the perfect choice for your e-commerce dropshipping by helping you create captivating product images effortlessly.

What sets this app apart is its ability to let you create collaborations with designers. It strikes the perfect balance by being professional enough for expert designers while being equally accessible to non-designers who own dropshipping ventures.

Adobe Express Photoshop

Adobe Express Photoshop homepage

Adobe Photoshop is another image editing tool used by professionals across various industries. It has many editing features, such as retouching, colour correction, and detailed image editing.


canva homepage

Canva is a popular editing tool with a wide variety of tools and features. However, it does not cater specifically to the design needs of dropshippers. Canva may be well suited to beginners, but it is not ideal for entrepreneurs who want to succeed with dropshipping.

Glorify App stands out as the best option for enhancing your product images for dropshipping. The stunning visuals you can create with this app will help boost your sales and elevate your brand successfully!


So as you work on your brand, ask yourself the burning question: How can you make your business stand out from the crowd? How can you engage the attention of your customers?

Remember, stunning images on your e-commerce dropshipping business are what will capture your audience. They will be attracted to visuals that display your products best. And Glorify App will help you do just that!

In this competitive dropshipping world, do not let your competitors steal your customers. Give your image quality the importance it deserves. Your success as a business depends upon the quality of your visuals.

So glorify your business with Glorify App today and watch your conversions shoot up!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here